Fula City

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Fula City
フウラシティ Fula City
Fula City.png
Fula City
Region Unknown
Debut The Power of Us

Fula City (Japanese: フウラシティ Fula City) is an anime-exclusive location and the setting of The Power of Us. Oliver is the city's current mayor.

The Wind Festival is held here every year to commemorate Fula City's establishment and transformation into a metropolis thanks to the winds, used to generate power. The Legendary Pokémon Lugia is said to appear on the final day to bless the city with the winds. The festival includes many other events including the Pokémon Catch Race competition and carnival rides.

Wind turbines are prominently featured in the city's skyline while whirligigs appear throughout its many streets and lanes. Fula City is serviced by subway trains, trams, and cable cars.

Fula City is the hometown of Risa, Margo, Callahan, Harriet, Toren, Rick, Mia, Kellie, Jason, Townes, Hoyt, and Miles.

In the anime

Fifty years ago, the city suffered an intense fire caused by the civilians. It led to the loss of many lives, including Harriet's beloved Snubbull, and provoked Zeraora's hostility towards people. Lugia put out the fires with Rain Dance and became revered as a guardian of Fula City, but Zeraora's courageous efforts during the fire were never recognized. In an effort to protect Zeraora and the citizens of Fula City, the mayor forbade people from exploring the nearby mountain and fabricated a lie that claimed Zeraora had vanished during the fires.

In The Power of Us, Margo feared that Zeraora, who she had befriended, was going to be taken by Pokémon poachers after Callahan reported that a rare Pokémon lived up in the mountains. She went on to steal the eternal flame, as well as damage the power supply and tram rails, to disrupt the Wind Festival and protect Zeraora.

Later, Team Rocket stole a Effect Spore solution from the Pokémon Research Pavilion, but later dropped it at the forested outskirts of Fula City. The Effect Spore's glass capsule later cracked, and the released purple gas smothered the entire city and also reacted with an electrical transformer to cause a large forest fire.

The crises led Ash and his new friends to find their courage and overcome the chaos. Margo and Ash went on to confront Zeraora, while Risa was given the task of returning the eternal flame to the pedestal to summon Lugia. Meanwhile, Oliver, the current mayor, directed the citizens to evacuate to safety and Toren returned to his lab to make a serum. Toren lost his Natural Cure potion because of a power outage, but Team Rocket's Lum Berry supply proved to be useful. He later joined Callahan and Harriet at the abandoned power plant, and they were able to get the old facility running again, after which they used its wind turbines to spread the Lum Berry solution across Fula City. Risa delivered the eternal flame in time and Lugia was able to put out the raging fires.

During the Wind Festival's closing ceremony, Mayor Oliver declared to his citizens that Zeraora did in fact exist and that the city will now live in peace with it.

Places of interest

Abandoned power plant

The wind turbine facility overlooks Fula City, but has been in decay for decades. Harriet revealed that she helped build the power plant.

Eternal flame pedestal and stadium

The "eternal flame" is kept on a pedestal overlooking the city and connected to a battle stadium complex, to attract Lugia.

Pokémon Center

Main article: Pokémon Center

Ash, Risa, Kellie, and her mother Mia stayed at the local Pokémon Center while in Fula City. It was also one of the evacuation centers during the Effect Spore and forest fire outbreaks.

Pokémon Research Pavilion

Toren, Jason, and several other Scientists work at the Pokémon Research Pavilion to develop cures for human diseases from Pokémon moves and Abilities like Sweet Scent and Effect Spore.


The wooden pier hosted many of the Wind Festival's amusement park rides. It is connected to the mainland via a tram line.


School Hospital Eternal flame complex Abandoned power plant Pokémon Research Pavilion Pokémon Center
Fula City school.png Fula City hospital.png Fula City Eternal Flame.png Fula City abandoned power plant.png Fula City research laboratory.png Fula City Pokémon Center.png



Fula City is based on San Francisco, California.

The eternal flame complex is reminiscent of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, while Fula City's carnival pier is similar to the Santa Monica Pier, both located in the state of California.


Language Name Origin
Japanese フウラシティ Fula City From 風 (wind)
English, Dutch, Danish
German, Finnish
Norwegian, Swedish
Fula City Same as Japanese name
French Fula Same as Japanese and English name
Italian Eolipoli From Aeolus, the Greek god of wind
European Spanish Ciudad Mistral From the mistral wind
Latin American Spanish Ciudad Fula Same as English name
Korean 후우라시티 Huura City Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 風來城 Fēnglái Chéng From 風 fēng / fūng (wind)
Chinese (Cantonese) 風來城 Fūnglòih Sìhng
Brazilian Portuguese Cidade de Fula Same as English name
Malaysian Kota Fura Same as Japanese name
Polish Miasto Fula Same as English name
Russian Фула-Сити Fula-Siti From English name
Thai เมืองฟูระ Mueang Fula Transliteration of Japanese name
Vietnamese Thành phố Fula Same as Japanese name

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