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チュチュ Chuchu
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Yellow's Pikachu
Debuts in Tyranitar War
Caught at Viridian Forest
Gender Female
Ability Static
Nature Mild
Current location With Yellow
HOME025 f.png
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Chuchu (Japanese: チュチュ Chuchu) is a Pikachu that Yellow owns in Pokémon Adventures and her sixth Pokémon overall. As of A Well-Journeyed Jumpluff, she is at level 31, and her Characteristic is that she "likes to run."


Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

Chuchu with Pika and their Egg
Chuchu and Yellow

Chuchu was caught about three years after Yellow's first appearance in the Red, Green & Blue arc. In Tyranitar War, Yellow mentions that she found Chuchu injured in Viridian Forest and took her in. After introducing her to her uncle Wilton, he notes that Chuchu had grown quite attached to her and expounded on his real objective, which was to ask Yellow to go to the Johto region with him to investigate about Lugia. Because the sheer magnitude of a monster that they are dealing with does not leave him with many options alone, he needed someone to go with him, and Yellow came up with the idea to ask Red. After Yellow found him training near Viridian Forest, Chuchu seemed to take a liking to Pika soon after they met. However, with Red's wrists and ankles still weak from the damage that Lorelei's ice cuffs left on them, he needed to recover at the hot springs of Mt. Silver, and left Pika behind. Alongside Pika and Yellow, Chuchu flew to Johto on Kitty with Wilton's Butterfree.

In Do-Si-Do with Dodrio, they encountered Crystal after the latter mistook Pika for a wild Pokémon. Soon, however, the two Trainers got involved in Lugia's rampage and lost consciousness in the shipwreck.

Following the incident, Chuchu and Pika produced an Egg in Playful Porygon2 when Pika spent time with her in the Johto Day-Care Center. When some Team Rocket members attacked the Day-Care Center, Chuchu, in a desperate attempt to protect her egg, flew, with the help of balloons, carrying Pika and their Egg. When the Masked Man took the three hostage near Ilex Forest, Gold embraced their Egg and took a number of blows to guard it, hatching the Pichu that the Egg contained. With Pichu's assistance, the boy eventually succeeded in defeating the villain, and Chuchu's offspring was left in his care.

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

Battling against Blue's Pidgeot

In Secrets from Sneasel, Yellow and Chuchu enter the Viridian Gym to see if Blue and Red have returned. They find the Gym empty when suddenly a hologram of Blue appears from behind Yellow. The hologram is revealed to be a pre-recorded message designed to battle challengers even when Blue isn't in town. Chuchu tells Yellow that she wants to fight, so Yellow decides to take the challenge. Blue's Pidgeot starts off the battle with Feather Dance and follows up with Wing Attack. Next, Alakazam is sent out and uses Role Play to copy Chuchu's Ability, Static. Alakazam uses the Ability to paralyze Chuchu, defeating her.

Static activated via Role Play

Through a chain of events, she later found herself in Red's hands after Yellow spent the last of her energy informing him of Deoxys's message, and assisted in defeating the ten Forretress that Carr had placed inside the Team Rocket airship alongside Red's Pokémon and Blue's Charizard. Afterwards, she returned to her sleeping Trainer.

Emerald arc

Two months later, she and Pika, who were thankfully able to escape the beam that left their Trainers petrified, traveled with Gold and Crystal to the Hoenn region to help save Jirachi. Soon, Gold also revealed that the two and his own Pichu, Pibu, had learned Volt Tackle to help out, and after the remaining five of the Pokédex holders succeeded in freeing their comrades, the three dealt the finishing blow to Guile Hideout's giant Kyogre monster.

Personality and characteristics

Chuchu, Pika, and Pibu

Chuchu is a kind and caring Pokémon, much like her Trainer. Chuchu cares greatly for Yellow and is often the only one of her teammates outside of her Poké Ball. Despite Yellow not being much of a battler, Chuchu is capable of fighting and occasionally insists on participating in battles.

Upon meeting Pika, she instantly sparked a connection with him and has since become his mate. Chuchu also cares greatly for her son Pibu.

Moves used

Chuchu Fly.png
Using Fly
Move First Used In
Fly The Last Battle VII
Volt Tackle The Final Battle IX
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Just like Pika using Surf as a reference to Surfing Pikachu, Chuchu references Flying Pikachu twice by using balloons to Fly.
  • Chuchu is the only Pokémon belonging to Yellow that:
    • has not reached her final form.
    • is female.
    • does not have a nickname ending with y.
    • was caught after the Yellow arc.
  • In a special memorial illustration by series artist Satoshi Yamamoto, Chuchu is shown with a heart-shaped tail shared by all other female Pikachu, when she was previously depicted without one.


Language Name Origin
Japanese チュチュ Chuchu From ピカチュウ Pikachu
English, Brazilian Portuguese
Spanish, Vietnamese, Italian
Chuchu From Pikachu
Korean 쮸쮸 Jjyujjyu Similar to 피카츄 Pikachu
Chinese (Mandarin) 丘丘 Qiūqiū* From 皮卡丘 Píkǎqiū (Pikachu)
秋秋 Qiūqiū* Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 超超 Chīuchīu From 比卡超 Béikāchīu (Pikachu)

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