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If you were looking for the Warrior in Pokémon Conquest, see Jūbei.

Jubei and Mankey

Jubei (Japanese: ジュウベエ Jūbei) is a character of the day who appeared in Training Daze.

He was a red team member and Jessie's twelfth partner (tenth in the dub). He shared a Mankey with her as well, until they failed a robbing test. This resulted in him getting a poor grade.


Jubei's Mankey
Mankey is Jubei's only known Pokémon. While he was at the Team Rocket Academy, he shared it with his partner, Jessie. It lowered her into a vault containing an Articuno statue, but due to the rope getting stuck, they had to pull Jessie and the statue up, proving to be too heavy that they dropped it, triggering the alarms and resulted in injuring Mankey and Jubei.

None of Mankey's moves are known.

Debut Training Daze
Voice actors
Japanese Hiroshi Ōtake
English Hiroshi Ōtake

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 山口隆行 Takayuki Yamaguchi
English Ted Lewis
Spanish Latin America Carlos Enrique Bonilla
Spain Alfonso Manjavacas

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