The Strongest There Is

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The Strongest There Is
Masters The Strongest There Is.png
Event notification image
Type Story event
First run February 14 to March 16, 2020
Featured sync pairs Steven & Metagross

The Strongest There Is (Japanese: 一番強くてすごい男) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pair Steven & Metagross. It also marked the debut of Wallace as an NPC.

The "Steven Spotlight Poké Fair Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Steven & Metagross for the duration of the event.

During this event, players could earn Vouchers R from co-op battles that could be redeemed in the shop. Extra vouchers were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.


The player and Barry are training together on a mountain when Barry notices Steven and Wallace ascending the trail ahead of them. Curious what kind of training they might be doing, Barry and the player follow them. Steven and Wallace notice the two and surprise them at a cave entrance, and when they express interest in Steven's strength, he suggests they battle some Trainers together.

Higher up the trail, Steven is distracted from admiring the view with Wallace by stones he finds, while Barry wonders how the two are not tired from the hike. Barry suggests he and the player also look for stones, but they are interrupted by Team Break, who demand the stones they found. Wallace and Steven step in and scare Team Break off, but they return with more members, and the party is forced to battle them.

Grant arrives while Steven and Wallace finish defeating the last few members, and he marvels at Steven's skill. He introduces himself after the battle. Steven shows Barry that the ordinary-looking stone he had found is a geode and talks about stones for a moment. Grant then challenges Steven and the player's party to a battle.

After the battle, Steven and Wallace compliment Grant on the stones he wears in his hair. Barry gets excited and asks if the secret to Steven and Grant's strength is in their stones, but Steven replies that his experiences while travelling in pursuit of his passion make him strong, and Grant agrees. Wallace notes that their different passions influence their battling, and Steven encourages Barry to become stronger by following his own passion.


Single player

Name Trainer Pokémon
Left Middle Right
Show Off Your Moves! VSCamper Masters.png
Camper Emerson
Weakness: WaterIC Masters.png
Weakness: SteelIC Masters.png
Weakness: SteelIC Masters.png
Drive Out Team Break! VSMasked Street Thug Masters.png
Masked Man
Weakness: SteelIC Masters.png
Weakness: SteelIC Masters.png
Weakness: WaterIC Masters.png
Grant's Challenge VSGrant Masters.png
Weakness: ElectricIC Masters.png
Weakness: SteelIC Masters.png
Weakness: WaterIC Masters.png
Unite with Steven! Part 1 VSPoké Fan M Masters.png
Poké Fan Donovan
Weakness: WaterIC Masters.png
Weakness: SteelIC Masters.png
Weakness: SteelIC Masters.png
Unite with Steven! Part 2 VSAce Trainer F Masters.png
Ace Trainer Elina
Weakness: WaterIC Masters.png
Weakness: SteelIC Masters.png
Weakness: SteelIC Masters.png


Name Difficulty Trainers Pokémon Completion Rewards
Left Middle Right
Take Down Steven! Round 1 Normal VSBarry Masters.png
VSSteven Masters.png
VSGrant Masters.png
Weakness: GrassIC Masters.png
Weakness: GhostIC Masters.png
Weakness: SteelIC Masters.png
Masters Coin.png400 coins
Masters Custom Voucher 2.pngVoucher R ×11
Take Down Steven! Round 2 Hard Masters Coin.png1,500 coins
Masters Custom Voucher 2.pngVoucher R ×13
Take Down Steven! Round 3 Very Hard Masters Coin.png1,900 coins
Masters Custom Voucher 2.pngVoucher R ×25


Item given Item received Max exchanges
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×300
Masters 5 Star Power-Up.png
Limited-Time 5★ Power-Up
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×300
Masters 4 Star Power-Up.png
Limited-Time 4★ Power-Up
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×300
Masters 3 Star Power-Up.png
Limited-Time 3★ Power-Up
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×35
Masters Elite Four Notes.png
Elite Four Notes
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×20
Masters Gym Leader Notes.png
Gym Leader Notes ×10
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×20
Masters Buff Blend +.png
Buff Blend + ×100
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×20
Masters Tech Tonic +.png
Tech Tonic + ×100
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×20
Masters Aid Ade +.png
Aid Ade + ×100
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×10
Masters Ultra Buff Blend.png
Ultra Buff Blend ×100
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×10
Masters Ultra Tech Tonic.png
Ultra Tech Tonic ×100
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×10
Masters Ultra Aid Ade.png
Ultra Aid Ade ×100
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×7
Masters Great Buff Blend.png
Great Buff Blend ×100
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×7
Masters Great Tech Tonic.png
Great Tech Tonic ×100
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×7
Masters Great Aid Ade.png
Great Aid Ade ×100
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×5
Masters Buff Blend.png
Buff Blend ×100
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×5
Masters Tech Tonic.png
Tech Tonic ×100
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×5
Masters Aid Ade.png
Aid Ade ×100
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×100
Masters Replay Ticket.png
Replay Ticket
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×25
Masters 3 Star Level-Up Manual.png
3★ Level-Up Manual ×10
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×10
Masters 2 Star Level-Up Manual.png
2★ Level-Up Manual ×10
Masters Custom Voucher 2.png
Voucher R ×10
Masters Coin.png
10,000 coins


Masters The Strongest There Is banner.png
Event banner
Masters Steven Wallace artwork.jpg
Artwork by NEO


Situation Song key Song name Arrangement
In menu Masters Song Key.pngNo. 00004 Adventure Awaits Unknown
During battle
(Show Off Your Moves!)
Masters Song Key.pngNo. 00017 Battle! (Sync Pair) Shota Kageyama
During battle
(Drive Out Team Break!)
What’s the Secret?
When the masked people approach
Cracking the Mystery
From start
Masters Song Key.pngNo. 00023 Battle! (Team Break) Haruki Yamada (ATTIC INC.)
During battle
(Grant's Challenge)
Masters Song Key.pngNo. 06001 Battle! (Kalos Gym Leader)
(Pokémon Masters EX Version)
Haruki Yamada (ATTIC INC.)
During battle
(Unite with Steven!)
Masters Song Key.pngNo. 00018 Battle! (Powerful Sync Pair) Haruki Yamada (ATTIC INC.)
During battle
(Take Down Steven!)
Masters Song Key.pngNo. 03001 Battle! (Steven)
(Pokémon Masters EX Version)
Haruki Yamada (ATTIC INC.)
The Strength of a Champion
From start
Masters Song Key.pngNo. 04002 Battle! (Barry)
(Pokémon Masters EX Version)
Haruki Yamada (ATTIC INC.)
The Strength of a Champion
After the player battles Barry
What’s the Secret?
From start
Cracking the Mystery
After the battle with Team Break
The Real Secret!
From start
Masters Song Key.pngNo. 00010 Wild Wanderings Unknown
Song names without a song key listed are unofficial, as they have not been added to the Jukebox.


  • Intro
Name Text
Steven You look like you've been working hard on your battling skills. I should go do some training, or you might pass me up.

  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Steven Believe in your own strength.
Steven If you continue to train hard, one day you could be a Champion, too... I believe in you.

  • The Strength of a Champion
Name Text
(Barry and the player training at the Mountain)
Barry Now's our chance! Go!
Attack!: Wha—?!
Defend!: Hah! An opening!
Man, the timing of that last move was perfect! That was so awesome!
Let's take a quick break and then go for another round!
(Steven and Wallace appear in the distance, then leave)
Barry Huh? Isn't that Steven? And...Wallace?
What was that all about?! What do you think a Champion like Steven is doing all the way up here?
Wait! Maybe he and Wallace are... Nah!

Maybe they're training.: You're so smart! Why didn't I think of that? They must be doing some kinda super-secret training together!
Maybe they're collecting stones.: Pssh! Who cares about collecting dumb rocks? They're probably doing some kinda super-secret training together!
Come on! Let's go follow 'em! If they ARE doing a secret training session, we can see if they'll let us join in, too!
(Transition to Barry and the player by a cave opening)
Barry Gee, it's kinda hard to see in here...<player>, can you come and—
??? What do you think you're doing here, hm?
Barry WAHHH!!
(Steven and Wallace appear)
Steven Goodness. I didn't think I was that scary.
Are you going to tell Wallace and me why you were following us?
Barry Yeah... Guess that was pretty rude, huh? We were actually just trying to investigate—
Steven Your secret training techniques!: Our secret training techniques, huh?
Wallace The secrets to your strength!: The secrets to our strength, huh?
It seems word of your strength has spread far and wide, Steven. Though I'd expect nothing less from the Champion of the Hoenn League.
If there is some secret to your success, I'd be keen to hear it as well.
Steven Well, I'm not trying to hide anything in particular. If you follow me, I may be able to teach you a thing or two.
Wallace My, my, how magnanimous of you.
Barry See, <player>! I told you we'd get to learn from a Champion today if we followed them!
Steven Before we get to that, I need you to understand something...
Learning from others is great, of course, but discovering things on your own is also a key part of Pokémon battling.
Wallace It looks like there are some other Trainers in the area. Why don't we try battling a few of them as we hike up the trail?
Barry OK! Let's show these big shots what we can do, <player>!

  • What's the Secret?
Name Text
Barry Wha—?! How are those two not tired after all this hiking and battling?!
Wallace Well, just look at the gorgeous view we have up here! I can see for miles!
Steven A beautiful hike like this certainly brings back memories of home, don't you think, Wallace?
Wallace I suppose so. I mean, Sootopolis City is—
Steven Hey, check out this stone!
Wallace Tsk... Typical Steven. Why pay attention to your good friend Wallace when there are stones to find...
Barry H-how... We just hiked up the same trail and fought the same battles...but they look like they just took a nice walk in the park!
What makes them so different from us? Maybe they're born with it...

Maybe it's the pretty scenery.: Hmm... It IS kinda nice up here, but I think this is something else.
What if it has something to do with the stones?

Maybe it's the stones.: Whoa! Yeah! You're so smart! It's gotta have something to do with the stones!
If that's the case, we should go collect some stones, too!

I'll take the stone on the right.: Nice! The stone you picked is kinda cute, huh? It's all smooth and round.
I'll take the stone on the left.: Nice! The stone you picked looks kinda tough, huh? It's all sharp and pointy.
Check out this huge monster stone I picked up!
Hmm... It's actually kinda normal looking, huh? On second thought, it's probably not very rare...
??? Hey, kid! Hand over that stone if y'know what's good for ya!
(Team Break appears)
Barry What?! Where the heck did you guys come from?!
We found these stones ourselves! They're ours—finders keepers!
Masked Man You wanna play hardball, kid? All right. That's fine. We can do this the tough way!
Wallace Tsk... That entrance of yours was tragically cliché, gentlemen. Not to mention dull.
Masked Man Whoa, hold up... Ain't you that one Gym Leader from Hoenn?
Wh-whatever... We ain't gonna let a measly Gym Leader stop us from—
Steven I think it's time for you to leave. Don't you?
Masked Man Th-th-they got the Hoenn CHAMPION, too?! Uhh... Er...
Steven Well, what will it be, boys? If you insist on robbing my friends, you'll have to get through me first. I can take you all on at once, if you like.
Masked Man Y-you sure talk a big game! Better watch out—we'll be back for you!
Barry Whoa! That was so cool! All you had to do was look at those bullies, and they were running away like babies!
Steven Well, now that that's out of the way... That stone that you two picked up is actually—
Masked Man Hahaha! Told you we'd be back for you! And this time, we brought a few buddies along for the ride!
(Team Break reappears with reinforcements)
Masked Man We've got you so outnumbered, yo! Hope you like gettin' pounded to dust!
Wallace Hm. Dust, he says... What do you think, Champion?
Steven *sigh* The stone will have to wait. I have some ruffians to take care of first.

  • Cracking the Mystery
Name Text
(Wallace and Steven battle and defeat Team Break)
Wallace There are more of them than I thought. This may take a bit longer...
Wait... Did you already defeat the rest of them?!
Steven These grunts aren't much of a challenge. Come on, Wallace. Let's take care of these last few stragglers.
Barry Man, are you seeing what I'm seeing?! Steven and Wallace as a combo are just way too good!
??? He's incredible, isn't he? Even more than the rumors make him out to be.
(Grant appears)
Barry Eeek! What in the—Grant?! What's going on? You nearly scared me half to death!
Grant I'm sorry if I startled you... I couldn't help but be impressed.
Look at Steven... He doesn't waste a single movement with his commands, and Metagross matches him at every beat.
I feel like only a Champion could be that perfectly in sync with their Pokémon.
Steven Oh? I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met.
Grant Ah, my apologies. I'm Grant, the Gym Leader of Cyllage City in the Kalos region.
I was just doing some rock-climbing on the cliffs over there when I spotted you all training.
When I heard the commotion, I decided to head this way to see if anything was wrong.
I didn't expect to see such an expert display...
Wallace Well, one must come to expect this level of mastery when Steven is around.
He was particularly merciless back there, too... Perhaps it's because his opponents were trying to steal stones.
Steven can be quite sensitive when it comes to stones. Cross him, and he turns into an entirely different person!
It seems you all lucked out today! Not everyone gets the chance to witness the sheer power of Steven and his Metagross.
Speaking of which, I trust your stone came out of this fiasco safe and sound, Barry?
Barry Snap, I almost forgot! I've got it right here. I wonder why those thugs were trying to steal it in the first place. It looks pretty ordinary to me.
Steven Can I borrow it for a moment, Barry? I think you may be surprised...
Barry What? Whoa! Are you serious?! Look how pretty it is!
Steven This stone may look ordinary on the outside, but it's actually quite rare. It's called a geode. Those are crystals on the inside.
It takes years and years for the crystals to form into something beautiful like this.
They must have brought in rock and soil from other regions when they were building up these mountains.
Pasio's origins as an artificial island come with all sorts of surprises, it seems. I never thought I'd find a geode like this here.
It's really incredible, if you think about it.
Barry Whoaaa! That's so cool! I've never even seen a stone like this before!
Wallace Well, the largest ones can fetch a good price in the shop, but I doubt those ruffians understand the true beauty and value of these stones.
Steven Do you have any stones like this already, Steven?: I do, in fact. I have quite a variety of rare geodes in my personal collection.
Do you want this stone, too?: Oh, no. That one is for you to keep! I actually have quite a variety of rare geodes in my personal collection.
If you're curious, you can always stop by and see the collection yourself.
Grant Pardon me, but... Um, Steven? Would it be all right if I challenge you to a Pokémon battle?
I've been hoping for an opportunity like this since I first heard the rumors about you.
It's something I've looked forward to for a long time. What do you say?
Steven Of course! Challenge accepted. How are you feeling, Wallace?
Wallace To be honest, a break would be nice. Barry, <player>, this one is all yours.
Barry All right! Let's do this!
Steven You've actually got me curious about something, Grant.
Grant Really? What is it?
Steven Let's save that for after the battle, shall we?

  • The Real Secret
Name Text
Grant Whew... Defeating the Champion is a wall that I am unable to surmount.
Barry Aw, man! That was the rockiest battle I've been through in a long time!
Grant You were really strong!: That's my line! Your teamwork was amazing. Truly a sight to behold!
Bet we could beat you again!: Well, I won't let you win so easily next time. I'm going to continue to reach for the top—it will be me who triumphs when we meet again.
That reminds me... You mentioned you were curious about something earlier, Steven?
Steven Yes. I wanted to ask you about the stones you use in your hair.
Wallace You know, I've actually been curious about the very same thing! Are those stones part of your fashion, or...?
Grant They are! I've always thought they fit well with my style. There's no special meaning behind them or anything, though.
Steven Curious... But even if that's the case, your placement of the stones and choice of color are brilliant!
You may not put much thought into it, but you've clearly breathed life into those stones.
Wallace Oh, I agree completely! It's a wondrous hairstyle. Nothing short of beautiful!
With your fashion sense, you and your Pokémon could easily take first place in a beauty contest!
Barry Oho! I knew it! The secret's in the stones, <player>!
Grant was super strong, too, right? I mean, he's a Gym Leader!
I'm right, aren't I? The secret to your strength has to do with your stones, right?
Steven I do have a thing for stones. You're right about that much. But it goes deeper than that.
I travel the world in search of interesting stones, but so much happens along the journey before I ever find a single one.
I get to encounter all sorts of people and Pokémon along the way, as well as experience the beauty of nature.
My love for stones is reflected in all of those things.
So if there really is a secret key to my strength...
I'd say it's having something I'm passionate about and appreciating all of the experiences I have as I follow my passion.
Wallace Was meeting me one of those experiences, hm?
Steven Of course it was. Building a friendship with someone as bright and encouraging as you has been a big part of my journey.
Everyone knows that I have plenty of strength on my own in a battle.
But when I have a friend battling at my side, I can be even stronger than that.
Grant I think we share a lot of things in common.
You're as passionate about stones as you are about Pokémon battling, and it's the same way with me and sports.
My love for sports is like a driving force that keeps me moving forward...
and the experience I gain along the way is something I can use in my battles, too.
Wallace So, essentially...the journey that comes with collecting stones and the experience gained from playing sports influence the way you two battle.
Barry That! Yes! I finally get it! The secret to being strong is having something you love!
For me, maybe that's Pokémon! Do you think my love for Pokémon can make me a super-awesome Trainer in the future, too?!
Steven I think so. Both of you have kept up with us fairly well as we've battled our way up this mountain.
And you were definitely on the right track in that tussle with the masked thugs earlier, as well as in our battle with Grant just now.
If Pokémon battling is already something that you love, I'm sure you're well on your way to becoming great Trainers someday.
So keep following your passions, all right?
Once you're confident in your strength, you should come challenge me in Hoenn.
After all, when it comes down to it... I'm just the strongest there is right now.


In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 一番強くてすごい男
Mandarin Chinese 最強最厲害的人
France Flag.png French Force et élégance
Germany Flag.png German Der Stärkste
Italy Flag.png Italian Il più energico
South Korea Flag.png Korean 제일 강하고 멋있는 남자
Spain Flag.png Spanish El más fuerte

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