Walker (Adventures)

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ハヤテ Hayate
Walker Adventures.png
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Johto
Relatives Falkner (son)
Leader of Violet Gym
Badge Zephyr Badge

Walker (Japanese: ハヤテ Hayate), known as Wayne in the Chuang Yi version, is a character in the Pokémon Adventures manga. A former Gym Leader of the Violet Gym, he is a friend of Cianwood City's Gym Leader, Chuck, and the father of Falkner. Considered a vagabond, he prefers traveling around instead of settling down in one place.


Walker first appears when he goes on his way to visit his friend, Chuck, while flying on his Skarmory. As he does so, he is attacked by a powerful splash of water. Later, Chuck discovers his torn jacket on the shore and assumes whatever attacked him had killed him. Chuck manages to push the attacker out of the water, revealing it to be the recently-awoken Suicune.

Walker quickly reveals himself to still be alive and helps Chuck face Suicune. Although they prove to be powerful Trainers, neither of the two are able to defeat Suicune, and it escapes to challenge other Gym Leaders. Knowing that Suicune is challenging Gym Leaders, the two of them assume that Suicune will go and challenge Blue or Falkner next.


Walker's Skarmory
Skarmory is Walker's only known Pokémon, as well as his main means of transportation. Walker rode it to visit Chuck in Cianwood City. Skarmory was also used to try to capture Suicune.

Skarmory's only known move is Swift, and its Ability is Sturdy.

Debut Scrappy Skarmory


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハヤテ Hayate From 疾風 hayate (gust of wind). Similar to ハヤト Hayato (Falkner)
English, Spanish Walker* Similar to Falkner
German Luc
French Alberto Similar to Albert (Falkner)
Italian Valentino Similar to Valerio (Falkner)
Korean 비행 Bihaeng From 비행 (飛行) bihaeng (flight). Similar to 비상 Bisang (Falkner)
Chinese (Mandarin) 速天 Sùtiān* From 阿速 Ā Sù (Falkner) and 天 tiān (sky)
阿速 Ā Sù* From 阿速 Ā Sù (Falkner)
Fēng* From 风 fēng (wind) or the Japanese 疾風 hayate
Vietnamese Hayate Transcription of his Japanese name

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