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Start Deck 100.jpg
Box art
Release date Japanese: December 17, 2021
Traditional Chinese: February 18, 2022
Korean: April 23, 2022

The Start Deck 100 (Japanese: スタートデッキ100) is a Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game product that contains one random Standard Deck from a pool of 101 different decks. It was released in Japan on December 17, 2021 in Taiwan and Hong Kong on February 18, 2022, and in South Korea on April 23, 2022.


The Start Deck 100 consists of a collection of 101 different decks (100 standard and one secret) that are packaged at random. Each deck is identified by a number, as detailed on a separate enclosed card, and focus on between one and three types with at least one Pokémon V. Each numbered deck contains the same cards, most of which comprise cards from the second year of the Sword & Shield Era. Several are new to the product, some are reprints with new artwork, and some are reprints from earlier in the Era that update their regulation mark from 'D' to 'F'. Some cards also have Non Holofoil and Mirror Holofoil prints, while some are exclusively Non Holofoil or Mirror Holofoil—these prints are fixed to each deck. All of the cards form a numbered set with a collection number of 414, making it the largest single Japanese collection of cards and the largest individual collection number in any language. The secret 101st deck also features a number of Secret cards, including Full Art prints of debut Trainer cards and gold Full Art prints of the Galarian legendary birds. Each deck also comes with a basic rules QR code card and sheet of damage counters and status markers.

The CoroCoro Comic deck, also known as Deck No. 000, was released in March 2022.

Deck lists

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Set list

Start Deck 100
SetSymbolStart Deck 100.png
No. Mark Card name Type
001/414 E VenusaurV Grass Promotion
002/414 E Caterpie Grass Promotion
003/414 E Metapod Grass Promotion
004/414 E Butterfree Grass Promotion
005/414 E Yanma Grass Promotion
006/414 E Yanmega Grass Promotion
007/414 E Heracross Grass Promotion
008/414 E Shroomish Grass Promotion
009/414 E Breloom Grass Promotion
010/414 E Cacnea Grass Promotion
011/414 E Cacturne Grass Promotion
012/414 E Tropius Grass Promotion
013/414 E Tropius Grass Promotion
014/414 E KricketuneV Grass Promotion
015/414 E Cherubi Grass Promotion
016/414 E Cherrim Grass Promotion
017/414 E LeafeonV Grass Promotion
018/414 E LeafeonVMAX Grass Promotion
019/414 E Pansage Grass Promotion
020/414 E Simisage Grass Promotion
021/414 E Petilil Grass Promotion
022/414 E Lilligant Grass Promotion
023/414 E Dwebble Grass Promotion
024/414 E Crustle Grass Promotion
025/414 F Karrablast Grass Promotion
026/414 E Shelmet Grass Promotion
027/414 E Accelgor Grass Promotion
028/414 E TrevenantV Grass Promotion
029/414 E TrevenantVMAX Grass Promotion
030/414 E Dewpider Grass Promotion
031/414 E Araquanid Grass Promotion
032/414 E Fomantis Grass Promotion
033/414 E Lurantis Grass Promotion
034/414 E Tapu Bulu Grass Promotion
035/414 E Grookey Grass Promotion
036/414 E Thwackey Grass Promotion
037/414 E Rillaboom Grass Promotion
038/414 E Gossifleur Grass Promotion
039/414 E Eldegoss Grass Promotion
040/414 E Eldegoss Grass Promotion
041/414 E FlappleV Grass Promotion
042/414 E AppletunV Grass Promotion
043/414 E Zarude Grass Promotion
044/414 E Zarude Grass Promotion
045/414 F ZarudeV Grass Promotion
046/414 E Vulpix Fire Promotion
047/414 E Ninetales Fire Promotion
048/414 E Ninetales Fire Promotion
049/414 E Growlithe Fire Promotion
050/414 E Arcanine Fire Promotion
051/414 E FlareonV Fire Promotion
052/414 E FlareonVMAX Fire Promotion
053/414 E Slugma Fire Promotion
054/414 E Magcargo Fire Promotion
055/414 E Entei Fire Promotion
056/414 F EnteiV Fire Promotion
057/414 E BlazikenV Fire Promotion
058/414 F Torkoal Fire Promotion
059/414 E VictiniV Fire Promotion
060/414 E VictiniVMAX Fire Promotion
061/414 E Pansear Fire Promotion
062/414 E Simisear Fire Promotion
063/414 F SimisearV Fire Promotion
064/414 E Heatmor Fire Promotion
065/414 E VolcaronaV Fire Promotion
066/414 E Litleo Fire Promotion
067/414 E Pyroar Fire Promotion
068/414 E Salandit Fire Promotion
069/414 E Salazzle Fire Promotion
070/414 E Scorbunny Fire Promotion
071/414 E Raboot Fire Promotion
072/414 E Cinderace Fire Promotion
073/414 E CinderaceV Fire Promotion
074/414 E Sizzlipede Fire Promotion
075/414 E Centiskorch Fire Promotion
076/414 E Psyduck Water Promotion
077/414 E Golduck Water Promotion
078/414 E Shellder Water Promotion
079/414 E Cloyster Water Promotion
080/414 F KinglerV Water Promotion
081/414 F KinglerVMAX Water Promotion
082/414 E Horsea Water Promotion
083/414 E Seadra Water Promotion
084/414 E Kingdra Water Promotion
085/414 F Staryu Water Promotion
086/414 E Lapras Water Promotion
087/414 E VaporeonV Water Promotion
088/414 E Marill Water Promotion
089/414 E Remoraid Water Promotion
090/414 E Octillery Water Promotion
091/414 E Mantine Water Promotion
092/414 E SuicuneV Water Promotion
093/414 E Mudkip Water Promotion
094/414 E Marshtomp Water Promotion
095/414 E Swampert Water Promotion
096/414 E Carvanha Water Promotion
097/414 E Sharpedo Water Promotion
098/414 E Snorunt Water Promotion
099/414 E Froslass Water Promotion
100/414 E EmpoleonV Water Promotion
101/414 E Buizel Water Promotion
102/414 E Floatzel Water Promotion
103/414 E GlaceonV Water Promotion
104/414 E GlaceonVMAX Water Promotion
105/414 E Basculin Water Promotion
106/414 E Cryogonal Water Promotion
107/414 E GreninjaV Water Promotion
108/414 E Clauncher Water Promotion
109/414 E Clawitzer Water Promotion
110/414 E Bergmite Water Promotion
111/414 E Avalugg Water Promotion
112/414 E CrabominableV Water Promotion
113/414 E Wishiwashi Water Promotion
114/414 E Bruxish Water Promotion
115/414 E Tapu Fini Water Promotion
116/414 E Sobble Water Promotion
117/414 E Drizzile Water Promotion
118/414 E Inteleon Water Promotion
119/414 E InteleonV Water Promotion
120/414 E Chewtle Water Promotion
121/414 E Drednaw Water Promotion
122/414 E Cramorant Water Promotion
123/414 E Eiscue Water Promotion
124/414 E ArctovishV Water Promotion
125/414 E Ice Rider CalyrexV Water Promotion
126/414 E Ice Rider CalyrexVMAX Water Promotion
127/414 E Pikachu Lightning Promotion
128/414 E Raichu Lightning Promotion
129/414 F PikachuV Lightning Promotion
130/414 E JolteonV Lightning Promotion
131/414 E Chinchou Lightning Promotion
132/414 E Lanturn Lightning Promotion
133/414 E Mareep Lightning Promotion
134/414 E Flaaffy Lightning Promotion
135/414 E Flaaffy Lightning Promotion
136/414 E Ampharos Lightning Promotion
137/414 F RaikouV Lightning Promotion
138/414 E Plusle Lightning Promotion
139/414 E Minun Lightning Promotion
140/414 E Shinx Lightning Promotion
141/414 E Luxio Lightning Promotion
142/414 E Luxray Lightning Promotion
143/414 E Pachirisu Lightning Promotion
144/414 E Emolga Lightning Promotion
145/414 E Emolga Lightning Promotion
146/414 E Thundurus Lightning Promotion
147/414 E Helioptile Lightning Promotion
148/414 E Heliolisk Lightning Promotion
149/414 E Tapu KokoV Lightning Promotion
150/414 E Tapu KokoVMAX Lightning Promotion
151/414 E Zeraora Lightning Promotion
152/414 E Zeraora Lightning Promotion
153/414 E Yamper Lightning Promotion
154/414 E Boltund Lightning Promotion
155/414 E BoltundV Lightning Promotion
156/414 E BoltundV Lightning Promotion
157/414 E Toxel Lightning Promotion
158/414 E Toxtricity Lightning Promotion
159/414 E Morpeko Lightning Promotion
160/414 E DracozoltV Lightning Promotion
161/414 E DracozoltVMAX Lightning Promotion
162/414 E Jigglypuff Psychic Promotion
163/414 E Galarian RapidashV Psychic Promotion
164/414 E Galarian Slowpoke Psychic Promotion
165/414 E Drowzee Psychic Promotion
166/414 E Hypno Psychic Promotion
167/414 F Starmie Psychic Promotion
168/414 E Jynx Psychic Promotion
169/414 E Galarian ArticunoV Psychic Promotion
170/414 F Mewtwo Psychic Promotion
171/414 E Mew Psychic Promotion
172/414 E EspeonV Psychic Promotion
173/414 E EspeonVMAX Psychic Promotion
174/414 F GranbullV Psychic Promotion
175/414 E Ralts Psychic Promotion
176/414 E Kirlia Psychic Promotion
177/414 E Gardevoir Psychic Promotion
178/414 E Spoink Psychic Promotion
179/414 E Grumpig Psychic Promotion
180/414 E Baltoy Psychic Promotion
181/414 E Claydol Psychic Promotion
182/414 E Cresselia Psychic Promotion
183/414 E Woobat Psychic Promotion
184/414 E Swoobat Psychic Promotion
185/414 E Sigilyph Psychic Promotion
186/414 E Golett Psychic Promotion
187/414 E Golurk Psychic Promotion
188/414 E GolurkV Psychic Promotion
189/414 E Espurr Psychic Promotion
190/414 E Meowstic Psychic Promotion
191/414 E SylveonV Psychic Promotion
192/414 E SylveonVMAX Psychic Promotion
193/414 E Cutiefly Psychic Promotion
194/414 E Ribombee Psychic Promotion
195/414 E Sandygast Psychic Promotion
196/414 E Palossand Psychic Promotion
197/414 E MimikyuV Psychic Promotion
198/414 E NecrozmaV Psychic Promotion
199/414 E Hatenna Psychic Promotion
200/414 E Hattrem Psychic Promotion
201/414 E Hatterene Psychic Promotion
202/414 E Indeedee Psychic Promotion
203/414 E Shadow Rider CalyrexV Psychic Promotion
204/414 E Shadow Rider CalyrexVMAX Psychic Promotion
205/414 E Sandshrew Fighting Promotion
206/414 E Diglett Fighting Promotion
207/414 E Dugtrio Fighting Promotion
208/414 E Mankey Fighting Promotion
209/414 E Primeape Fighting Promotion
210/414 E Galarian Farfetch'd Fighting Promotion
211/414 E Galarian Sirfetch'd Fighting Promotion
212/414 E Onix Fighting Promotion
213/414 E Steelix Fighting Promotion
214/414 E Cubone Fighting Promotion
215/414 E Marowak Fighting Promotion
216/414 E Hitmonchan Fighting Promotion
217/414 E Galarian ZapdosV Fighting Promotion
218/414 F Hitmontop Fighting Promotion
219/414 E Makuhita Fighting Promotion
220/414 E Hariyama Fighting Promotion
221/414 E MedichamV Fighting Promotion
222/414 F Trapinch Fighting Promotion
223/414 F Vibrava Fighting Promotion
224/414 F Flygon Fighting Promotion
225/414 E LucarioV Fighting Promotion
226/414 E Hippopotas Fighting Promotion
227/414 E Hippowdon Fighting Promotion
228/414 E Gallade Fighting Promotion
229/414 E Drilbur Fighting Promotion
230/414 E Galarian Yamask Fighting Promotion
231/414 E Galarian Runerigus Fighting Promotion
232/414 E Landorus Fighting Promotion
233/414 E Pancham Fighting Promotion
234/414 E LycanrocV Fighting Promotion
235/414 E LycanrocVMAX Fighting Promotion
236/414 E Stufful Fighting Promotion
237/414 E Bewear Fighting Promotion
238/414 E Rolycoly Fighting Promotion
239/414 E Carkol Fighting Promotion
240/414 E Coalossal Fighting Promotion
241/414 E SandacondaV Fighting Promotion
242/414 E SandacondaVMAX Fighting Promotion
243/414 E Clobbopus Fighting Promotion
244/414 E Grapploct Fighting Promotion
245/414 E Falinks Fighting Promotion
246/414 E Stonjourner Fighting Promotion
247/414 E Single Strike UrshifuV Fighting Promotion
248/414 E Rapid Strike UrshifuV Fighting Promotion
249/414 E Zubat Darkness Promotion
250/414 E Golbat Darkness Promotion
251/414 E Crobat Darkness Promotion
252/414 E Galarian Slowbro Darkness Promotion
253/414 E GengarV Darkness Promotion
254/414 E Galarian MoltresV Darkness Promotion
255/414 E UmbreonV Darkness Promotion
256/414 E UmbreonVMAX Darkness Promotion
257/414 E Galarian Slowking Darkness Promotion
258/414 E Galarian SlowkingV Darkness Promotion
259/414 E Galarian SlowkingVMAX Darkness Promotion
260/414 E Qwilfish Darkness Promotion
261/414 E Houndour Darkness Promotion
262/414 E Houndoom Darkness Promotion
263/414 E TyranitarV Darkness Promotion
264/414 E Galarian Zigzagoon Darkness Promotion
265/414 E Galarian Linoone Darkness Promotion
266/414 E Galarian Obstagoon Darkness Promotion
267/414 E Absol Darkness Promotion
268/414 E Croagunk Darkness Promotion
269/414 E Toxicroak Darkness Promotion
270/414 E Darkrai Darkness Promotion
271/414 F Purrloin Darkness Promotion
272/414 F Liepard Darkness Promotion
273/414 E LiepardV Darkness Promotion
274/414 E Venipede Darkness Promotion
275/414 E Whirlipede Darkness Promotion
276/414 E Scolipede Darkness Promotion
277/414 E Scraggy Darkness Promotion
278/414 E Scrafty Darkness Promotion
279/414 E Trubbish Darkness Promotion
280/414 E Garbodor Darkness Promotion
281/414 E GarbodorV Darkness Promotion
282/414 E Vullaby Darkness Promotion
283/414 E Mandibuzz Darkness Promotion
284/414 E Pangoro Darkness Promotion
285/414 E Yveltal Darkness Promotion
286/414 F Impidimp Darkness Promotion
287/414 F Morgrem Darkness Promotion
288/414 F Grimmsnarl Darkness Promotion
289/414 E Morpeko Darkness Promotion
290/414 F MorpekoV Darkness Promotion
291/414 E Galarian Meowth Metal Promotion
292/414 E Galarian Perrserker Metal Promotion
293/414 E Steelix Metal Promotion
294/414 E Skarmory Metal Promotion
295/414 E Mawile Metal Promotion
296/414 E Aron Metal Promotion
297/414 E Lairon Metal Promotion
298/414 E Aggron Metal Promotion
299/414 F AggronV Metal Promotion
300/414 F AggronVMAX Metal Promotion
301/414 E MetagrossV Metal Promotion
302/414 E Bronzor Metal Promotion
303/414 E Bronzong Metal Promotion
304/414 E Excadrill Metal Promotion
305/414 F Escavalier Metal Promotion
306/414 E Cobalion Metal Promotion
307/414 E Klefki Metal Promotion
308/414 E Togedemaru Metal Promotion
309/414 E CorviknightV Metal Promotion
310/414 E CorviknightVMAX Metal Promotion
311/414 E Cufant Metal Promotion
312/414 E Copperajah Metal Promotion
313/414 F ZamazentaV Metal Promotion
314/414 E Altaria Dragon Promotion
315/414 E RayquazaV Dragon Promotion
316/414 E RayquazaVMAX Dragon Promotion
317/414 F Axew Dragon Promotion
318/414 F Fraxure Dragon Promotion
319/414 F Haxorus Dragon Promotion
320/414 E Kyurem Dragon Promotion
321/414 E NoivernV Dragon Promotion
322/414 E Zygarde Dragon Promotion
323/414 E Turtonator Dragon Promotion
324/414 E Drampa Dragon Promotion
325/414 E DuraludonV Dragon Promotion
326/414 E DuraludonVMAX Dragon Promotion
327/414 E Regidrago Dragon Promotion
328/414 E Spearow Colorless Promotion
329/414 E Fearow Colorless Promotion
330/414 E Meowth Colorless Promotion
331/414 E Persian Colorless Promotion
332/414 E Chansey Colorless Promotion
333/414 E Blissey Colorless Promotion
334/414 E BlisseyV Colorless Promotion
335/414 E Kangaskhan Colorless Promotion
336/414 E Tauros Colorless Promotion
337/414 E Eevee Colorless Promotion
338/414 E Porygon Colorless Promotion
339/414 E Porygon2 Colorless Promotion
340/414 E Porygon-Z Colorless Promotion
341/414 E Snorlax Colorless Promotion
342/414 E Snorlax Colorless Promotion
343/414 E Stantler Colorless Promotion
344/414 E Slakoth Colorless Promotion
345/414 E Vigoroth Colorless Promotion
346/414 E Slaking Colorless Promotion
347/414 E Swablu Colorless Promotion
348/414 E Shaymin Colorless Promotion
349/414 E StoutlandV Colorless Promotion
350/414 E StoutlandV Colorless Promotion
351/414 E Rufflet Colorless Promotion
352/414 E Braviary Colorless Promotion
353/414 E Fletchling Colorless Promotion
354/414 E Fletchinder Colorless Promotion
355/414 E Talonflame Colorless Promotion
356/414 E Furfrou Colorless Promotion
357/414 F Hawlucha Colorless Promotion
358/414 E Drampa Colorless Promotion
359/414 F DrampaV Colorless Promotion
360/414 E GreedentV Colorless Promotion
361/414 E GreedentV Colorless Promotion
362/414 E Wooloo Colorless Promotion
363/414 E Indeedee Colorless Promotion
364/414 E Escape Rope I Promotion
365/414 F Energy Retrieval I Promotion
366/414 F Energy Switch I Promotion
367/414 F Energy Search I Promotion
368/414 E Energy Recycler I Promotion
369/414 E Urn of Vitality I Promotion
370/414 F Potion I Promotion
371/414 E Fog Crystal I Promotion
372/414 F Crushing Hammer I Promotion
373/414 F Great Ball I Promotion
374/414 E Switching Cups I Promotion
375/414 F Ultra Ball I Promotion
376/414 F Rare Candy I Promotion
377/414 F Switch I Promotion
378/414 F Pokémon Catcher I Promotion
379/414 F Poké Ball I Promotion
380/414 E Echoing Horn I Promotion
381/414 E Level Ball I Promotion
382/414 E Rugged Helmet I Promotion
383/414 E Exp. Share I Promotion
384/414 E Galarian Chestplate I Promotion
385/414 E Full Face Guard I Promotion
386/414 E Spirit Mask I Promotion
387/414 E Aroma Lady Su Promotion
388/414 F Team Yell's Cheer Su Promotion
389/414 E Karen's Conviction Su Promotion
390/414 E Agatha Su Promotion
391/414 E Raihan Su Promotion
392/414 E Klara Su Promotion
393/414 E Cook Su Promotion
394/414 E Korrina's Focus Su Promotion
395/414 E Shauna Su Promotion
396/414 E Bruno Su Promotion
397/414 E Peonia Su Promotion
398/414 E Judge Su Promotion
399/414 F Barry Su Promotion
400/414 E Schoolgirl Su Promotion
401/414 E Schoolboy Su Promotion
402/414 E Siebold Su Promotion
403/414 F Professor's Research [Professor Rowan] Su Promotion
404/414 E Peony Su Promotion
405/414 E Zinnia's Resolve Su Promotion
406/414 F Boss's Orders [Cyrus] Su Promotion
407/414 E Gordie Su Promotion
408/414 F Marnie's Pride Su Promotion
409/414 E Melony Su Promotion
410/414 E Copycat Su Promotion
411/414 E Cheryl Su Promotion
412/414 E Single Strike Energy Fighting E Promotion
413/414 E Lucky Energy Colorless E Promotion
414/414 E Rapid Strike Energy Fighting E Promotion
415/414 F PikachuV Lightning Promotion
416/414 F GranbullV Psychic Promotion
417/414 F ZamazentaV Metal Promotion
418/414 F Barry Su Promotion
419/414 F Marnie's Pride Su Promotion
420/414 E Galarian ArticunoV Psychic Promotion
421/414 E Galarian ZapdosV Fighting Promotion
422/414 E Galarian MoltresV Darkness Promotion

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