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Pokémon footprints in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Footprints (Japanese: 足跡 footprint) are the tracks left by a Pokémon. Each Pokémon with visible legs has a unique footprint that is displayed in the Pokédex of every game from Generation II through Generation V as well as Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

In the core series games

From Generation II through Generation V, when a Pokémon is caught, its footprint is included in the data added to its Pokédex entry and can be found on the first page. For those without a footprint, the area that footprints are displayed on remains blank.

When the player or other character moves on a snow or a sand tile, they leave footprints which quickly disapper after leaving them.

At the start of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, a Scientist initially blocks the entrance to Route 102 as he thinks he has found the footprints of a rare Pokémon there. It later turns out that they were his own.

In the Altering Cave of FireRed and LeafGreen, footprints may be found as well.

In Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! there's an item called Leaf Letter which is a gift item from Partner Pikachu or Eevee with their footprints.

In the Pokémon Dream World, at the player's doorstep was the Footprint Mat, which showed the Pokémon that visited the player's home. When there was a pending Dream Pal request for the player, the Footprint Mat would glow. The footprint mat could be used to accept Dream Pal requests and visit the homes of players who visited the player's home.

Some Pokémon feature a footprint in their design. Smeargle has a footprint on its back which according to its Pokédex is made when they become adult by other Pokémon of their species. Crabominable's pincers look like footprints and leave Bigfoot like imprints on the snow. Galarian Stunfisk has footprint on its body which appear to help it mask itself with the ground to snap on pray with its jagged steel fins. Naclstack's footprints leave salt that it later used as a food ingredient.

Footprint Ribbon

Footprint Ribbon

Dr. Footstep on Route 213 in Sinnoh is a footprint expert who can evaluate a Pokémon's friendship simply by looking at its tracks. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, he will hand out a Footprint Ribbon to Pokémon with a high friendship value. Even Pokémon who do not have a footprint can be tested to get the Ribbon. Dr. Footstep has five different ratings on Pokémon friendship, which reflect the amount and size of hearts shown on the Friendship Pokétch application. The quotes vary depending on which Pokémon is being examined. Different Pokémon have different sets of responses, such as Ghost-type Pokémon saying that they are scary and shunned, and inorganic Pokémon such as Magnemite only making the noise "Sssshhnnn". If a Pokémon receives a Level 5 rating, Dr. Footstep will award it a Footprint Ribbon.

The ribbon is given out by a Rising Star in Shalour City in Pokémon X and Y, by a Collector at the Battle Resort in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and by a Pokémon Breeder at the Hano Grand Resort in Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. In these games, the Footprint Ribbon is given to Pokémon who have gained at least 30 levels since they were caught or received.

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the ribbon is again given out by Dr. Footstep. Unlike the original games, the ribbon is awarded to Pokémon who have gained at least 30 levels since they were caught or received. For "voiceless" Pokémon, however, the ribbon is given out for reaching max friendship instead. The following Pokémon are considered "voiceless":

Footprint Medal

Honored Footprints

Honored Footprints has been featured in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 and in Generation VI games. It is a mark that is given to players who took 100,000 steps in Hoenn, Kalos or Unova region.

Wi-Fi Plaza

In the Wi-Fi Plaza in Pokémon Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver, there are two long boards that several people can get access to. On these boards, the player has the ability to select one of six footprint types. Once the type has been selected, touching the canvas with the stylus can place footprints at will. The other people will also be doing this. The footprints will quickly go and walk off the canvas after the player has placed them.

Swords of Justice footprints

In The Crown Tundra expansion of Pokémon Sword and Shield, a side quest involves the player finding footprints belonging to the members of the Swords of Justice. The quest is introduced by Sonia when the player first finds a pair of unusual footprints near the Freeze Inn at Freezington. The player must collect data by tracking these footprints, with each pair of footprints constituting 2% of the data required to locate the Pokémon. The footprints are unique for each member of the Swords of Justice, and more footprints spawn than the required 50. Once the player has found 50 footprints (100% of the required data), Sonia can locate the Pokémon, causing it to spawn in a certain area of the Crown Tundra as a wanderer. Catching all these Pokémon and showing them to Sonia also allows the player to encounter and catch the Mythical Pokémon Keldeo at Ballimere Lake.

In Pokédex entries

Pokémon Pokédex entries
0084Doduo.png Doduo RB: A bird that makes up for its poor flying with its fast foot speed. Leaves giant footprints.
S: It races through grassy plains with powerful strides, leaving footprints up to four inches deep.
0089Muk.png Muk RB: Thickly covered with a filthy, vile sludge. It is so toxic, even its footprints contain poison.
0235Smeargle.png Smeargle S: Once it becomes an adult, it has a tendency to let its comrades plant footprints on its back.
0263Zigzagoon.png Zigzagoon E: Rubbing its nose against the ground, it always wanders about back and forth in search of something. It is distinguished by the zigzag footprints it leaves.
0459Snover.png Snover Pt: Seemingly curious about people, they gather around footsteps they find on snowy mountains.
0827Nickit.png Nickit Sh: Cunning and cautious, this Pokémon survives by stealing food from others. It erases its tracks with swipes of its tail as it makes off with its plunder.

In the side games

Wigglytuff's Guild

Wigglytuff's Guild in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness judges a Pokémon's worth by its footprint. Before being allowed to enter, a Pokémon must stand on a grate in front of the guild entrance and have their footprint identified. Visitors or Guild members have to step on the grate to let the sentry (usually Diglett) verify whether they are wanted Pokémon. At a couple of points during the storyline and at any time after graduating, the player takes part in this sentry duty. It plays out as a mini-game where a series of Pokémon must be identified by their footprints, though more clues are provided over time. The game also notes the Pokémon who lack footprints in the scene where Dusknoir visits the guild.

Pokémon Dream World

In the Pokémon Dream World, when a player visits another's home, they leave the footprint of their Pokémon on the Footprint Mat. Clicking these footprints provides information about the visitor. They will flash when the visitor has made a Dream Pal request.

In the anime

The poster Ash received with footprints of his Pokémon

Footprints have been seen in the anime. In The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis, a giant invisible Gengar had left giant footprints behind after being released from the Dark Device.

In The Joy of Pokémon, Tracey found a trail of footprints and deduced that the footprints belonged to a Chansey and a woman with size 7 shoes, who turned out to be a Nurse Joy.

In A Shipful of Shivers, an Orange League Winner's Trophy from 300 years ago was stolen and the only clues that Officer Jenny had were a few footprints and a body imprint.

In Bound For Trouble, Ash's Pikachu and Meowth got lost and tied together before eventually being found by their friends when Misty's Togepi took notice at their footprints.

In Hello, Pummelo!, Ash and his friends visited the Palace of Victory on Pummelo Island, where footprints of the Pokémon used by the Honored Trainers* of the Orange League are kept along with photos of them with their Trainers. As of Enter The Dragonite, the footprints of the Pokémon that Ash used in his Full Battle against the Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader Drake can be seen there as well.

In Don't Touch That 'dile, Meowth's footprint was found by the police as they investigated the kidnapping of Professor Elm's Totodile.

In The Chikorita Rescue, Ash's Chikorita wanted to leave Ash and considered joining Team Rocket. She was offered a paper to sign and James added that her footprint would be legally binding if she couldn't write.

In Hour of the Houndour, a pack of wild Houndour stole a loaf of bread from Brock's backpack and left only footprints.

In Houndoom's Special Delivery, when Misty's Togepi got lost, Ash and his friends found it by tracking its footprints which were accompanied by Houndoom's footprints.

In Right On, Rhydon!, Pietra tracked a wild Rhydon by its footprints to get a Pokémon that could dig a tunnel and not be afraid of water.

In An EGG-sighting Adventure!, when Ash's Phanpy Egg went missing, Officer Jenny used her Jumpluff's spores to reveal footprints of the thief. One of the prints was suspected to belong to a Suicune or a Wooper, but it was actually Meowth's.

In A Claim to Flame!, Team Rocket approached Ash while disguised as a pair of Silver Conference officials and requested him to get a Silver Footprint Pokémon Panel in order to not get disqualified; however, it was only a trick to kidnap him and his Pikachu.

In Taming of the Shroomish, in Rinshin Town, May heard a story about a haunted mansion where mysterious footprints were found by construction workers. These footprints belonged to Shroomish that lived there in a big group.

In A Hole Lotta Trouble, the Who's That Pokémon? segment had shown Vigoroth with its footprint. This is the only time where footprint was used in that segment.

In Showdown At Linoone, when May was cleaning her Poké Balls, she realized they were stolen by a mysterious thief who only left footprints. The culprit turned out to be a Linoone that belonged to Kimmy Shoney and had the Pickup Ability.

In A Real Cleffa-Hanger, when Max, Misty and a wild Cleffa got lost, the other main characters were looking for them by following their footprints.

In Going for a Spinda, Royce was a butler who could differentiate Claire's Spinda by its footprints.

In A Scare to Remember!, Pikachu, Meowth, and a Zigzagoon got lost and left a bunch of footprints on the ground that helped Ash and his friends find them.

In The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!, when Ash was feeling down after his loss against Pyramid King Brandon, Professor Oak handed him a poster Tracey had made with the footprints of his Pokémon residing at Professor Oak's Laboratory.

In Like It or Lup It!, Team Rocket had stolen berries from a pile that belonged to a few wild Pokémon and a Golduck whose footprints could be found near the pile.

In Mass Hip-Po-Sis!, Ash and his friends found footprints of multiple Hippopotas that emerged from the sand after being called out by the one that got lost.

In Frozen on Their Tracks!, Looker was investigating human footprints in his secret mission.

In Gateway to Ruin!, where the main characters explore a cave in Mt. Coronet with a wild Shellos, they stumble upon footprints made by Team Galactic members.

In Scraggy—Hatched to be Wild!, Ash's Scraggy ran away in the middle of the night from Ash and was tracked down by following his footprints.

In An Epic Defense Force!, Ash and his friends went to Pokéstar Studios with Luke and saw the "Pokémon Walk of Fame", which features footprints of Pokémon that star in movies.

In A Stealthy Challenge!, Team Rocket followed what they thought were Ash and his friends' footprints only to realize that the footprints were made by one of Clemont's inventions, the "Robo Step-by-Step".

In Mega Revelations!, Korrina was shown to have collected footprints of the Pokémon she and her Lucario had defeated together. After defeating Ash and his Pikachu, she also had Pikachu add his paw print to her collection.

In Getting a Jump on the Competition!, while on a field trip to Mount Lanakila, Ash and his classmates found what seemed to be footprints that were so big that Rotom believed that they were made by a 10-foot-tall undiscovered Pokémon. When Hala's Crabrawler evolved into a Crabominable and punched the ground in happiness, it made the exact same mark that they thought was a footprint.

In The Long Vault Home!, Stakataka marched away from the Pokémon School in the night, leaving only square footprints.

In This Magik Moment!, during the Alola Pokémon Quiz, a footprint of Morelull was shown as one of the quiz questions.

In Settling the Scorbunny!, a Scorbunny left dirty footprints behind after stealing Ash's bag. When Goh's Rotom Phone scanned Nickit, it stated that it uses its fluffy tail to erase any footprints it leaves behind.

In Restore and Renew!, Ash found a fossilized footprint made by an ancient Pokémon, which was implied to have been made by a Shieldon.

In Chasing to the Finish!, Horace's last Trial Mission was to "follow three sets of virtuous footprints", which is a reference to a similar mission in The Crown Tundra expansion. It was during this mission that he caught Virizion.

In The Treasure After the Storm!, Fuecoco left footprints that Roy followed to Fuecoco's location.

In Kanga Games, Togepi played in the snow making footprints. After that, it investigated Squirtle's footprints, Psyduck's faceprints, and giant prints that belonged to a Kangaskhan.

In The Power of Us, the Eternal Flame got stolen by Margo and her footprints could be seen under the UV light.

In Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 1), a wild Kecleon stirred up trouble while being invisible, however, despite being unnoticeable to the eye, its footprints weren't.

In Fiery Reflections in Snow, Alec encountered Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark which both left footprints in the snow.


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  • All Generation II glitch Pokémon have placeholder footprints with their index numbers embedded into them. This includes Pokémon index #252 (F0252gen2.png), #253 (F0253gen2.png), #254 (F0254gen2.png), #255 (F0255gen2.png), and #256 (F0256gen2.png).
  • Despite footprints no longer being present in the game data of Pokémon Sun and Moon, several stickers featuring Pikachu's footprint are on the wall in Mimikyu's room in the abandoned Thrifty Megamart.
  • Jynx, Chinchou, and Burmy leave no footprint, despite being depicted with feet in one or more of their media appearances.
    • Jynx has been shown to have feet in the anime, and when using certain moves in Stadium.
    • Chinchou is always depicted with stubby feet across its appearances in the games, anime, and manga.
    • Burmy's feet are visible when it is without any cloak, as depicted in its official game art and in the anime.
  • Similarly, Muk has no footprint despite being mentioned to leave them in its Pokédex entries.

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