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Pokémon: Twilight Wings
TW02 : Training
Web release
Japan January 15, 2020
United States January 15, 2020
English themes
Opening N/A
Japanese themes
Opening N/A
Ending N/A
Animation Studio Colorido
Screenplay 木下爽 Sou Kinoshita
Storyboard 山下清悟 Shingo Yamashita
Assistant director 山下清悟 Shingo Yamashita
Animation directors 篠田貴臣 Takaomi Shinoda
高野友宏 Tomohiro Takano
No additional credits are available at this time.

Letter (Japanese: 手紙 Letter) is the first episode of Pokémon: Twilight Wings. It was first released on The Pokémon Company's official Japanese YouTube channel, The Pokémon Company International's official English YouTube channel, and Pokémon TV on January 15, 2020.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


The initial chapter of the new seven-episode animated series set in the Galar region is now available for you to enjoy.


John is a young boy who’s been hospital-bound from an early age. Ever since he saw his first Pokémon battle on TV, he’s been a big fan of Champion Leon—and he’s dreamed of watching one of Leon’s matches in a stadium. Could a visit from Chairman Rose pave the way for his dreams to come true?


Tommy rushes into the ward room just in time to join his friend John and watch Galar Champion Leon battle Bea on television. Leon's Charizard makes quick work of Machamp, defeating it with a Slash attack. Tommy and John cheer for their victorious idol. John collapses into his hospital bed, wishing he could go to Wyndon Stadium to watch Leon battle in person.

Meanwhile, Oleana reminds her boss, Rose, that they have to leave for their scheduled visit to the local children's hospital. With a Flying Taxi, Rose and Oleana soon arrive at the hospital where the children have already gathered to meet them. A nurse alerts Tommy and John to the visitors. Tommy leaves to join the other children while John stays behind to write Chairman Rose a personal letter requesting a chance to see Leon battle live. John manages to finish his letter just as Chairman Rose prepares to leave after signing several autographs. He rushes out into the corridor where Tommy informs his friend that the Chairman has headed for the roof. With the elevator occupied, John is forced to take the fleets of stairs up to the roof. John falls to his knees, panting heavily from the exhaustive effort, but continues on nonetheless. He finally reaches the rooftop, only to find that the Flying Taxi has already left.

Chairman Rose turns back for a moment and spots the despondent young boy with the letter in his hand. John prepares to head back inside, but stops when he sees the Flying Taxi land and Chairman Rose step out to greet him. John is about to faint, but the Taxi's Corviknight rushes in and saves him. The Taximan is surprised to see his usually aggressive Corviknight having taken a liking to John, and Rose notices this as well. John takes the opportunity to pet Corviknight, and the experience instantly reminds him of Leon and Charizard and causes him to joyfully laugh. As Corviknight flies back to the Taxi, the gush of wind carries John's letter off and it lands at Rose’s feet. John explains that he wrote the letter for the Chairman, and requests that he read it. The Chairman smiles, taking the letter aboard the Taxi. Tommy then reaches the rooftop, checking if his friend has handed the letter over yet. John says yes. Chairman Rose admits that John might make a good Trainer one day, with the complement leaving John speechless. Inside the Taxi, Rose is impressed by John's drawing of Leon and Charizard.

Elsewhere, Bea is tangling with a wild Rhydon, Milo takes a break from some farm work, Allister stares up at the full moon. Nessa, meanwhile, is admiring the ocean view from Hulbury's outskirts, Hop plays around with his Wooloo, and Leon is busy contemplating his next challenge.

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Pokémon: Twilight Wings
TW02 : Training
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