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Summer Superstars
夏だ 海だ 音楽だ!
Masters Summer Superstars.png
Event notification image
Type Story event
First run July 31 to August 16, 2020
Rerun(s) July 20 to August 3, 2021
Featured sync pairs Steven (Summer 2020) & Sandslash
Lyra (Summer 2020) & Jigglypuff
Sync pairs with reward bonus 
1.6× Steven (Summer 2020) & Sandslash
Lyra (Summer 2020) & Jigglypuff 
1.4× Steven & Metagross
Lyra & Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium 
1.2× Scottie/Bettie & Pikachu
Scottie/Bettie & Torchic

Summer Superstars (Japanese: =夏だ 海だ 音楽だ!) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pairs Steven (Summer 2020) & Sandslash and Lyra (Summer 2020) & Jigglypuff. It also also marked the debut of Lisia and Ryuki as NPCs.

During this event, players could earn Travel Tokens from "Summer Takedown!" single-player battles. The player could use Travel Tokens to move to an adjacent space on the event map, collecting the item on that space. Reaching the checkpoint on a map would allow the player to unlock a new story area, if one was available, and advance to the next map. In addition, the maps would occasionally include grand prizes that could be collected when the player moved to that space. Extra Travel Tokens were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

The player could battle using Steven (Summer 2020) & Sandslash or Lyra (Summer 2020) & Jigglypuff to obtain +0.6× bonus Travel Tokens; Steven & Metagross or Lyra & Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium to obtain +0.4× bonus Travel Tokens; and Scottie/Bettie & Pikachu or Scottie/Bettie & Torchic to obtain +0.2× bonus Travel Tokens.

This event featured the Full-Force Battle, where players were challenged to defeat a large group of strong opponents. Similar to the Legendary Arena, players could use multiple teams with a limited number of total sync pairs, with the opponents' health carrying over between rounds and with previously used pairs unable to be used again until the challenge is reset. Medals could be earned by completing specific missions.

In addition, players could earn a medal for completing all the story areas in the event.

First run

The event first ran from July 31 to August 17, 2020. The "Steven Seasonal Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Steven (Summer 2020) & Sandslash for the duration of the event, and the "Lyra Seasonal Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Lyra (Summer 2020) & Jigglypuff for the duration of the event.

In this run, the grand prizes included Power-Up items, Strike Move Candy Coins, Sync Orbs for the new sync pairs, and Co-op Sync Orbs.

Second run

The event reran from July 20 to August 3, 2021. The "Steven and Lyra Seasonal Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Steven (Summer 2020) & Sandslash and Lyra (Summer 2020) & Jigglypuff for the duration of the event.

In this run, the grand prizes included 5★ Scout Tickets, Co-op Sync Orbs, Skill Spheres, a Support Move Candy Coin, Skip Tickets, 4★ Level-Up Manuals, and 3-Pack Drink Sets ++.



Single player

Name Difficulty Trainer Pokémon Stamina First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards Battle Rewards
Left Middle Right
Summer Takedown! Round 1 Normal VSBlack Belt Masters.png
Black Belt
Weakness: FairyIC Masters.png
Weakness: IceIC Masters.png
Weakness: IceIC Masters.png
10 Masters Gem.pngGems ×30 Masters Coin.png400 coins
Masters Travel Token.pngTravel Token ×8
Summer Takedown! Round 2 Hard 15 Masters Gem.pngGems ×30 Masters Coin.png600 coins
Masters Travel Token.pngTravel Token ×11
Summer Takedown! Round 3 Very Hard VSAce Trainer M Masters.png
Ace Trainer
Masters0045 f.png
Weakness: IceIC Masters.png
Weakness: FairyIC Masters.png
Masters0308 f.png
Weakness: FairyIC Masters.png
15 Masters Gem.pngGems ×30 Masters Coin.png400 coins
Masters Travel Token.pngTravel Token ×14
Summer Takedown! Round 4 Super Hard 20 Masters Gem.pngGems ×30 Masters Coin.png1,500 coins
Masters Travel Token.pngTravel Token ×18
Full-Force Battle! Round 1 Super Hard VSMasked Ace Trainer F Masters.png
Masked Woman
Weakness: FairyIC Masters.png

Weakness: IceIC Masters.png

Weakness: IceIC Masters.png
Weakness: FairyIC Masters.png

Weakness: IceIC Masters.png

Masters0407 f.png
Weakness: IceIC Masters.png
Weakness: FairyIC Masters.png

Weakness: IceIC Masters.png

Masters0045 f.png
Weakness: IceIC Masters.png
Masters Gem.pngGems ×100
Masters 3 Star Support Move Candy.png3★ Support Move Candy
None None
Full-Force Battle! Round 2 Ultra Hard Masters Gem.pngGems ×100
Masters 4 Star Tech Move Candy.png4★ Tech Move Candy
None None

Grand prizes

July 31 to August 17, 2020

Grand Prize Number Available
Masters 4 Star Power-Up.png
4★ Power-Up
Masters 3 Star Power-Up.png
3★ Power-Up
Masters Strike Move Candy Coin.png
Strike Move Candy Coin
Masters Co-op Sync Orb.png
Co-op Sync Orb ×500
Masters Sync Orb.png
Sync Orb ×100
(Lyra & Jigglypuff)
Masters Sync Orb.png
Sync Orb ×100
(Steven & Sandslash)

July 20 to August 3, 2021

Grand Prize Number Available
Masters 5 Star Scout Ticket.png
5★ Scout Ticket ×2
Masters Co-op Sync Orb.png
Co-op Sync Orb ×500
Masters Skill Sphere.png
Skill Sphere ×100
Masters Support Move Candy Coin.png
Support Move Candy Coin
Masters Skip Ticket.png
Skip Ticket ×150
Masters 4 Star Level-Up Manual.png
4★ Level-Up Manual ×10
Masters 3-Pack Drink ++ Set.png
3-Pack Drink ++ Set ×100
After obtaining all Grand Prizes
Masters 3 Star Power-Up.png
3★ Power-Up


Masters Summer Superstars banner.png Masters Summer Superstars artwork.png Masters Summer Superstars artwork 2.jpg
Event banner
Masters Medal 1-Star Summer Superstars.png Masters Medal 2-Star Summer Superstars.png Masters Medal 3-Star Summer Superstars.png Masters Medal Jigglypunk.png
1★ Summer Superstars
2★ Summer Superstars
3★ Summer Superstars
Artwork by Aco Arisaka Artwork by Nora


  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Steven The beach sure is lively.
Lyra That's a refreshing look for you, Steven! It's a real change from the suits you always wear.
Steven Yes, it is. I thought I'd go with something a little more relaxed today to enjoy the occasion to the fullest!
Lyra Hey, <player>! Let's take a page out of Steven's book and really enjoy ourselves!

  • Intro
Name Text
(Pokémon Center)
Steven Good to see you, <player>. Oh, are you surprised by these new outfits we're wearing?
Apparently there's going to be a music festival for sync pairs to enjoy.
I brought this Sandslash I've been raising. I was thinking we could test our skills in a place that's bustling with activity.
Lyra And I brought this little Jigglypuff. I thought it would be a good experience for her since she loves singing!
Well, that was my excuse at first, but now I'm just really excited to go myself...
Steven Why don't you come with us to the festival?

  • One Summer's Day
Name Text
Lear Hmm... The sync pairs seem to be less motivated lately. Maybe the heat is getting to them...
Pathetic fools! What's the point of me rising to the top if all the sync pairs are weaklings?!
Hmph. So be it. I'll just have to come up with something else to make Pasio famous that isn't Pokémon battles.
Some new attractions ought to bring in strong sync pairs!
I've got to come up with something special that'll breathe new life into Pasio and generate a bunch of publicity!
Rachel! Can't you see I'm trying to think? Knock off that humming already!
Rachel Ah! Sooorry.
But it's, like, summer, y'know? The time for playing in the water and going to festivals and all that fun stuff.
It's enough to make me wanna sing a little song, y'knooow?
Lear We're surrounded by water! You can play in it whenever you want! And festivals? Singing? Utter nonsense!
It's that kind of ridiculous carefree attitude that's making all the sync pairs—
Wait a minute... Maybe it's not so ridiculous after all!
Excellent work, Rachel! Ha ha ha ha!
Rachel Huuuh? Did I just do something right?

  • The Sync Pair Music Festival!
Name Text
Having been invited by Steven and Lyra, <player> arrives at the festival.
The sounds of lively music and singing can be heard in all directions.
Steven Wow. It looks like everyone's having a good time.
This is the Sync Pair Music Festival, a celebration of summer here on Pasio...
Lyra This place is popping! It's everything I could ever want in a music festival! Jigglypuff seems to be enjoying it, too!
And whatever that is wafting over from the food booths smells delicious...
Steven The food booths do look good, not to mention the other booths that have shooting games and prize raffles.
Is that a Hoenn Rangers action figure? It's not every day you come across one of those. Do you know about the Hoenn Rangers?

I sure do!: I'm impressed. Even in Hoenn, there aren't many people who know about them.
Are they some kind of heroes?: Yes. They're a team of local heroes who operated in Hoenn back in the day.
I hear their popularity was short-lived due to the Pokémon Contest Spectaculars starting up around the same time.
Come to think of it, the excitement of this festival reminds me of the Pokémon Contest Spectaculars.
Lyra I'd love a chance to take the stage at a Pokémon Contest Spectacular someday!
Huh? Is that Lear? It doesn't look like he's about to start singing, though...
Lear Ladies and gentlemen! I'm glad to see you all enjoying yourselves at the Sync Pair Music Festival!
But...need I remind you?
Pasio was created to determine which sync pair is the strongest of all!
With that in mind, I hereby declare that a contest will be held...
A contest to decide which sync pairs reign supreme as a musical act! I present...the Pasio Superstar Competition!
Lyra The Pasio Superstar Competition?
Lear You'll all form teams and compete for first place by playing music with your partner Pokémon!
Those who rise above the rest in the categories of musical sense and group composition will be crowned Pasio's Superstars!
Ryuki Awww yeah! I'm all fired up!
Lisia Wow! This sounds kinda like a Pokémon Contest Spectacular! Let's show them what we've got, Ali!
Lear And since I'm such a nice guy, I've prepared a prize to make things more exciting!
In addition to prize money, I will graciously appoint the winning team to act as my official Pasio promo reps!
Lyra Official Pasio promo reps?! So we'd sorta be like celebrities! That sounds like fun!
Lear This is your chance to be the face of Pasio! You better show some gratitude!
In fact, since I'm such a nice guy, I've even prepared a prize for the second-place team!
Sawyer Well done as always, young master! How generous of you!
Rachel I'm sooooo jealous. You guys better show some gratitude to Master Lear, 'kay?
Lear That takes care of that! Now, let's start things off by separating the wheat from the chaff in the preliminaries!
If you want to make it to the finals, beat out the competition and prove you've got what it takes!
Ha ha ha ha!
Steven The Pasio Superstar Competition, huh? Prizes aside, this seems like a good chance to test my skills.
I can sense from my sync stone that Sandslash has gotten stronger. Now I'd like to see it for myself.
And I'd also like my Metagross to see me in my moment of triumph since we've trained so much together.
Lyra Jigglypuff and I are actually really into the idea of being celebrities...
Plus, we practice songs together all the time. We've been looking for a chance to show them off!
Steven Why don't the three of us make a team, then?
Lyra Yeah! Let's do it!: Yeah! Since we're already here at the festival, we might as well try our best to win!
Steven Yeah! Let's do it!: I'm glad to be a part of the team! I have no intention of losing in either musical sense or group composition!
Lyra Let's go for the win!: Of course! If we're going to do it, we've got to win!
Steven Let's go for the win!: That's the spirit! I mean, I intended to win this from the start.
All right. First, we have to make it through the preliminaries.
It looks like we're up against them first.
(Hapu, Hau, and Kukui face-off with Lyra, Steven, and the player)
Hau We're bona fide festival fans ourselves, you know!
Kukui Our Alolan spirit is burning bright like Flame Wheel!
Hapu Mm-hmm! I'll show off an Alolan song I've been practicing, too!
Steven The team from Alola, where summer never ends... Looks like we've already got our work cut out for us.
Lyra Yeah. They're burning bright as the sun itself!
Steven In that case, let's cool them off with our own music.
All right, Lyra and <player>!
Let's get focused and ready for our first team competition!

  • Festival Fans and Superstars
Name Text
Hau Wow! That was impressive! I guess we lost this time.
Kukui You beat our burning Alolan spirit? You're really something, <player>!
Hapu Yes. It's unfortunate that we lost, but I guess we'll just have to cheer for you now.
Kukui All right! Let's Accelerock our way back to the spectator area, yeah!
Hau I'm going to get something to eat at one of the food booths!
Hapu My goodness. What a restless bunch.
I'll be going now. I've got my fingers crossed for your victory.
<player>'s team continued their winning streak, making it all the way to the finals!
Steven It looks like we made to the finals. Well done, everyone, for making it this far.
Lyra Singing and dancing out in the sun is more tiring than I expected, but it sure is a lot of fun!
Steven You two seem to be enjoying this almost too much. Are you feeling OK?
Lyra We're fine! Knowing the finals are right around the corner has me really fired up.
Wow! That feels so cold and refreshing! Thank you, Sandslash!
Steven It looks like Sandslash is worried about you, too. Be careful not to get so fired up that you burn out.
The final showdown of the Pasio Superstar Competition is about to begin!
Participating teams, please assemble onto the stage as you are called.
Lyra Look! Isn't that...
Steven I'm certainly not surprised we're competing against them for first place.
Lisia Dazzling, dizzying, doldrums defying!
Hoenn's own contest idol! The Miraculous Lisia!
Ryuki The name's Ryuki. I'm what you might call a star.
I've made it this far so I can play a gig in the finals!
Roxie ♪ P-O-K-E-M-O-N! Pokémon! ♪
As if we'd lose a music competition! First place is as good as ours!
Ace Trainer Lissi! Scout me as your next boyfriend!
Street Thug Ryuki! Let 'em hear the world's best scream!
Swimmer Roxie! Blow everyone's minds!
Lyra Wow... The crowd's really going wild!
Steven Two musicians and a contest idol. It looks like a lot of their fans have come to cheer them on, too.
Lisia You'll go easy on us today, won't you, Steven?
Steven Hey, you may be Wallace's niece, but that doesn't mean I'm going to hold back!
Lisia Hehehe. I'm so excited to battle the Champion!
Oh my! What a cute outfit! Would you mind telling me your name?
Lyra What?! Oh, uh, I'm Lyra! I guess I'm a little interested in contests...
Lisia Oh, really?! I guess I better scout you for a contest right away!
On second thought, maybe after we're done competing, huh?
Steven Ryuki, was it? I've heard stories about your skill.
Ryuki I'm honored, Champion! I can't believe a star from Hoenn knows who I am!
And that cool new face there must be an Alolan Sandslash! I bet he'd be great for a jam session!
Roxie <player>! Even if we're up against you and a Champion, we won't lose!
You're really determined!/You sure are fired up!: I guess you could say that. I figure making a name for myself here might encourage my old man while he's chasing his dream back in Unova.
Uh, I mean, not that I care about him that much or anything! Let's get this party started already!
Lear Looks like you're all done with your little chat. All right, then. Let the final competition begin!
The audience will decide which team wins!
I expect you all to deliver performances worthy of the Pasio Superstar Competition!
Lyra This is my chance to be a star. I've got to give it my all!

  • Jigglypunk!
Name Text
(Lisia and Steven perform)
Lyra Wow! They both did a great job!
We've got to put it all on the line, too, Jigglypuff! C'mon, let's go!
All right! Here we go!
I'm Lyra and this is Jigglypuff! Hope you enjoy our song!
(Jigglypuff?! Dial it back a little!)
Steven Uh-oh... It looks like their enthusiasm backfired.
Wow... That's intense...
Jigglypuff's voice is pretty potent... At this rate, we're all...gonna fall...asleep...
Ryuki Hey! Wake up! You can't go beddy-bye in the middle of a live show!
Roxie Well done, Ryuki! I'm wide awake now!
Lyra Th-thank you.
Ryuki Now's not the time for you to be thankin' me!
We're gonna take the stage if you keep dillydallyin'!
Lyra Oh, right! Jigglypuff! Once more from the top!
Use your gentle voice just like you always do.
Whoa! Wh-what's gotten into you, Jigglypuff?!
Ryuki I think she digs our loud music!
Jigglypuff sing differently depending on the region they're from, you know!
I bet she heard us screaming and dug it so much, she wanted to try it out herself!
Lyra Oh, I see...
I'm sorry, Jigglypuff. I never realized you could sing like that.
All right! In that case, I'll just keep up with Jigglypuff's new style!
Now, let our Johto spirit ring out loud!
Ryuki Nice! I like that intensity! Everyone needs some intensity now and then to shake things up!
Ace Trainer I think I'm falling in love! How could such a cute face make such loud, heavy music?!
Street Thug Rock on, little lady! Don't let her show you up, Ryuki!
Swimmer Oooh! This is blowing my mind!
Steven Wow. Never in a million years did I think she could sing like that.
She's even a match for Ryuki!: She sure is. And Ryuki seems happy about it, too.
It's so cool!: Yes! I think it's cool, too.
Come on, we still have time to show them what we've got.
Let's win over the audience and secure our first-place spot!
Lisia Hehe. Looks like we've reached the next chapter in your story, Lyra!
This is a little different from the Pokémon Contest Spectacular, so it won't be as easy...
but we've got to give it our all! Right, Ali?

  • Endless Summer!
Name Text
Lisia Our fans are cheering us on, after all! You and I are definitely going to win this, Ali!
Lyra This is our chance to stand on the same stage as a contest idol! Losing is not an option!
Ryuki Yo, Hoenn superstar! I'm gonna surpass you and get one step closer to making my mark on the world!
Steven And I'm going to prove my bond with Sandslash by winning against you!
Roxie This is the homestretch! We'll take on your determination with our poisonous performance!
Lear Hmph. I've reached a decision.
Both teams were equal in terms of skill, but the winner by a slim margin is...
<player>'s team!
Now then, let's start the awards ceremony!
We'll start by handing out the prizes for the team that took first place. Try to show some gratitude, will you?!
To think that the Champion of Hoenn has become the poster boy for Pasio...
I guess this competition was a good idea after all!
Rachel Master Lear looks toootally happy.
Sawyer Steven has a lot of fans, after all. We'll probably get a lot of business after this.
Lyra So we're the official promo reps of Pasio now? I wonder how we're supposed to act.
Lisia Congratulations, Lyra. Keep up the good work!
Lyra Hehe. Thanks!
We'll always be cheering for you and Ali, Lisia!
Huh? You don't look very happy, Steven.
Steven Oh, that's not it. I'm happy I was able to win first place with Sandslash at my side.
It's just that I'm not very interested in prize money or becoming an official promo rep or anything like that.
Lisia Speaking of prizes, we get one, too, don't we?
I'm excited to see what it is!
Lear Next is the second place team! Your prize is...
a statue of yours truly sculpted from a rare ore!
Lisia ... ... ...
Lear Put this symbol of your team someplace where everyone can get a good look at it!
Rachel That's totally craaazy, Master Lear. I'm sooo jealous.
Sawyer What wonderful thoughtfulness! Well done as always, young master!
Lisia Wow... That sure is a surprising prize!
But where on earth are we going to put such a big statue?
Huh? Steven? What's up?
Steven Incredible! This ore... Is this what I think it is?
Ah-ha! I knew it! It's so hard to get these days, what with the increase in industrial demand!
Gosh! I'm so jealous of you all! You get to look at this ore every day!
Lisia Hehe. What a great smile. You sure do live up to your name, Steven Stone!
If it's all right with you two, I think it might be a good idea to give this statue to Steven. What do you think?
Ryuki Fine by me! It's too heavy to fit in my luggage anyway.
Roxie Yeah, I don't mind. He'd be taking a load off our hands. Literally...
Lisia Hehe. Great! Thanks, you two!
Well, you heard them. This statue is our gift to you, Steven!
Steven Really?! Thank you! I'll take good care of it!
Lear Hmph. They don't know what they're giving up! But no matter...
The Sync Pair Music Festival isn't over yet!
Get out there and enjoy summertime on Pasio to the fullest!


  • Summer Superstars was the only story event to use the event map format that did not feature any sub-story areas.
  • It was also the only story event to rerun in event map format, as all other story events presented in event map format have either never been rerun or reran in a different format.

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 夏だ 海だ 音楽だ!
Mandarin Chinese 夏天、大海、音樂!
France Flag.png French L'été, la plage, la musique !
Germany Flag.png German Sommer, Meer und Musik!
Italy Flag.png Italian Estate, mare e musica!
South Korea Flag.png Korean 여름이다, 바다다, 음악이다!
Spain Flag.png Spanish En verano, ¡playa y música!

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