Autumn Choir Tournament

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The Autumn Choir Tournament

The Autumn Choir Tournament (Japanese: 秋の合唱コンクール Autumn Choral Competition), also known as The Battle (Japanese: 合唱バトル Chorus Battle), is an event in the Pokémon Adventures manga. It is held at the Aspertia City's Trainers' School during a cultural festival.


Five classes participated in this tournament, with three groups of 8-10 members representing each class. Each member of a choir is backed up by a Pokémon that their group is named after. When competing, the choir's Pokémon will use various sound-based moves to disrupt the opposing team.

It was first mentioned in Movie Panic by several students at the Aspertia Trainers' School. The students mentioned wanting to invite Roxie to the competition. In New Sword Player, Blake and Whitley traveled to Virbank City to ask Roxie to come to the tournament as a judge, which she accepted.

The tournament officially started in New Sword Player. Blake, Whitley, Leo, Hugh, Yuki, Maya, and Yuko all joined together to form Team Jigglypuff and competed against other teams. Eventually, they competed against Team Sawsbuck in the finals, but came out on top with the help of Blake's Dewott. For winning the tournament, Team Jigglypuff and the rest of Class E were invited by Roxie to go to Castelia City to compete in the Unova Choir Tournament (Japanese: イッシュ合唱コンクール Isshu Choral Competition), with all expenses paid by her father.

Known competitors

Team name Class Place
Jigglypuff E Winners
Sawsbuck C Runner-ups
Swablu A Unknown
Tympole B Top 15
Chatot B Unknown

Other teams that were shown but not mentioned by name include Team Whismur and Team Loudred.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 秋季合唱比賽 Autumn Chorus Competition

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