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PS547 : The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition
Black 2 & White 2 arc
PS549 : An X-cuse to Come Out and Play
Epilogue: Graduation Ceremony
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 548 in Vol. 55
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 24 in Vol. 4
Series Pokémon Adventures

Epilogue: Graduation Ceremony (Japanese: エピローグ Epilogue or グラジュエーション・セレモニー Graduation Ceremony) is the 548th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the last chapter of the Black 2 & White 2 arc.


A few days after the final battle, Whitley visits Rood at the International Police detention center, sharing that Blake and Hugh have agreed to keep her membership in Team Plasma a secret so she can continue attending the Trainers' School. On questioning, Rood states that N will be released after serving his time, and kept on as an informant on other Plasma members at large while he returns Pokémon that Team Plasma stole to their original Trainers. Whitley asks Rood why N and Alder associated together so often, and Rood shares a revelation he'd heard from Gorm: N discovered that Alder wasn't fighting at his best during their battle and asked Alder about it, to which Alder admitted that he had started doubting his ability to hear the voices of Pokémon, and thus wondered if Team Plasma's ideology was true. Rood adds that Alder had lost one of his Pokémon to illness, and Team Plasma had leveraged the news by producing propaganda, claiming that the Pokémon's death was due to Alder's failure - despite N knowing full well from their battle that Alder truly understood the voices of Pokémon. Having taken the claims seriously, Alder became consumed with such self-doubt he decided he was no longer capable of continuing his responsibilities as the Champion. Whitley asks about Ghetsis, and Rood points out that even under arrest, Ghetsis's skill at manipulation makes him a serious threat. He gently advises Whitley to not rush to conclusions in her mission to save Pokémon, and thus avoid making the same mistakes Team Plasma did.

Meanwhile, Blake is surprised to learn he has been reinstated into the International Police. The chief explains it was due to his arrest of the Seven Sages and Colress, ordering Blake to continue at the Trainer's School until further orders. After Blake dismisses himself, the chief discusses the state of affairs with an unseen associate, revealing that Blake's firing from the International Police was a risky test to prove his ability to independently choose between right and wrong without International Police oversight, in which Blake succeeded. The associate recommends that Looker be taken off a blacklist despite going against orders by assisting Blake during the test, remarking that men like Looker have their uses, and adds that negotiations with Colress to leverage his research have proved challenging given the scientist's personality. The chief orders his associate to proceed with handling a request for Colress that came from the Alola region, which the associate - revealed to be none other than the Magician - accepts.

At Hugh's house, Hugh refuses to return to school despite the pleas of Leo and his sister, forcing them to fling him into the beak of Yuki's Pelipper where he is put to sleep with a Sing from Maya's Jigglypuff. Waking up at school, Hugh's initial anger is ceased as Maya, Yuki and Yuko apologize to him for treating him so poorly, now understanding that his anger issues stemmed from Team Plasma and that his heroics were instrumental in halting the latest crisis. Embarrassed, Hugh agrees to start attending school again, and helped out of Pelipper's beak as Blake greets him. Leo remarks that the whole of Class E is present except Whitley, who is revealed to have been scouted by White as an actress at PokéStar Studios. While she finds the experience of acting in different roles to be fun, Whitley turns down an offer from Stu Deeoh to be an actress full-time, having already decided on what she wants to do, confirming to White that it's something to do with her personal dream. White declares it's a shame as Blake has likewise turned down her offer, meaning she has to find another actress to pair up with rookie actor Curtis, but adds that Blake has been reinstated as an inspector.

Some time later, the time has come for Class E to graduate from the Trainer's School. Much to the chagrin of Cheren, Black has decided to enrol as a student to prepare for the Pokémon League anew. In his charismatic persona, Blake tells his trio of girls that he is indeed moving from Unova, while Hugh strikes an awkward conversation with Whitley, calling her by name and to ask him for help if she needs it while on her journey with N. The realization prompts Whitley to talk to Blake as well, promising to call him by his name when their paths cross again, but Blake - in his normal persona - simply tells Whitley that she won't recognize him or his name by that point, and suggests that she call him by his name now. Briefly saddened that Blake will never return the feelings she developed for him, Whitley nonetheless calls Blake by his name and brings him to the hall, where the graduation ceremony for Class E takes place.

The days pass, with Whitley and N meeting Foongy's original trainer, who admits that he'd only caught Foongy as it was the popular thing to do and he'd never truly bonded with Foongy, allowing Whitley to keep him. Leaving the house, N translates Foongy's voice: "Now I can officially say Whitley is mine", much to Whitley's relief and joy until she thinks over what N said. As Whitley argues if Foongy had said "Whitley is mine" instead of "I'm Whitley's", much to the amusement of Anthea and Concordia, Blake watches from a distance in a Colress disguise. The Magician prompts Blake that their plane will be leaving soon and if he should say hello, but Blake simply asks to press on, and the paths of the two Pokédex holders diverge once again.

Major events

  • Rood reveals that Alder let N beat him in their battle, due to him actually believing in Team Plasma's ideology at the time.
  • Blake is reinstated in the International Police in recognition for capturing Colress and the Seven Sages.
  • Blake's discharge from the International Police is revealed to have been a test.
  • The Magician is revealed to be an International Police agent.
  • White offers Whitley a career as an actress at Pokéstar Studios, but she declines the offer.
  • Black enrolls in the Trainers' School in preparation for rechallenging Gyms.
  • Cheren is revealed to have become the Gym Leader of the Aspertia Gym.
  • Blake, Whitley, Hugh, and the rest of Cheren's class graduate from the Trainers' School.
  • N starts returning the Pokémon liberated by Team Plasma to their original Trainers.
  • Whitley attempts to return Foongy to his original Trainer, but he turns the offer down, allowing her to keep him.
  • Blake, disguised as Colress, departs to Alola alongside the Magician for a new mission.
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PS547 : The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition
Black 2 & White 2 arc
PS549 : An X-cuse to Come Out and Play
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