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ルビー Ruby
Ruby Adventures.png
Ruby in the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter
Age 15 (as of the thirteenth chapter)
Gender Male
Birthday July 2
Blood type O
Eye color Red
Hair color Black
Hometown Littleroot Town (originally Goldenrod City)
Region Hoenn (originally Johto)
Relatives Norman, Unnamed mother
Trainer class Coordinator
Game counterpart Brendan

Ruby (Japanese: ルビー Ruby) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


Ruby using his running shoes

Ruby has a great passion for Pokémon Contests. While he's an excellent battler, he only fights when necessary or when no one takes notice. He believes that Pokémon battles are barbaric, and get his Pokémon dirty — something that he does not like.

Ruby is skilled at sewing and knitting. He makes clothes for all his Pokémon to wear, and even made Sapphire the clothes she wears for much of her adventures. He is nearsighted, and he has a pair of glasses to correct this, though he was originally too vain when it came to wearing them often. His other hobby is photography. He has a photo album of all of his Pokémon's biggest moments — such as evolutions or Pokémon Contest victories.

Ruby can be quite shallow at times, putting too much emphasis on outward appearances. After going through character development, he managed to learn that appearances aren't the only thing that makes one beautiful. For his skills, he is given the title of "Charmer" (魅せる者 Charmer).

Besides necessities, Ruby also has a "Makeup Box" and "Sewing Box" in his backpack, for his Contest appearances. Ruby has a pair of Running Shoes made by the Devon Corporation which he received from his father for his eleventh birthday. They are extremely powerful and useful, and propel Ruby along the ground with bursts of compressed air.

As part of his training, Ruby is able to discern a Pokemon's nature in a few seconds. This has helped him to distract enemy Pokémon by using the target's favorite flavor of Pokéblock.


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Ruby, five years before the Ruby & Sapphire chapter

Ruby was born in Goldenrod City, Johto. His father was Norman, who was an aspiring Gym Leader. He met Sapphire once, and the young Ruby and Sapphire had a lot of fun with each other, until their fun was interrupted by a Salamence. Acting quickly, Ruby was able to knock it out with his Pokémon, but got his forehead split open in the process. It was his fault that his father failed the Gym Leader Test because the Salamence broke into Rayquaza's containment area and set it free. At that time, Rayquaza was being held by the Pokémon Association near the place he and Sapphire were playing. Sapphire ran away crying, and later came to realize she ruined Ruby's dignity, and vowed to become stronger. Ruby, on the other hand, realized he had been too brutal, and promised to suppress his strength in battle.

Ruby & Sapphire chapter

Ruby in the fourth chapter

On Ruby's eleventh birthday, he and his mother moved to Littleroot Town, Hoenn. Ruby was displeased with this decision as he preferred Johto's modern cities over Hoenn's rural countryside. After getting to the small town, Ruby ran away as he didn't want to face his father, who didn't approve of Ruby's hobby of competing Pokémon Contests. Just as he left the town, he met Professor Birch, who was attacked by two Mightyena. Ruby refused to battle, stating his reason was because he didn't want his Pokémon dirty. Instead, he asked the two Dark types to join him on his quest to conquer the Contests of Hoenn. However, they started to chase him. Ruby still didn't fear them and instead picked up Birch's nearby Pokédex and used it to learn about Mightyena.

Amazed by the fact that the Mightyena were evolved, he sent out his Nana, a Poochyena, and showed off her elegant moves against the stronger Pokémon. However, the attacks did no damage and Ruby and Birch were forced to run from the wild Pokémon. Due to the Running Shoes that had been given to him by his parents for his birthday, Ruby got ahead of Birch and fell off a cliff and was knocked unconscious. Fortunately, a mysterious Pokémon caught him and brought him into its cave.

Ruby was soon awakened by the lick of Nana. Upon waking up, he received a call on Professor Birch's Pokégear from the researcher himself. Ruby explained where he was and Birch introduced himself formally. During the conversation, Ruby realized that Birch was a friend of his father but the man didn't know that the boy had run away yet.

The Pokémon then noticed that Ruby was awake and spoke to him. Shocked, Ruby backed up in fear and Nana attacked it. The Pokémon then revealed itself to be a human girl. She attacked Nana with her Torchic. In order to help the boy, Birch told him to take out the Water-type Pokémon Mudkip out of his bag. Ruby was disappointed by the lack of coolness and beauty in the Pokémon, but also stated that it could be in a tough Contest. Ruby refused to battle, which angered the girl. It was at that point that Birch realized that it was his daughter Sapphire that Ruby was fighting. As Birch explained this to Ruby, the reception between the two was lost. Moments later, the two children were attacked by a Seviper.

Ruby still refused to fight, forcing Sapphire to defeat the Tail Snake Pokémon all by herself. After this the two got into an argument over their interests, which made Sapphire ask Ruby to take a bet. The two would go on a journey and see who would reach their goals in 80 days. Ruby agreed and then Sapphire fainted from the damage that she received from the battle with the Mightyena. Realizing the girl was hurt, Ruby helped her and left her some new clothes. Before he left, the Seviper awakened, but Ruby released a mysterious light from a Poké Ball and the Seviper fell to the floor.

After leaving the cave, Ruby came to a bridge, where he showed his new Mudkip how to perform in a Contest. When he had the Water-type try for itself, they were attacked by a Dustox. He and his party ran away and Ruby noticed that he had accidentally forgotten to give back Birch's Pokédex. The machine then scanned the Bug-type and Ruby learned that it was incredibly powerful. However, Mudkip saved them with his Water Gun and Ruby nicknamed it Mumu. He then set off yet again.

The next day, Ruby arrived in Petalburg City. He headed through the city carefully so that he wouldn't be found by his father. However, he came across a sickly boy named Wally, who had been attacked by a Nuzleaf while trying to catch a Pokémon. After receiving a compliment from the other boy, Ruby quickly offered to try to catch a Pokémon for him. However, Ruby learned that his dad was coming to help Wally do the task.

Upon seeing his father come, Ruby grabbed Wally and jumped into a nearby bush. Wally, however, came out and asked Norman if he would help him catch a Pokémon but the Gym Leader said that he wouldn't because Wally was too ill to journey with one. Although his father nearly caught him, Ruby was able to stay hidden, but when he came out of hiding he found Wally unconscious on the ground.

Ruby took the sick boy home and that night the two left home and Ruby promised to let Wally use his Rara in order to catch a Pokémon. The two found a Kecleon, which Wally was determined to catch. Although Wally failed to catch it many times, Ruby stuck by him and was given a PokéNav as thanks. After Wally caught Kecleon, the area they were in was struck by an earthquake and Ruby fell into the sea. Thankfully though, he was saved by Mr. Briney, who took him to Dewford Island.

After arriving on Dewford, he once again met up with Sapphire and went into the Granite Cave in order to find the powerful, yet beautiful Water-type Pokémon Milotic; however, he instead found a bunch of Mawile. He was saved by Steven Stone. During the battle with the Mawile, Ruby's Nana and Kiki evolved. After the battle, Ruby left the Island by riding Sapphire's Lorry. One night, they stopped at the Abandoned Ship on Route 109. There, Ruby and Sapphire teamed up with a Plusle and a Minun to fight Team Magma. After this fight, the two Trainers left the Electric types behind.

Soon, Ruby was let off Lorry at Slateport City. There, his Mumu evolved into Marshtomp, which attracted the notice of the Hoenn Pokémon Fan Club Chairman. He took Ruby to the Contest Hall, where they made Poké Blocks with Captain Stern before being taken away by Team Magma, who was targeting Stern. Ruby fought against Blaise in the Submarine Explorer 1 in order to free the Chairman and Stern.

After winning, he drifted away from Slateport and landed on Route 118, where he caught a Feebas before being attacked by a Zangoose and a Seviper. Ruby and the Swimmer that he had befriended escaped into the Weather Institute, where Ruby was found by Norman.

The father and son have a showdown, which results in Ruby falling off the Weather Institute. He is saved by his father, who goes on to give Ruby permission to participate in Contests. Overjoyed, Ruby heads off with Gabby and Ty, a pair of interviewers who had witnessed the battle between Ruby and his father, to Verdanturf Town. There, he participates in, and wins, all of the Normal Rank Contests. After winning he spots Wally in the crowd and chases after him, only to find out it was not Wally after all, but his cousin Wanda.

Soon, Ruby, Ty and Gabby hear of a riot caused by Whismur. They go to the Rusturf Tunnel to investigate and fight against Team Magma's Courtney. After a long battle, Ruby and his two new comrades head towards Fallarbor Town.

Upon arriving in the Contest Hall, Ruby immediately entered the Tough, Cool, Cute and Smart categories of the Super Rank Contests. However, he was too late to enter the Beauty category and was forced to watch. During the Beauty category, he fell in love with Wallace's performance and, afterward, asked the older man to be his master. Although Wallace originally refused, he changed his mind after witnessing Ruby battle. The two then headed for Fortree City, where Wallace was to meet with the other Gym Leaders.

After arriving in the city, Ruby meet up with Sapphire again and battled against a group of Grumpig, during which Sapphire realized that Ruby wasn't as weak as he claimed to be. This led to the biggest argument between the two and Sapphire telling Ruby that she never wanted to see him again.

Ruby revealing his scar

Due to this argument, Ruby ran from Fortree and went to the flooded Slateport City and participating in all the Hyper Rank Contests. He won all of them too, but lost to Wallace in the beauty category, which led to Ruby telling Feefee that she was ugly after which Feefee ran away from Ruby, who cried himself unconscious.

When he awoke, he was feeling bad about what he had done when he saw Sapphire on TV, along with her new Relicanth, which he recognized as the Pokémon that Mr. Briney said could dive deep into the sea. Realizing that he was the only one who knew this, Ruby left the first aid station and saved a blind boy's Magikarp that he had initially thought was Feefee. The boy then made Ruby realize that he should help out in the crisis that was happening in Hoenn and Ruby then sent a letter to Wallace stating that he would fight against the Ancient Pokémon.

Wallace drove Ruby in his air car to Sapphire's location. He then explained to everyone that Relicanth could take him and Sapphire to the Seafloor Cavern. They then dived under the sea together, their goal to defeat Maxie and Archie.

At the bottom of the sea, the young pair squared off against Maxie and Archie, gaining the edge by taking advantage of their selfish mindsets. However, the two leaders became fully taken over by the power of the orbs they held, and dragged their foes to Sootopolis City, where the two titans were having their tremendous battle. Ruby and Sapphire, seeing the overwhelming power the two monsters held before them, lose all hope and tell their mentors to abscond. Winona and Wallace, however, managed to snap them out of it, and after the two young Pokédex holders reminisce of their forgotten past, are able to drive the Red and Blue Orbs out of the insane leaders' bodies using the Meteorite that deactivated Mt. Chimney earlier.

In the ensuing explosion, the two were blown away, and soon were then taken to Mirage Island, where they, under the leadership of Wallace's master Juan, trained and learned that they had absorbed the Blue and Red Orbs. After they complete their training and learn to control the orbs to their will, Sapphire receives the Mind Badge and the Rain Badge.

Just before leaving Mirage Island to embark on their final mission, Sapphire told a shocked Ruby that she liked him. Before Ruby could respond, they had to leave and he didn't get to tell that he felt the same way until they reached Sootopolis City, where he pushed Sapphire away in order to protect her. Ruby then left with Courtney in order to fight against Maxie, Archie, and the Ancient Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre.

After Courtney's death, Ruby reunited with Feefee, who then evolved into a Milotic. Sapphire then came to the battle field and the two rivals charged up Plusle and Minun and finally defeated Archie and Maxie. Ruby then used Celebi to restore peace.

The next day was the eightieth day of the bet and Ruby had succeed in his goal of getting all of the Ribbons in Hoenn. He then ran off into the sunset with Sapphire to Littleroot Town, where a party was awaiting them.

Emerald chapter

Ruby in the sixth chapter

Almost a year later, Ruby, along with Sapphire, was sent to the Battle Frontier by Professor Birch to help out the third Pokédex holder Emerald in his quest to save Jirachi from Guile Hideout. They first met up with the boy at the Battle Dome but it soon became clear that he resented them. So, in order to get to know Emerald, the two entered the Battle Dome tournament. Ruby fought Emerald in the semi-finals but lost. He did however help Emerald's Sceptile regain its memories of its past with Professor Birch. He and Sapphire were then kicked out of the Battle Dome by Emerald.

Outside, the two ran into Palace Maven Spenser, who recognized Sapphire as a person who had held the Blue Orb. Ruby found this odd and recorded this encounter with the power of the Memory Lighter that he had been given from Marge. After Guile Hideout captured Jirachi, Ruby and Sapphire teamed up with Noland and Emerald and challenged the Battle Tower as a four-man team.

On the top floor, the team found Anabel brainwashed and under the control of Guile Hideout. With the use of Latios and Latias shared sight ability, Spenser informed the trio of Pokédex holders that Guile had touched the Blue Orb, forcing Guile to reveal his true identity as Archie. After Archie summoned the Kyogre-shaped Sea Demon to flood the Battle Frontier, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald were joined by Crystal and Gold, who revealed that Ruby and Sapphire needed Jirachi to revive their senior Pokédex holders Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Silver, who had all been petrified by a beam that was meant for Deoxys at the end of the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter.

After Emerald was able to awaken the older Pokédex holders from their petrification, Ruby used Mumu's newly learned Hydro Cannon attack to destroy the sea demon. After the battle was over, Ruby participated in a tournament between all ten Pokédex holders, which he, at some point, lost.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter

Ruby in the thirteenth chapter

In the thirteenth chapter, Ruby, along with Sapphire and Emerald, is enlisted by Steven to learn Mega Evolution in order to prevent a disaster that will strike Hoenn. While Sapphire and Emerald train to master the technique, Ruby heads off to Southern Island to meet with Latios and Latias. After explaining the situation, Ruby and Latios head off to the Sky Pillar by using Mega Evolution to allow Latios to soar into the sky. Upon arriving, Ruby encounters Zinnia, who believes the two to be intruders and attacks. With the power of her Salamence capable of Mega Evolving, Zinnia proves to be powerful Trainer, but Ruby uses Mega Evolution to counter her and wins the battle. Zinnia congratulates Ruby for the victory and states that the Salamence who attacked him nine years prior was actually hers. Zinnia reveals that a meteorite will strike Hoenn in nine days, and she aims to stop it without the help of the Devon Corporation, which she claims to be her enemy. Afterward, Zinnia leaves and thanks Ruby for causing the release of Rayquaza nine years ago.

The next day, Ruby and Latios head off to meet up with their friends. They are interrupted by Jinga, Renza, and Tomatoma, three Draconids who demand to know why they were at the Sky Pillar. The Draconids attack Ruby and Latios with their own Mega-Evolved Pokémon. When Ruby assumes that the three are friends of Zinnia, they deny and ask Ruby if he had spoken with her. The Draconids reveal that Zinnia is attempting to stop the meteoroid in place of Aster, another Draconid who had died previously. They ask Ruby if he had noticed if Zinnia had a scroll on her, but the conversation is abruptly ended by pieces of the incoming meteoroid falling down on them. The Draconids say their farewells and flee. Ruby and Latios attempt to escape only to be knocked into the sea by a meteoroid piece.

Ruby later awakens in a cave, where he meets Diancie, a Mythical Pokémon. Latios reveals that Diancie had rescued the two of them from drowning. Ruby is immediately enamored by Diancie's beauty and wishes to use it in a Contest. Ruby quickly breaks down into tears as the reality of the possibility of the planet being destroyed dawns on him. Ruby voices his desire to protect the planet so that he can enjoy the things he does with the people he loves. After calming down, Latios has Latias share her sight with him to show where she and the others currently are. Ruby and Latios are horrified when they see Mr. Stone and Steven draining the life energy of Chic and Sceptile to power a machine that will stop the meteoroid. The vision is cut short when Latias closes her eyes from no longer being able to watch. Ruby, confused at Steven and Mr. Stone's methods decides that neither Devon or Zinnia will be the ones to stop the meteoroid. Instead, Ruby states that he will ride Rayquaza and stop it.

Ruby heads to Sea Mauville, where his friends are located. He arrives just as Zinnia is attacking with small army of former Teams Magma and Aqua Grunts to destroy the dimensional shifter that was powered by Chic and Sceptile's life energy. Ruby Mega Evolves Mumu into a Mega Swampert and begins battling Zinnia. As he is fighting, Ruby notices that Sapphire is nowhere to be found. Emerald informs him that the culprit of Sapphire's disappearance is Hoopa, a Pokémon he had fought earlier on the Sea Mauville. Zinnia laughs at the irony that Sapphire was transported to a place no one knows while Devon is attempting to use a machine that will transport the meteoroid to an unknown location. Zinnia continues attacking in an attempt to take Steven's Key Stone, but leaves after Ruby offers up his and Emerald's Mega Bracelets as a bribe. After Zinnia leaves, Ruby reveals that he managed to steal the scroll she was carrying while she wasn't looking.

The group continues traveling to Meteor Falls, where Dragon-type users that may know about Rayquaza gather. As they travel, Ruby and Emerald get acquainted with Hoopa and Diancie, who use their abilities to compete against each other. Hoopa is attacked by Blaise and Amber so that they can use Hoopa's power for their own plans. With the power of Blaise's illusions, the two manage to manipulate Hoopa into summoning Groudon and Kyogre from its hoops. Groudon and Kyogre immediately begin heading towards somewhere and easily shrug off Ruby and Emerald's attempt to stop them. Ruby and Emerald discover the culprits and attempt to stop them, only for both to escape and trap Ruby and Emerald in an illusion.

After escaping the illusion, Ruby and Emerald find that Groudon and Kyogre have transformed into new, more powerful forms. Emerald attempts to fight, but Ruby states that getting to Meteor Falls is more important. Despite this, Ruby and Emerald are unable to get past the power that Groudon and Kyogre are now exerting in their Primal forms. They soon find out that the ones responsible for Groudon and Kyogre's Primal Reversion are Maxie and Archie, who are still alive. Maxie and Archie use the power of the super-ancient Pokémon to easily overpower Ruby and Emerald, defeating them and knocking them out of the sky. Maxie and Archie gloat over their victory and reveal that their return is all for the sake of saving the planet from the meteoroid threatening to destroy it.

Ruby and Emerald awaken at the Meteor Village, a small town hidden inside of Meteor Falls and home of the Draconids. There, they find that only four days remain until the meteoroid hits. The village Elder reveals that Sapphire battled Zinnia in order to protect the dimensional shifter but was defeated and went missing. The Elder also states that she gave Archie and Maxie a place to train in preparation to destroy the meteoroid. Despite this, Ruby decides to continue with trying to find Rayquaza, as he believes he may have its trust after battling with it four years ago. After meeting with his father again, Ruby and Norman use Hoopa's rings to transport them to the Pokémon Association's research facility in Goldenrod City, where Rayquaza was seen heading towards.

Upon arriving at their destination, Ruby and Norman enter the now-abandoned Pokémon Association research facility. After a search through the facility's data files, Norman comes across video footage of the moment where Rayquaza was first encountered at the Embedded Tower. Before they can witness Rayquaza's capture, the video cuts off. Ruby decides that if Rayquaza was found at Route 47, then it may have gone there instead of Goldenrod. Norman reveals that he asked Emerald to give him the Green Orb core shortly before they entered Hoopa's ring. He reveals the core was originally created by the Association in order to create an artificial Green Orb capable of controlling Rayquaza, as it didn't have an orb like Groudon or Kyogre. When Rayquaza escaped its captivity, the project was scrapped and the core was thrown away before being completed, where it eventually ended up in Emerald's hands. Norman uses a machine to increase the core's purity, increasing its strength and turning it a shade of jade.

Just as the process is completed, Ruby and Norman are shocked to see that Rayquaza has appeared in the skies. They find Rayquaza feeding on shards of the meteoroid, which have begun falling onto Johto as well. They take to the skies in order to confront Rayquaza and capture it. During the battle, Rayquaza manages to capture Ruby and blocks Norman's attempt to rescue his son. Ruby takes the opportunity to use the scroll he took from Zinnia in order to teach Rayquaza Dragon Ascent, but is unsure if the attempt worked. When Rayquaza continues attacking Ruby, Norman attempts to control it with the Jade Orb core, only for it to fail. Ruby tells Norman to call Emerald and ask Hoopa to bring them back to Hoenn, as he plans on destroying the meteoroid with Sapphire.

After Hoopa opens the path to the Meteor Village, Ruby uses the Jade Orb core to lead Rayquaza back to Hoenn with Norman. When it sees Kyogre and Groudon through the ring, Rayquaza goes berserk and begins attacking the two. Rayquaza rushes towards the ring to confront Kyogre and Groudon, causing Norman to fall off and be left behind. In order to prevent a battle from going on, Hoopa directs the ring connecting Goldenrod to the Meteor Village to another ring leading to Route 120. After Rayquaza exits the ring, it immediately throws Ruby away. Ruby is rescued by Wally, who offers to battle Rayquaza in an attempt to subdue it. Ruby stops Wally and attempts to reason with Rayquaza by offering to stop the meteoroid together. After Rayquaza accepts his offer, Ruby notices that Sapphire has appeared in front of him.

When Ruby apologizes for lying, Sapphire tells him to never lie again and asks what she can to help. As a chunk of the meteoroid falls down from the sky, Ruby asks Sapphire to take his hand and join him in stopping the meteoroid together. Sapphire agrees to help Ruby, but jumps onto Rayquaza instead of taking Ruby's hand. Shortly afterward, Maxie and Archie burst through Wally's Secret Base while riding on top of Groudon and Kyogre. Although Sapphire is shocked to see the two villains' return, Ruby notes that the two are different than from before. Ruby, Sapphire, Maxie, and Archie then combine the powers of Rayquaza, Primal Groudon, and Primal Kyogre into a single attack.

Though it initially struggles, the combined attack successfully destroys the meteoroid chunk. When Rayquaza begins to go wild, Sapphire uses the Green Orb core to peer into Rayquaza's mind, revealing that it needs more power in order to destroy the meteoroid. This, coupled with pictures taken from the Sky Pillar, makes Ruby realize that Rayquaza needs to Mega Evolve in order to destroy the meteoroid. They are soon discovered by Zinnia, who is angered that they managed to befriend Rayquaza and ride on top of it. Now wearing two Mega Anklets, Zinnia challenges Ruby and Sapphire to a battle.

Ruby and Sapphire wearing their Contest Costumes

Ruby and Sapphire team up and face Zinnia in a Double Battle. Initially, Zinnia appears to only be using one Pokémon, only for her to reveal a Noivern that originally belonged to Aster. Rayquaza, sensing lingering remnants of Aster on Noivern, is lured into following after it, causing Ruby to fall off. Zinnia takes this opportunity to attack Ruby by setting him on fire. Sapphire, worried for Ruby's safety, regains the use of her voice to call out in concern and then leaps off to rescue him. With Rayquaza gone, Sapphire has Troppy transport her and Ruby through the air.

Shortly afterward, Ruby and Sapphire meet up with Emerald, who reveals that Zinnia attempted to get Rayquaza to team up with her, but was rejected and sent flying towards the ocean. They head down to Sootopolis City, where Zinnia was taken to after being rescued by Latios. There, they meet with Steven and Mr. Stone again. Mr. Stone attempts to apologize to Zinnia for the trouble he caused in attempting to control Rayquaza. Zinnia rejects Mr. Stone's apology and claims that he is only trying to save face for his failures. Now brought to tears, Zinnia gives up and claims that her villagers were right to believe she wasn't strong enough to save the planet in Aster's stead. This angers Emerald, who claims that they shouldn't give up and there must still be something they can do to save the planet.

Emerald suggests that the three plans to stop the meteoroid should stop fighting one another and instead work together. The group is approached by Giovanni, Red, Green, Blaise, and Amber, who all reveal that despite not being in battle, Mega Evolution is still able to be activated, which suggests that the meteoroid may be a Pokémon from space. Later, the group has various allies from around Hoenn travel to Sootopolis to lend their assistance in stopping the meteoroid. As everyone prepares, Ruby introduces Sapphire to the Elder of the Meteor Village. The Elder compliments Ruby and Sapphire for their Gardevoir and Gallade duo and offers to give them the Mega Stones, only for Sapphire to slap her in embarrassment. When Zinnia passes out from the pain of being attacked by Rayquaza, Ruby begins to wonder who should take over the role of stopping the meteoroid. As he begins to walk away, Sapphire confronts Ruby and asks if he's up to something wrong once again.

Before Ruby can explain himself, the conversation is interrupted by the arrival of more allies. When Sapphire sees Ruby talking to Lisia, she gets angry and leaves in a huff. Ruby attempts to explain what is really going on, only for Sapphire to attack him by Mega Evolving Kirly, forcing Ruby to Mega Evolve Rara to defend himself. Ruby stops the scuffle to explain that he called Lisia over so that she may bring him a pair of Contest Costumes for him and Sapphire to wear together. Ruby apologizes one more time and explains that he wishes to stop the meteoroid together despite his initial fears of wanting to not put Sapphire in danger. After hearing this confession, Sapphire faints from shock.

Later, Ruby and Sapphire talk to a recuperating Zinnia and tell her that they intend on taking over her duty as Lorekeeper to stop Grand Meteor Delta without sacrificing themselves. Although reluctant, Zinnia accepts their choice and apologizes for her earlier actions. Sometime later, Emerald and the Trick Master inform Ruby and Sapphire that the Magma and Aqua Suits are ready, only to find the two wearing their Contest Costumes.

As their costumes are not capable of keeping them alive in space, Ruby and Sapphire wear the Magma and Aqua Suits over their Contest Costumes. They are also given multiple Key Stones that belonged to Aster and Zinnia while Sapphire is given Emerald's Green Orb core. Once they are ready, Rayquaza swoops down, grabs Ruby and Sapphire, and takes them up into space. Upon coming face to face with Grand Meteor Delta, Ruby and Sapphire Mega Evolve Rayquaza and command it use Dragon Ascent. The attack, along with the combined forces of allies from Hoenn, Kanto, and Johto, successfully destroys Grand Meteor Delta by shattering it into pieces. However, out from the meteoroid's wreckage emerges a Delta Shield, which opens to reveal a Deoxys, that proceeds to attack the three. After a tough battle, Ruby and Sapphire have Rayquaza strike Deoxys's core, shattering it and knocking Deoxys unconscious, causing it to begin floating to the depths of space. Afterward, Rayquaza grabs Ruby and Sapphire and takes them back down to Earth to reunite with their friends.

Later, after the crisis had ended, Ruby has Hoopa use its rings to pull out a Diancite for him. He then meets with Sapphire to perform a Contest Spectacular with her. With the Mega Stone he received from Hoopa, Ruby Mega Evolves Diancie into Mega Diancie for his performance.


In the original version and Chuang Yi translation, the nicknames of Ruby's Pokémon are derived from their Japanese species names with a certain syllable repeated twice. In the VIZ Media translation, the English names are used instead. In the original Japanese version, the names are written in the Latin alphabet as opposed to kana, however, the equivalent kana sometimes appears as ruby characters on top of the Latin letters.

On hand

Main article: Nana

Nana (Japanese: NANA) was given to Ruby as a Poochyena from his father, Norman. In Guile from Mawile she evolved into a Mightyena at the Granite Cave. She is used in Cool Contests. Her Contest call is, "Regardless of the effects of time, the coolness that this body encompasses never changes. Carrying with her the tough Intimidate, this is the Pokémon Mightyena—Nana!" She is level 69, has an Adamant nature, and her Characteristic is "strongly defiant."

Debut Creeping Past Cacnea
Kiki (CY: Coco)
Main article: Kiki

Kiki (Japanese: COCO) was given to Ruby as a Skitty from his father, Norman. In Guile from Mawile she evolved into a Delcatty at the Granite Cave. She is used in Cute Contests. Her Contest call is, "Regardless of the effects of time, the cuteness that this body encompasses never changes. Oozing Cute Charm from her body, this is the Pokémon Delcatty—Kiki!" She is level 68, has a Naive nature, and her Characteristic is "scatters things often."

Debut Creeping Past Cacnea

As a Mega Gardevoir
Rara (CY: Ruru)
Main article: Rara

Rara (Japanese: RURU) was also given to Ruby by his father as a Ralts. She was intended to be used in Smart Contests, but was separated from Ruby after being lent to Wally in Tongue-Tied Kecleon. Prior to Rayquaza Redemption I, Rara evolved into Kirlia under Wally's care, much to his frustration because he didn't properly own her. After the battle with Groudon and Kyogre had ended, Rara was returned to Ruby. In Omega Alpha Adventure 0, while training with Sapphire's Kirly, she evolved into a Gardevoir. With Ruby's Mega Bracelet, Rara can Mega Evolve into a Mega Gardevoir. She is level 70, has a Gentle nature, and her Characteristic is "hates to lose."

Debut Creeping Past Cacnea

As a Mega Swampert
Mumu (CY: Zuzu)
Main article: Mumu

Mumu (Japanese: ZUZU) was first used by Ruby as a Mudkip to defend himself from an angry Sapphire. After the misunderstanding had been cleared, Ruby kept Mumu on his team and used him in Contests. During Ruby's quest, Mumu eventually evolved into a Marshtomp in Tripped Up by Torkoal and a Swampert in Master Class with Masquerain. He is used in Tough Contests. His Contest call is, "Regardless of the effects of time, the toughness that this body encompasses never changes. Boiling with raging Torrent, this is the Pokémon Swampert—Mumu!" With Ruby's Mega Bracelet, Mumu can Mega Evolve into a Mega Swampert. He is level 71, has a Relaxed nature, and his Characteristic is "likes to relax."

Debut Trying to Trounce Torchic
Feefee (CY: Mimi)
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Feefee (Japanese: MIMI) was fished by Ruby on Route 118 as a Feebas, much to his disgust. After saving Ruby and a Swimmer from some wild Pokémon, Ruby reluctantly added her to his team and used her in Beauty Contests. During the battle with Archie and Maxie in It All Ends Now VII, Feefee evolved into Milotic after Ruby realized that she had inner beauty.

Feefee's Contest call as a Feebas was, "Regardless of what becomes of the body, the beauty that lies in the heart never changes. Floating with Swift Swim, this is the Pokémon Feebas—Feefee!" but after her evolution it became, "Having released its body with its heart, it shines with overwhelming beauty. Possessing the Marvel Scale, this is the Pokémon Milotic—Feefee!" She is level 75, has a Modest nature, and her Characteristic is "alert to sounds."

Debut Not So Fetching Feebas
Sunny Form
Fofo (CY: Popo)
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Fofo (Japanese: POPO) used to belong to Mr. Stone, but she was given to Ruby after the Weather Institute battle with his father in Hanging Around With Slaking III. She is used in Smart Contests. Her Contest call is, "Regardless of the effects of time, the smartness that this body encompasses never changes. Hopping between rain, sun, and snow with Forecast, this is the Pokémon Castform—Fofo!" She is level 70, has a Careful nature, and her Characteristic is "often lost in thought."

Debut Lombre Larceny


Ruby's Celebi
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After the events of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter, Celebi purposely joined Ruby's team, although Ruby didn't even know what Pokémon it was. Ruby used Celebi to end the battle with Archie and Maxie by having it take the Red and Blue Orbs from them and breaking them into pieces. It used its time travel powers to bring the people who had lost their lives in the battle back to life. With its duty fulfilled, Celebi sent Ruby away to be with his friends and left.

Debut The Last Battle IX
Ruby's Plusle
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Plusle was first encountered on the Abandoned Ship along with Sapphire's Minun. They initially caused trouble for Ruby, but helped battle against Tabitha and Courtney. During Kyogre's rampage, they were blown off the Abandoned Ship and made their way to Mirage Island, where they became Ruby and Sapphire's Pokémon. At the final battle, Plusle and Minun defeated Archie and Maxie by trapping them in a sphere of electricity powered up by the New Mauville Generator. In the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter, Plusle was revealed to have returned to the wild alongside Minun. He and Minun moved to the Sea Mauville, where they met up with Sapphire and Emerald. As of It All Ends Now VII, he is level 53 and has a Jolly nature.

Debut Adding It Up with Plusle & Minun I


Ruby with Latios

As Mega Latios
Latios ↔ Mega Latios
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Latios, along with his sister, Latias, were friends with Emerald. After Emerald gained friends in the form of the other Pokédex holders, they returned to their home on Southern Island. In the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter, Ruby traveled to Southern Island and summoned the two siblings via the Eon Flute. Ruby asked for their help with the upcoming crisis that will threaten Hoenn, which Latios accepted. With Ruby's Mega Bracelet and Latios's Latiosite, Latios can Mega Evolve into Mega Latios.

Debut Never Spritz a Knotty Sudowoodo
Ruby's Diancie ↔ Mega Diancie

Ruby's Diancie ↔ Mega Diancie
Diancie ↔ Mega Diancie
Diancie first encountered Ruby and Latios after saving them from drowning after being knocked into the sea by falling meteoroid fragments. Ruby immediately took an interest in Diancie after seeing its beauty. After getting acquainted, Diancie decided to join Ruby and Latios on their quest. At the end of the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter, Diancie performed in a Contest Spectacular with Ruby, where it Mega Evolved into Mega Diancie. The day after, it left with Steven to head to the Kalos region.

Diancie's known moves are Moonblast, Diamond Storm, and Dazzling Gleam*, and its Ability is Clear Body.

Debut X & Y chapter

As Mega Rayquaza
Rayquaza ↔ Mega Rayquaza
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Rayquaza is an ancient Legendary Pokémon related to Groudon and Kyogre. It was sought after by Norman under orders of the Pokémon Association in order to stop Kyogre and Groudon if they were to be awakened. After successfully awakening it at the Sky Pillar, Norman took Rayquaza to Sootopolis City, where he teamed up with Ruby to defeat Kyogre and Groudon. Afterward, Rayquaza flew off, angry that it was controlled. In the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter, Ruby sought after Rayquaza in order to stop a meteoroid from crashing into the planet. After teaming up with his father to find it in Johto, Ruby battled Rayquaza in order to try and convince it to join their cause. After ending up in Route 120, Ruby managed to convince Rayquaza to team up with him. It has a Brave nature.

Debut Rayquaza Redemption I


Lorry (CY: Walo)
Ruby borrowed Sapphire's Lorry before he headed to the Rustboro TV Station. After leaving, he used him to travel across the water to head to Southern Island.

Lorry's known moves are Surf, Water Spout, and Dive*, and his Ability is Oblivious.

Debut Stick This in Your Craw, Crawdaunt I


Ruby's Pokémon with their Hoenn Contest Ribbons

Ruby won all 20 Hoenn Contest Ribbons in the four ranks of each of the five categories.



In addition, at the start of his journey, Ruby had eleven unknown Ribbons in his possession that had been won by Nana, Kiki, and Rara prior to Creeping Past Cacnea.


  • A ruby is the birthstone for those born in July, the month in which Ruby was born.
  • Ruby has the most awards in his respective field of any Pokédex holder, with a total of 31.
  • Ruby is 5'4" (163 cm) tall and weighs 108 lbs (49 kg).


Language Name Origin
Japanese ルビー Ruby From Pokémon Ruby
English Ruby From Pokémon Ruby
French Rubis From Pokémon Version Rubis
German Rubin From Pokémon Rubin-Edition
Spanish Rubí From Pokémon Edición Rubí
Italian Rubino From Pokémon Versione Rubino
Korean 루비 Ruby From Pokémon Ruby
Chinese (Mandarin) 路比 Lùbǐ Transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 路比 Louhbéi Transliteration of his Japanese name
Thai รูบี้ Ruby Transliteration of his Japanese name
Vietnamese Ruby Transliteration of his Japanese name

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