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In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the Galaxy Expedition Team has a rank (Japanese: ランク rank) system for its members. Each rank is expressed as a number of stars, starting from a No Star Member.

The player's rank affects the maximum level at which Pokémon are guaranteed to obey orders and the generosity of rewards for survey reports. Achieving a new rank also unlocks new Poké Balls, with the player receiving the recipe to craft the new balls.

Ranks are earned by gaining research points from completing research tasks. Most tasks grant 10 points per goal (upon reporting to Professor Laventon), but tasks marked with two upward-pointing arrows grant 20 points. Reaching research level 10 for a Pokémon also grants a bonus 100 research points. Upon attaining enough points to reach the next rank, the player must report to Captain Cyllene in order to receive their new rank.


Rank Japanese Research points Max. obedience level Rank-up rewards
No Star ゼロボシ 0 Lv. 10 N/A
First Star ヒトツボシ 500 Lv. 20 Recipe Recipe: Heavy Ball
Recipe Recipe: Revive
Second Star フタツボシ 1,800 Lv. 30 Recipe Recipe: Feather Ball
Recipe Recipe: Super Potion
Third Star ミツボシ 3,500 Lv. 40 Recipe Recipe: Great Ball
Fourth Star ヨツボシ 6,000 Lv. 50 Recipe Recipe: Leaden Ball
Recipe Recipe: Hyper Potion
Fifth Star イツツボシ 8,500 Lv. 65 Recipe Recipe: Wing Ball
Sixth Star ムツボシ 11,000 Lv. 80 Recipe Recipe: Ultra Ball
Recipe Recipe: Max Potion
Seventh Star ナナツボシ 15,000 Lv. 100 Recipe Recipe: Gigaton Ball
Eighth Star ヤツボシ 20,000 Recipe Recipe: Jet Ball
Recipe Recipe: Full Restore
Ninth Star ココノツボシ 30,000 Rare Candy 10 Rare Candies
Grit Pebble 20 Grit Pebbles
Full Star マンテンボシ 60,000 Rare Candy 20 Rare Candies
Grit Rock 10 Grit Rocks

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