Team Skull Crash Course

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Team Skull Crash Course
Masters Team Skull Crash Course.png
Event notification image
Type Story event
First run March 27 to April 14, 2020
Rerun(s) January 17 to February 3, 2022
Featured sync pairs Guzma & Golisopod
Plumeria & Salazzle
Sync pairs with reward bonus 
First run: 2×
Second run: 1.6×
Guzma & Golisopod
Plumeria & Salazzle 
First run: 1.2×
Second run: 1.4×
Liza & Lunatone 
Second run: 1.2× Scottie/Bettie & Pikachu
Scottie/Bettie & Torchic

Team Skull Crash Course (Japanese: スカル団の特訓記録) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pairs Guzma & Golisopod and Plumeria & Salazzle.

First run

The event first ran from March 27 to April 14, 2020. The "Guzma and Plumeria Spotlight Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Guzma & Golisopod and Plumeria & Salazzle for the duration of the event.

In this run, players could earn Travel Tokens from "Challenge Team Break" single-player battles. The player could use these tokens to move to an adjacent space on the event map, collecting the item on that space. Reaching the checkpoint on a map would allow the player to unlock a new story area, if one was available, and advance to the next map. In addition, the maps would occasionally include a story sub-area that could be unlocked when the player moved to that space. Extra travel tokens were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

Once a day, each battle provided triple the Travel Token rewards. In addition, the player could battle using Guzma & Golisopod or Plumeria & Salazzle to obtain +1× bonus Travel Tokens, and Liza & Lunatone to obtain +0.2× bonus Travel Tokens.

Second run

The event reran from January 17 to February 3, 2022. In this run, there was no event map; each story area was unlocked by completing the preceding battle, and the story sub-areas were unlocked by completing missions. Players could earn Event Vouchers F from battles that could be redeemed in the shop. Extra vouchers were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

The player could battle using Guzma & Golisopod or Plumeria & Salazzle to obtain +0.6× bonus vouchers; Liza & Lunatone to obtain +0.4× bonus vouchers; and Scottie/Bettie & Pikachu or Scottie/Bettie & Torchic to obtain +0.2× bonus vouchers.

Players would receive a medal for completing all the story areas in the event.


Guzma defeats Liza, Drake, and the player in a battle, but Liza wants to keep battling, despite Guzma's put-downs. She tells Drake she and Tate had each promised to get stronger on their own. Plumeria overhears and scolds Guzma for picking on Liza, but when Liza put herself down for only being "half" a Gym Leader, Guzma and Plumeria both challenge her to get stronger. They are interrupted by a team of Trainers who challenge the group.

Guzma, Plumeria, and the player clear the trainers out. Liza is impressed by their strength and asks Guzma to take her as an apprentice. Plumeria convinces a reluctant Guzma to give her a chance, and he tells her to watch him, Plumeria, and the player battle Drake.

Liza seems unsure after watching the battle, so Guzma takes her on himself. After losing again, Liza wonders if she simply cannot get stronger without Tate. Guzma tells her she needs to break free of the way she views herself to grow. After considering this, Liza challenges Guzma, Plumeria, and the player one more time.

Liza is defeated again, but she is pleased with the battle. Drake muses that Liza has been caught up in trying to find her place in the three-on-three battles, compared to how naturally she used to battle together with Tate. Guzma disagrees, saying that she should be used to battling with a team, but she convinced herself that she was fighting alone. He and Plumeria agree that in the last battle Liza was able to relax and rely on her teammates. Plumeria also reminds her to rely on her Lunatone's support. Liza thanks Guzma for his training, and Plumeria, Drake, and the player tease Guzma for being a "kind mentor".

In a series of vignettes, Guzma takes the player to go rock smashing in a tunnel, where they rescue a Trainer from Team Break; Plumeria goes downtown with the player to get cocoa, but they end up taking a lost Preschooler back to the Pokémon Center instead; Guzma explains how Golisopod is usually gentle, but becomes fierce during battle, and he compares the player to Golisopod; Plumeria talks about Guzma's enthusiasm and kindness, and compares him to her Salazzle, saying there is more to them than meets the eye; Guzma needles Drake about constantly giving younger Trainers help and advice, only to be reminded of Hala; Plumeria tells Liza that Guzma became who he is by facing many obstacles, and advises her to keep facing new challenges; Bugsy excitedly approaches Golisopod, and he and Guzma discuss Golisopod and not judging intimidating Pokémon by first impressions; Guzma reluctantly saves a Preschooler's Charmander from being stuck in a tree; Plumeria spots Tate watching Liza's training, and he tells how her progress has inspired him to get stronger, too; Plumeria runs into Lorelei, who challenges her to a battle when she infers that Plumeria also likes cute stuffed Pokémon dolls; and Guzma and Plumeria discuss their reasons for coming to Pasio, with Plumeria inviting the player to come back with them to Alola whenever they decide to leave.


Single player

Name Difficulty Trainer Pokémon Stamina First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards Battle Rewards
Left Middle Right
Challenge Team Break: Part 1 Normal VSMasked Lass Masters.png
Masked Woman
Weakness: PoisonIC Masters.png
Weakness: BugIC Masters.png
Weakness: PoisonIC Masters.png
Masters Gem.pngGems ×30
Masters Coin.png200 coins
Masters Voucher U.pngEvent Voucher F ×4
Masters Voucher U.pngEvent Voucher F ×1-2
Challenge Team Break: Part 2 Hard VSMasked Poké Fan M Masters.png
Masked Man
Weakness: PoisonIC Masters.png
Weakness: BugIC Masters.png
Weakness: PoisonIC Masters.png
Masters Gem.pngGems ×30
Masters Coin.png400 coins
Masters Voucher U.pngEvent Voucher F ×12
Masters Voucher U.pngEvent Voucher F ×1-4
Challenge Team Break: Part 3 Very Hard VSMasked Ace Trainer F Masters.png
Masked Woman
Masters460 f.png
Weakness: PoisonIC Masters.png
Weakness: BugIC Masters.png
Masters460 f.png
Weakness: PoisonIC Masters.png
Masters Gem.pngGems ×30
Masters Coin.png600 coins
Masters Voucher U.pngEvent Voucher F ×21
Masters Voucher U.pngEvent Voucher F ×1-8
Part 2: Team Skull's New Apprentice? VSDrake Masters.png
Weakness: PoisonIC Masters.png
Weakness: FairyIC Masters.png
Weakness: BugIC Masters.png
Masters Gem.pngGems ×10
Part 3: A Team Skull Beatdown! VSLiza Masters.png
Weakness: PoisonIC Masters.png
Weakness: BugIC Masters.png
Weakness: PoisonIC Masters.png
Masters Gem.pngGems ×10

Event map rewards

March 27 to April 14, 2020

Item Number obtainable
Masters Sync Orb.png
Sync Orb ×25
(Guzma & Golisopod)
Masters Sync Orb.png
Sync Orb ×25
(Plumeria & Salazzle)
Masters Co-op Sync Orb.png
Co-Op Sync Orb
Masters Elite Four Notes.png
Elite Four Notes
Masters Gym Leader Notes.png
Gym Leader Notes
Masters 3 Star Level-Up Manual.png
3★ Level-Up Manual
Masters 2 Star Level-Up Manual.png
2★ Level-Up Manual
Masters 1 Star Level-Up Manual.png
1★ Level-Up Manual
Masters Buff Blend +.png
Buff Blend +
Masters Tech Tonic +.png
Tech Tonic +
Masters Aid Ade +.png
Aid Ade +
Masters Ultra Buff Blend.png
Ultra Buff Blend
Masters Ultra Tech Tonic.png
Ultra Tech Tonic
Masters Ultra Aid Ade.png
Ultra Aid Ade
Masters Great Buff Blend.png
Great Buff Blend
Masters Great Tech Tonic.png
Great Tech Tonic
Masters Great Aid Ade.png
Great Aid Ade
Masters Buff Blend.png
Buff Blend
Masters Tech Tonic.png
Tech Tonic
Masters Aid Ade.png
Aid Ade


January 17 to February 3, 2022

Item given Item received Max exchanges
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×400
Masters Support Move Candy Coin.png
Support Move Candy Coin
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×100
Masters 5 Star Scout Ticket.png
5★ Scout Ticket
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×250
Masters 4 Star Power-Up.png
4★ Power-Up
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×150
Masters 3 Star Power-Up.png
3★ Power-Up
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×100
Masters Skill Sphere.png
Skill Sphere ×10
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×50
Masters Co-op Sync Orb.png
Co-op Sync Orb ×200
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×100
Masters Bug Codex, Vol. 1.png
Bug Codex, Vol. 1 ×10
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×50
Masters Bug Tome, Vol. 1.png
Bug Tome, Vol. 1 ×10
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×100
Masters Poison Codex, Vol. 1.png
Poison Codex, Vol. 1 ×10
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×50
Masters Poison Tome, Vol. 1.png
Poison Tome, Vol. 1 ×10
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×30
Masters Elite Four Notes.png
Elite Four Notes ×10
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×20
Masters Gym Leader Notes.png
Gym Leader Notes ×10
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×150
Masters 3-Pack Great Drink ++ Set.png
3-Pack Great Drink ++ Set ×50
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×100
Masters 3-Pack Drink ++ Set.png
3-Pack Drink ++ Set ×50
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×50
Masters 4 Star Level-Up Manual.png
4★ Level-Up Manual ×10
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×30
Masters Skip Ticket.png
Skip Ticket ×10
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×750
Masters 3 Star Power-Up.png
3★ Power-Up
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×10
Masters 3 Star Level-Up Manual.png
3★ Level-Up Manual ×3
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×10
Masters 3-Pack Ultra Drink Set.png
3-Pack Ultra Drink Set ×40
Masters Voucher U.png
Event Voucher F ×10
Masters 3-Pack Great Drink Set.png
3-Pack Great Drink Set ×50


Masters Team Skull Crash Course banner.png Masters Medal 1-Star Team Skull Crash Course.png
Event banner Medal
1★ Team Skull Crash Course


  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Guzma All right! Come on!
Guzma Step right up if you wanna get destroyed!
Big bad Guzma, who beats you down, and beats you down, and never lets taking all comers!
Plumeria I'm kinda worried.
Plumeria Ever since we got here, Guzma's been on edge.
I just hope he doesn't make a big racket about it. We're guests on this island, after all.

  • Team Skull Represent!
Name Text
(Pokémon Center)
Guzma Yo, <player>! Got a second? Sure you do!
Plumeria Sorry you got dragged into this.
Would you mind tagging along for this training of his?

  • Part 1: Team Skull's Big Bad Boss
Name Text
(Guzma battling Drake, Liza, and the player in town)
Guzma Come on! I'll beat you down and beat you down some more!
Drake Looks like Golisopod's about to use First Impression! It works only when the user's just entered a battle, but it deals massive damage!
Liza Watch out, Lunatone! Dodge it!
Guzma Protect Lunatone!: You can get crushed with the rest of 'em! Go, Golisopod!
Attack Golisopod!: Hah, that's a good one! You can get crushed with the rest of 'em! Go, Golisopod!
Drake Oh, no you don't! Salamence, go!
Well, we fought hard, but victory eluded us this time. Liza and <player>, are you all right?
Liza I'm fine! I can still fight!
Mr. Guzma, can we have a rema—
Guzma No way! You ain't worth the time!
Fighting you's a waste of a beatdown!
A bunch of boulders would make a better opponent than you!
Drake That's enough! Both of you!
Liza, I can't fault your enthusiasm, but you can't go charging into battles so recklessly.
As for you, Guzma...
Why can't you get a sentence out without being so menacing?
Guzma Shut up! That's just how big bad Guzma is! If you don't like it, stay out of my business!
Drake Oh, honestly, I've just about had it with you.
Tell me, Liza—why all this rush to get stronger, anyway?
Liza 'Cause...I made a promise with my brother, Tate.
We agreed we'd both work to stand on our own two feet.
If I want to get to that point, I have to become stronger. Strong enough to fight on my own—
??? If that's your goal, then fighting like you did just now won't get you far.
(Plumeria appears)
Guzma Plumeria? What're you doing here?
Plumeria How sweet. Nice to see you, too. I was just passing through and heard a commotion, so I thought I'd come see what's up.
And what should I find but you bullying this little girl.
You oughta be ashamed, picking on weaker people like that. What kind of look is that for the leader of Team Skull?
Guzma Huh? What do you mean by "weaker people?!"
They've got one of the Hoenn Elite Four with 'em! That's supposed to be "weak?"
Plumeria Oh, wow. You're with the Hoenn Elite Four, huh, old-timer?
But the little girl's another story, isn't she?
Liza Hey! I-I'm no weakling! I'm a Gym Leader in Hoenn!
I mean...when I'm with Tate I am, anyway...
Guzma Guh! Wipe that pitiful look off your face!
Do you wanna get stronger or not?
Liza I do... I do want to!
Guzma Then quit whimpering!
Plumeria I swear. That's our boss—delicate as a hammer.
Still, he's got a point.
If you wanna change, you'd better face your goal head-on, or you'll miss out on the important stuff.
Liza You're right! Thanks, Mr. Guzma! Thanks, Ms. Plumeria!
Guzma Heh! Save your thanks, kid!
(A group of Trainers appear)
Black Belt Hey, you there! Face me in battle!
Guzma Hey, Plumeria and <player>! Gimme a hand here!
Plumeria I think I know what you've got in mind. Time for a Pokémon battle, right?
Guzma You got that right! If you wanna be strong, first you better see what strength looks like!
And if you wanna see strength, big bad Guzma's your boy! I'll beat you down, then beat you down some more!

  • Part 2: Team Skull's New Apprentice?
Name Text
Liza watched Guzma and the others battle again and again, hoping it would help her grow stronger.
Guzma So! What do you think of the might of big bad Guzma and Golisopod?
Plumeria You're both so strong!: Look who's talking, <player>. You weren't so bad yourself.
Guzma That was some serious destruction!: I'll admit it, <player>—you can destroy with the best of 'em!
Liza That was some serious destruction!: That was so, so cool! Amazing!
How do I become that strong?!
Do I just have to wait until I'm grown-up?
Or is there some kind of trick to it?
Grrr! I just want to be strong like you and the others, Mr. Guzma!
Oh! I know! Take me as your apprentice!
Guzma Huh? No way! Completely outta the question!
Liza Awww! How come?!
Guzma I-I don't take apprentices, kid. Personal policy.
Plumeria Personal policy, huh? First I've heard of it.
Guzma Shut up! You keep outta this!
Look, no apprentices for me! End of story!
If you wanna get stronger, use your own power to do something about it!
Liza Awww. But I was really hoping you'd teach me.
Plumeria Why not make an exception just this once?
Y'know, she may be different in a lot of key ways, but...
she kind of reminds me of our cute numskulls back home. It wouldn't feel right to just leave her in the lurch, would it?
Guzma ... ... ...
Listen up, kid.
I'll say it one last time—big bad Guzma doesn't take apprentices...
But this time, and this time only, I guess I wouldn't mind...not refusing you.
Drake Just can't give a simple yes, can you?
Guzma Keep it to yourself!
So what's it gonna be? It's now or never! You gonna watch me do my thing or not?
Liza Yes, please! I'm glad to have even one chance. Thank you so much!
Guzma Ngh!
Plumeria Hmm. Seems like pure and simple gratitude knocks him off-balance.
Drake Isn't this nice, Liza? But I wonder... How exactly is this training going to work?
Guzma Shut it! I'll tell you how it'll work: beatdowns and more beatdowns! Now watch carefully. I'll give you one more look at big bad Guzma's brand of destruction!
You gotta learn the trick to it with your own two eyes!
Here goes! Look alive, Plumeria and <player>. Time for some full-blast destruction!
Plumeria Yeah yeah, Salazzle and I have already followed you this far. We might as well keep goin' till you're satisfied.
Guzma You're up first, Drake! Hope you're ready for us!
Drake Well, that suits me fine. But weren't you the victor when we battled just minutes ago?
Guzma Oh, c'mon! You think beating someone who was busy protecting a kid counts as a win?
I wanna be able to say I beat down one of the Hoenn Elite Four fair and square!
Drake Wah ha ha!
I see, I see. Well then, see what you make of Drake, the Dragon master of the Hoenn Elite Four!

  • Part 3: A Team Skull Beatdown!
Name Text
Guzma Well? That oughta be enough watching to start picking up a knack for destruction!
Liza ... ... ...
Guzma For real?! What don't you get about it?
Plumeria You big dummy. What good is just watching?
Tell me, Liza. Do you know the difference between how you battle and how we battle?
Liza I'm sorry... I don't.
Plumeria How about you, <player>? Any thoughts?
Liza We clicked perfectly!: Clicked...perfectly?
Plumeria We clicked perfectly!: You, me, and Guzma did?
Well, that idea's both nice and troubling.
Liza We destroyed with more spirit!: More spirited destruction, huh?
Guzma We destroyed with more spirit!: Heh. You hit the nail on the head!
There ain't nobody who can match me when it comes to destructive spirit!
Hey! Kid!
Liza Y-yes, sir!
Guzma If watching won't cut it, better try it for yourself! Get ready for a battle with big bad Guzma!
Liza Yes, sir! Th-thank you, sir!
Guzma So! How come you keep losing? Find the answer yet, kid?
Liza Because I just can't pull myself together!
I know I need to be able to stand on my own two feet without Tate...
but maybe I just can't cut it without him after all?
Guzma Gaaah! Come on—that ain't it!
Now listen good, kid! Is it your brother's fault you're not strong?
No! The only person keeping you from winning is you!
You convinced yourself you're a certain way, and you shut yourself up in your own shell because of it!
Drake Hold on now, Guzma...
Guzma Now you've gotta break that shell for yourself! Be the one to smash it wide open!
Liza I'm weak...because I shut myself inside my shell?
I just convinced myself of something...
I convinced myself that without Tate, I have to be able to stand all on my own!

Is everything OK, Liza?: Yeah, <player>... I'm fine now!
Sounds like you realized something.: I sure did!
Mr. Guzma! Let's battle again!
Drake All better now, are we, Liza?
Liza Yes, I'm all right! And I won't go down so easily this time!
Guzma Heh! If we're doing this, we're doing it right. You better bring some destruction yourself!
Liza Yes! I'm ready to get destroyed, full blast!
Plumeria Uh, that doesn't sound like quite the right attitude.
But hey, if you're ready, then bring it!
Drake Very well. Then as an Elite Four member, allow me to see this battle through.
Now fix your heart straight and true! Victory's yours if you can reach out and seize it!

  • Part 4: Team Skull's...Kindness?!
Name Text
Liza Well, we lost...but it was fun anyway!
Drake Indeed. That was one mighty-fine battle.
Liza Thanks, Mr. Guzma and Ms. Plumeria! You too, <player>!
Plumeria Don't mention it. We got a good battle out of it, so it was a good deal for us, too.
Right, Guzma?
Guzma Feh. I didn't get to beat you down as bad as I really meant to.
Liza Hehe. Thank you!
Drake Hmm. I suspect I know what held Liza back from beating Guzma the first time.
She may have been too caught up trying to figure out what her place was in team battles and how she should fight.

What do you mean?: All her life, she's been fighting side by side with her twin brother.
Because of this new fighting style?: Exactly. She's always fought side by side with her twin brother.
They worked so well as a team, they didn't even need to talk, and Liza could fight the way that felt natural.
With her brother gone, she was all alone. She couldn't find a natural-feeling way to fight.
So she couldn't find the strength she normally—
Guzma Nah. That ain't it.
Here on Pasio, we battle three-on-three, which means you're never fighting alone.
She's used to fighting with her brother, so she oughta be a natural at working with other sync pairs.
But she couldn't see the people by her side!
She thought she was alone, so she was convinced she couldn't cut it...even though this style of battling was practically made for her!
That's what I mean when I say she built her own shell!
But that battle just now was different. She started believing in her teammates and focusing on bringing the beatdown!
Plumeria So basically, she quit sweating the small stuff and fought without doubts eating at her.
But besides, you've got someone right nearby that understands you pretty well, right, Liza?
Liza What? But Tate's not here...
Plumeria Oh, c'mon. What about your partner?
Liza O-oh, of course! I'm sorry, Lunatone...
Plumeria I bet Lunatone wants to be a source of support for you, too, not just the other way around.
Don't forget that!
Liza You're right!
Plumeria Good. You gonna be all right now?
Guzma Well, I taught her, so how could she not be?
Liza Hehe. I'm glad to have such a kind mentor!
Guzma Buh?! Who you callin'— I'm nobody's mentor...let alone a "kind" one!
Liza I've learned so much from your wise mentorship! I'll make sure to treasure your teachings!
And I'll keep this destructive spirit alive!
Plumeria Well, isn't that nice, oh wise mentor?
Drake Wise and kind mentor, at that!
Guzma Great mentoring, Guzma!: Shut up, shut up, shut up! All of you!
I told you, big bad Guzma takes no apprentices!

Thanks for being our beatdown mentor, Guzma!: Hey, shut up! You ain't my apprentice! Quit taking advantage of my distraction!

  • Beatdown Buddies
Name Text
Collector Drat! They're too strong! At this rate, they're gonna completely wipe the floor with us!
Ace Trainer W-we'll get you next time! C'mon, let's go!
Guzma What, done already? If that's all you got, you ain't even worth my time.
You dumb—Oh, <player>. You see that just now?

You're as fearsome as ever.: Well, big bad Guzma's always training, after all.
Having another battle?: Yeah. I'm in constant training mode for the PML.
Although those bozos just now got a long way to go if they wanna pose a challenge for Golisopod and me!
The battle wrapped up before Golisopod even got going full steam. Right, Golisopod?
He's normally pretty gentle, y'know.
But put him in battle, and he'll slice anything clean in half with his massive claws!
Come to think of it, he ain't too different from you in that sense.

You think so?: I mean, just look how kind and gentle you are most of the time, and look how fierce you turn once a battle starts!
I'm not like that!: Heh. No? Well, ain't it just like you to say that.
When we get into battle, Golisopod deals out exactly the type of destruction I dream of.
That's why I brought him to be my partner here.
And I couldn't ask for a better partner! We're gonna smash the whole competition!
So you better get ready for us!

  • Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover
Name Text
(Pokémon Center)
Plumeria Well, if it isn't <player>.
Guzma's not picking fights with you, is he?
Ever since he arrived on Pasio, he's been getting more and more zealous about training.
He's like an "on" switch with no “off.” Once he's flipped, there's no stopping him.

Guzma's amazing!: Well, there's a reason he became the boss of Team Skull.
He's actually a pretty caring guy when it comes to that.

Guzma's so kind!: Is that how he seems to you? Well, I guess he can be pretty caring.
Same goes for my Salazzle, come to think of it. Well, not quite the same way as Guzma, but...
Salazzle tend to live with and command big groups of male Salandit in the wild.
Between that and the poisonous gas they give off, at first I thought I'd have a tough time connecting with this fine lady here.
But that hasn't been the case at all. We've been the best of partners.
Y'know, I've heard stories about Salazzle showing up suddenly at a gathering of people and Pokémon dancing together...
and even striking a big, dramatic pose at the end.
Hehe. Pretty bizarre, right?

That's so cute!/They sound pretty enthusiastic!: You got that right. There's something so cute about how enthusiastic Salazzle can get.
There's a lot about 'em you'd never suspect unless you got to know 'em well.
Guess it just goes to show, you can't judge a book by its it a person or a Pokémon!

  • Meddling Old Folks
Name Text
Drake I never took you for the caring type, Guzma!
Guzma Huh? What're you talking about?
Drake It seems like Liza's finally opened her eyes to the power she had all along, thanks to your teaching.
Seems like you understand what it is sync pairs truly need!
Guzma Hmph. Being the caring teacher ain't really my style.
But anyway, you're one to talk, Drake.
Drake How do you mean?
Guzma Just look at you running around with these people you ain't got the slightest ties to. Leaning into that "meddling old man" image, huh?
Drake Nonsense! It's only natural for an Elite Four member like me to offer my guidance to sync pairs I battle with!
Helping bring out the best in others helps bring out the best in oneself, too.
And I consider it one of my Elite Four duties to teach other Trainers about the meaning of battle.
Guzma Heh. You old geezers all read off the same script, don'tcha?
Drake What do you mean by that?
Guzma Nothin'. Don't sweat it. Anyway, time for big bad Guzma to head out!
Man. He talks just like Master.
I swear! This is why I can't stand old people!

  • Advice from Big Sister
Name Text
(Pokémon Center)
Liza I'm gonna get...even stronger!
Plumeria Training time, Liza? Looks like you're working hard.
Liza Oh! Ms. Plumeria!
I appreciate you checking in on me!
Plumeria Nah, I just happened to be passing through.
Liza You know, I was thinking about how strong and cool Mr. Guzma is...and how nice, too!
I wonder what I should do to be more like him...
Plumeria Hmm... Well, if you mean getting better at Pokémon battles, that's just a matter of practice. Anyone could probably do that.
Guzma definitely isn't perfect. He's had to get over a lot of obstacles to get where he is. There've been some he couldn't get over, too.
But all of that helped make him who he is.
So get out there, have all kinds of experiences, and keep on growing up. You'll come out the other side a stronger person.
Liza Keep on growing up, huh? All right! I'll do my best!
On that note—let's battle, Ms. Plumeria!
Talking to you got me itching to get stronger as fast as I can!
Plumeria Well, how am I supposed to say no to that?

  • I Spy Golisopod
Name Text
Guzma Hmph! These so-called Trainers keep running away from me...
What's got everyone so scared of a little Pokémon battle?
What's up, Golisopod? Found an opponent?
Bugsy Whoa! A Golisopod!
Amazing! I've never seen one of you up close—you're so cool!
Guzma What's your problem, kid? Think you can just stroll up and start chattering at my partner Pokémon?
Bugsy Seems like you're normally pretty quiet, huh? Just like I've heard!
These sharp claws of yours are just amazing!
Guzma Hey, you! You better pry your eyes off Golisopod and quit ignoring me!
Bugsy Whoa! S-sorry! I just love Bug-type Pokémon.
Your Pokémon is the greatest! He's so cool!
Guzma Ya think so? I guess he's pretty much the best partner Pokémon I could ask for.
Most people take one look at him and get freaked out by his energy. Not many react like you did.
Bugsy But he's so quiet and calm when he's not on the attack, isn't he?
My Beedrill's the same way. You'd never know what a Pokémon's really like if you just judge it by its appearance, do you?
Guzma True. Y'know, you kinda weird me out, but you sure do like Bug types, huh?
Bugsy Your Golisopod is everything I hoped for! Mind if I keep on looking?
Guzma Oh, uh...sure. Look all ya want.

  • Guzma to the Rescue
Name Text
Guzma All right, that's enough training for now! Things are going great today!
C'mon, Golisopod, let's head on back to town.
Youngster Waaahhh!
Preschooler What are we gonna dooo?
Guzma ... ... ...
Preschooler Waaahhh! My Pokémonnn!
Guzma Ugh, all right already! Whaddaya want?!
Preschooler My Pokémon climbed up that tree and can't get back down!
Youngster C'mon, mister, you're a grown-up! You gotta do something!
Guzma Oh, do I? You're a real brat, you know that?
This ain't got nothing to do with me. It's your partner Pokémon—you save it!
Let's go, Golisopod.
Preschooler W-waaaaaahhh!
Youngster You're heartless, mister!
Guzma Gaaah! Fine! I'll get your Pokémon!
Go, Golisopod!
Youngster Whoa... It chopped the tree right down!
Preschooler You saved my Pokémon! Thanks, mister!
Guzma Yeah, yeah. Keep your eyes on it next time, got it?
Nice work, Golisopod. Now let's go—for real this time!

  • A Troubled Tate
Name Text
Plumeria Hey. Tate, right? What're you doing here?
Tate Ms. Plumeria?! H-how'd you know I was here?
Plumeria Uhhh, you weren't exactly hidden. You've been trying to keep an eye on Liza, right?
Tate Y-yeah.
Plumeria It makes sense that you'd be worried about her. What did you think from watching her?
Tate Well, yeah, I was watching out of worry at first...
But then seeing her work so hard, and seeing all of you battle so passionately, I got caught up in the excitement and couldn't look away!
It lit a fire under me. I feel like I've got to work harder, too!
Plumeria Sounds like you've got a good bond with your sister.
Remember how that feels and hold onto it, you hear me? Don't take it for granted.
Tate I won't! Thanks, Ms. Plumeria.
But now I really want to try battling you and Mr. Guzma for myself!
Plumeria Fine by me. I'm up for a battle anytime you want.
Not sure how Guzma will feel about it...but give him a try anyway.
Just don't be surprised if he's like, "Big bad Guzma's sick of babysitting little brats," or something like that.

  • A Kindred Spirit?
Name Text
Lorelei Gah!
I-I'm so sorry! I should have looked where I was going.
Plumeria No, no, it's my bad— Wait a second.
Aren't you Lorelei? From the Indigo Elite Four?
And that must be your Lapras...
Lorelei Yes, that's us... Is something the matter?
Plumeria ... ... ...
Lorelei What is it? Do you not see Lapras often?
Plumeria Oh, kinda, I guess... I mean, I've got a stuffed toy one, but I've barely ever seen the real deal.
Lorelei Ah, I see.
(I think I may have found a kindred spirit—a fellow appreciator of all that's cute!)
I know! Why don't we have a Pokémon battle?
Plumeria Really? You and me?
Lorelei Yes, let's do it! I'd like for you to have a chance to get to know Lapras better.
Get ready! Here we come!
Phew. Well, what did you think?
Plumeria That was pretty fun. You've got yourself a good

partner Pokémon.

Lorelei Hehe. She's a cutie, isn't she?
Come find us anytime, even if you just want to look at her for a while! See you around, I hope!

  • Ticket to Alola
Name Text
Plumeria Y'know, Guzma, I've been wondering... What'd you come to Pasio for?
Guzma I could ask you the same thing.
Plumeria You out to conquer the PML?
Guzma Meh. I'm not big into prestige or prizes.
But I am big into destruction, and there are plenty of juicy targets around here.
Plumeria So I thought, Why not try and beat down everyone who's here to take part in the PML?
Sounds like exactly the kind of thing you'd do.
Guzma Yeah? Well, what about you?
Plumeria Well, I'm not really interested in the PML, either.
But Pasio seemed like a pretty interesting place to spend some time.
But still, Guzma...
Guzma What? Spit it out.
Plumeria Anytime you feel like heading back to Alola, I'll go with you, just so you know.
I'm sure our little Team Skull brothers and sisters can't wait for us to get back.
Guzma Hmph. Do what ya want.
Plumeria Well, when we do get around to heading back...wanna come with, <player>?
Pasio's got its charms, but Alola's not half-bad, either.
You definitely wouldn't lack for Pokémon battles.
Guzma Cut that out, Plumeria! Alola ain't worth the trip.
I'd love to go!:
What?! You've got weird taste...
Well, whatever you want. I ain't planning on heading back for a while yet, though!
Plumeria It sounds like fun!: Haha. Yeah, I think you'd have a great time in Alola.
I'll make sure to bring you out there sometime.

  • Destruction with Guzma
Name Text
Guzma Yo! There you are!
What're you just standing there for? Yeesh. Not too reliable, are ya?
Today you'll get a crash course in beatdowns, straight from the master himself—me!
Here's your task. It's simple: smash all these rocks!
Gather all your strength, smash right through 'em, and keep moving forward!
(First area)
(When talking to Guzma)
Guzma Your task's simple: smash all these rocks!
Gather all your strength, smash right through 'em, and keep moving forward!
(Second area)
Guzma Huh? What's goin' on here?
Camper H-help meee!
Masked Man Heh! Want to free our little hostage? Well, I think we can work out a deal...if you hand over your Pokémon!
Beauty Now that's playing dirty!
Masked Man Good luck getting through Machamp's mighty boulder barricade! It won't break easily!
Guzma A boulder barricade, huh? Well, this oughta be good!
It's just begging to be smashed! Go for it, Golisopod!
(When talking to Guzma)
Guzma Hey! What's the holdup? This ain't the time for standing around slack-jawed!
Let's go, <player>! Time to bust some rocks...and some Team Break heads!
(After breaking all the rocks)
Masked Man How'd they break through so quickly?!
Guzma All right, punks! What flavor of beatdown will it be today?
Masked Man Eeek! N-no, spare us! We're sorry! We messed up bad!
Guzma Really? Giving up already? Flimsy buncha punks, ain'tcha?
Masked Man Or so we'd like you to think!
(More Team Break appear from behind)
Guzma Wha—?! You were back there, too? Grrr! You tricked me into letting my guard down!
We'll save you!/Watch out!
Masked Man Wh-whoa! You can't just attack out of nowhere—that's cheating!
Guzma Like you're one to talk!
Well, you punks sure went and did it now. Hope you're ready for full-blast Guzma!
Masked Man N-nooo! We're sorry! We'll back down, for real this time!
Camper Hey, uh...thanks for saving me!
Guzma Hmph! Don't bother thanking us, kid. You just happened to be right in our smashing path.
(After finishing)
Guzma Huh? What's your problem? Looking to get in my way and catch a beatdown?
Meh. After today, at least I know you ain't the type to just stand around flat-footed.
I thought about trying to cram in some more training, but ya know...I'm feelin' done! Let's call it a day.
See ya round, <player>. I'll give you a shout next time I'm feeling up to it!

  • Downtime with Plumeria
Name Text
Plumeria Oh, it's you, <player>. Fancy meeting you here.
I heard they've got some pretty tasty cocoa at a café just past here.
I was just on my way to try it. How's that sound?
Feel free to tag along, if you want.
(First area)
(When talking to Plumeria)
Plumeria Wow. They've got a good range of shops here, huh?
With this many options, it's easy to get distracted from what you came for.
(When talking to the Beauty)
Beauty Welcome! Care to try a sample of our lovely face cream, ma'am?
Plumeria Hmm. Yeah, I guess it couldn't hurt.
What's up, <player>? You want to try it, too?
Or do you have a problem with me looking at skin care stuff?
(When talked to again)
Beauty How did you like that cream, ma'am?
Plumeria It was pretty nice, I guess.
(When tapping on the Stufful)
Plumeria Aren't Stufful cute? They're like stuffed toys!
You've got a thing for Stufful, huh?: Yeah, so what if I do?
Do you like stuffed toys a lot?: They're fine. I wouldn't say "a lot."
(When talked to again)
Plumeria Still...Stufful sure are cute.
It's too bad they don't like being touched.
(When talking to the Preschooler)
Preschooler Waaahhh!
Plumeria Geez, you've got some lungs on you. What're you so upset about?
Preschooler Waaah! Where'd everyone gooo? Where are they?
Plumeria Uh-oh. Are you lost?
Preschooler I can't find theeem! Where's the Pokémon Center?
Plumeria Ah. So you'll be able to find who you're looking for if we get you to the Pokémon Center?
*sigh* Well, we can't just leave you here, can we? Come on—let's bring you back.
(Pokémon Center)
Preschooler Ah! They're here!
Thanks for bringing me back here, lady!
Plumeria Just try not to get lost again, all right?
Tch. Cute, little troublemaker...

Looks like we ended up back at home base.: *sigh* It's fine. We can always try to go for cocoa some other time.
Still want that cocoa?: *sigh* I'm good. We'll try to go again sometime soon.
Oh well. We got a pretty fun walk out of it, right, <player>?
Anyway, see you around.

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese スカル団の特訓記録
Mandarin Chinese 骷髏隊的特訓紀錄
France Flag.png French Au boulot, Team Skull !
Germany Flag.png German Platt mit Team Skull
Italy Flag.png Italian Allenamento speciale Team Skull
South Korea Flag.png Korean 스컬단의 특훈기록
Spain Flag.png Spanish Entrenamiento especial del Team Skull

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