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A Gym Leader Castle (Japanese: ジムリーダーのしろ Gym Leader Castle) is a location in the Pokémon Stadium series where players may battle the Gym Leaders (and their disciples) and the Elite Four of the Pokémon games of that Generation.

Pokémon Stadium

Gym Leader Castle in Pokémon Stadium
Elite Four in Pokémon Stadium

The Gym Leader Castle in Pokémon Stadium is a darkened, curving path leading from tower to tower, with each tower's top in the shape of that Gym Leader's Badge. To advance to each subsequent tower, the player needs to defeat each of Kanto's Gym Leaders, eventually making way to the Elite Four and the rival. A new team of Pokémon can be chosen at the start of each tower, except with the rival, where the player is forced to use the same team as against the Elite Four. After defeating the rival, the player will win one rare Pokémon randomly out of a selection of eight.


Gym Trainer 1 Trainer 2 Trainer 3 Leader
Pewter Gym SJP Bug Catcher.png SJP Youngster.png SJP Camper.png Brock Stadium.png
Bug Boy Lad Jr.♂ Brock
Cerulean Gym SJP Fisher.png SJP Picnicker.png S2 SwimmerM.png Misty Stadium.png
Fisher Jr.♀ Swimmer Misty
Vermilion Gym S2 Sailor.png SJP Rocker.png S2 Gentleman.png Lt. Surge Stadium.png
Sailor Rocker Old Man Surge
Celadon Gym SJP Lass.png S2 Beauty.png SJP Cool F.png Erika Stadium.png
Lass Beauty Cool♀ Erika
Fuchsia Gym S2 Biker.png SJP Tamer.png SJP Juggler.png S2 Elite Four Koga.png
Biker Tamer Juggler Koga
Saffron Gym SJP Cueball.png SJP Burglar.png SJP Channeler.png Sabrina Stadium.png
Cueball Burglar Medium Sabrina
Cinnabar Gym S2 Blackbelt.png S2 Psychic.png SJP Super Nerd.png S2 Leader Blaine.png
Judoboy Psychic Nerd Blaine
Viridian Gym SJP Rocket.png S2 Scientist.png SJP Cool M.png Giovanni Stadium.png
Rocket Lab Man Cool♂ Giovani
Elite Four Lorelei Stadium.png S2 Elite Four Bruno.png Agatha Stadium.png Lance Stadium.png
Lorelei Bruno Agatha Lance
Champion S2 Leader Blue.png

Pokémon Stadium 2

The Johto Gym Leader Castle in Pokémon Stadium 2
Elite Four in Pokémon Stadium 2

The Gym Leader Castle in Pokémon Stadium 2 features differently-designed rooms for each of Johto's Gym Leaders, each one representing the Leader's type in its design. Like in its predecessor, the player needs to defeat each of Johto's Gym Leaders in turn, now including an intervention by Team Rocket between the Olivine and Mahogany Gyms, and eventually making their way to the Elite Four and its Champion, Lance. Upon his defeat, if all Pokémon on the player's team came from a Game Boy cartridge, one of them can relearn a move that was available for it on an earlier level.

After the defeat of Lance, mirroring the story progression in Gold, Silver, and Crystal, the player can challenge a revamped version of the Kanto Gym Leader Castle. Though it has the same battle arenas as the first game, the castle itself is notably different: the eight Badges of Kanto are on the sides of the castle's towers, which are arranged closely together. No Gym Trainers are featured, and the Gym Leaders can be faced in any order. After all eight of them have been defeated, the player can challenge Red in a cave separate from the castle itself. Defeating him finishes the Kanto Gym Leader Castle.



Gym Battle 1 Battle 2 Battle 3 Leader
Violet Gym S2 Bird Keeper.png S2 Leader Falkner.png
Bird Keeper
Azalea Gym S2 Bug Catcher.png S2 Twins.png S2 Leader Bugsy.png
Bug Catcher
Goldenrod Gym S2 Lass.png S2 Beauty.png S2 Leader Whitney.png
Ecruteak Gym S2 Medium.png S2 Sage.png S2 Leader Morty.png
Cianwood Gym S2 Blackbelt.png S2 Leader Chuck.png
Olivine Gym S2 Leader Jasmine.png
Rocket Takeover S2 Rocket GruntM.png S2 Rocket GruntF.png S2 Rocket ExecutiveF.png S2 Rocket ExecutiveM.png
Mahogany Gym S2 Boarder.png S2 Skier.png S2 Leader Pryce.png
Blackthorn Gym S2 Cooltrainer F.png S2 Cooltrainer M.png S2 Leader Clair.png
Elite Four S2 Elite Four Will.png S2 Elite Four Koga.png S2 Elite Four Bruno.png S2 Elite Four Karen.png
Will Koga Bruno Karen
Champion S2 Champion Lance.png


The Kanto Gym Leader Castle in Pokémon Stadium 2
Gym Leader
Pewter Gym S2 Leader Brock.png
Cerulean Gym S2 Leader Misty.png
Vermilion Gym S2 Leader Lieutenant Surge.png
Lt. Surge
Celadon Gym S2 Leader Erika.png
Fuchsia Gym S2 Leader Janine.png
Saffron Gym S2 Leader Sabrina.png
Cinnabar Gym S2 Leader Blaine.png
Viridian Gym S2 Leader Blue.png
Silver Cave S2 Pokémon Trainer Red.png

Rental Pokémon

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Pokémon Stadium

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Each time the rival is beaten, a random one of eight prize Pokémon is awarded and sent to the Pokémon Lab for the player to pick up and transfer to a core series game. The Pokémon will be holding an item if traded to Generation II: a Normal Box containing a Silver Trophy if it's from Round 1, or a Gorgeous Box containing a Gold Trophy decoration if it's from Round 2.

Gym Leader Castle prizes
# Pokémon Level
0001 001MSStad.png Bulbasaur 5
0004 004MSStad.png Charmander 5
0007 007MSStad.png Squirtle 5
0106 106MSStad.png Hitmonlee 20
0107 107MSStad.png Hitmonchan 20
0133 133MSStad.png Eevee 25
0138 138MSStad.png Omanyte 20
0140 140MSStad.png Kabuto 20

Pokémon Stadium 2

For beating the Gym Leader Castle in Round 1, the player will receive the Doduo Sticker mode (if not all Stadium Cups have been beaten in Round 1) or the Dodrio Sticker mode (if all Stadium Cups have been beaten in Round 1) for the Game Boy Tower for Generation I games.

For beating the Gym Leader Castle in Round 2, the player will receive the Doduo Sticker mode (if not all Stadium Cups have been beaten in Round 2) or the Dodrio Sticker mode (if all Stadium Cups have been beaten in Round 2) for the Game Boy Tower for Generation II games.

Additionally, the player can use the Move Reminder option each time that he beats the Elite Four and the Champion in the Round 1 or the Round 2 as long as they meet the following requirements: their six Pokémon come from a Generation I or Generation II core series game, they can't be registered, and the player has to beat the Elite Four and the Champion in a single sitting (they can't use the Suspend option).

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Citadelle des Champions d'Arène (Pokémon Stadium)
Château des Champions (Pokémon Stadium 2)
Germany Flag.png German Arenaleiter-Burg
Italy Flag.png Italian Rocca Capopalestra
Spain Flag.png Spanish Castillo del Gim. Líder (Pokémon Stadium)
Castillo de Líderes de Gimnasio (Pokémon Stadium 2)

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