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Wendy (Japanese: ジンジー Gingie) is a character of the day and member of Team Rocket who appeared in Dues and Don'ts.

Wendy works in human resources for Team Rocket, and holds a grudge against Jessie because of something that happened years earlier. One day, they were working out together and afterwards got smoothies at the Rocket Café. Jessie left Wendy to pay for them and said, "I'll pay you back someday." While Jessie forgot this over time, Wendy never did, and thus held a constant grudge against her. Wendy got her "revenge" when she added the price of her smoothie to Team Rocket's bill to the organization. Unbeknownst to her, Jessie didn't pay any attention to it, even remarking that she didn't like fruit smoothies and instead preferred a mocha with whipped cream.

Wendy has direct contact to Giovanni and refers to him as "master".

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 日高奈留美 Narumi Hidaka
English Lisa Ortiz
Italian Debora Magnaghi
Polish Olga Borys
Spanish Latin America Rocío Prado
Spain Maite Tajadura

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