Tangelo Island

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Tangelo Island
ボンタン島 Bontan Island
Tangelo Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut The Lost Lapras
Location of Tangelo Island in the Orange Archipelago

Tangelo Island (Japanese: ボンタン Bontan Island) is located in the southwestern region of the Orange Archipelago. It is a popular tourist destination due in part to its tropical climate.

Young Trainers from the region typically begin their journeys here, and it is more generally the starting point for Trainers who want to compete in the Orange League. Both Professor Ivy's Lab and the Mikan Gym are located nearby.

Ash, Misty, and Pikachu visited the island in The Lost Lapras. They crash landed in Pokémon Park, at first believing the island to be deserted, before being swamped by camera-toting tourists. Once out of the park, they explored the nearby beachfront city. It has boardwalks and a port with many docks for tourist boats and luxury cruise liners. Palm trees line the streets, dwarfed by all the tall buildings. There they met a Pokémon watcher named Tracey. Tangelo Island is also where Ash caught his Lapras, which became his main mode of travel throughout the archipelago.

Places of interest

The entrance gates to Pokémon Park

Pokémon Park

Main article: Pokémon Park (anime)

Named the Pokémon Vacation Destination, it is the main attraction on Tangelo Island. It prides itself on its reputation as the world's first Pokémon theme park. A large wooden gate marks its entrance, where tourists are greeted by hula skirt-wearing women and leis. Its large forest offers tourists the opportunity to walk around, take pictures, and interact with Pokémon in their natural habitats. In this forest, Ash and Misty's blimp crash-landed.

Pokémon Center

Main article: Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center on Tangelo Island is perched on a hill that overlooks the city and ocean. The Pokémon Center is made of wood with a grass thatch roof, and it subsequently resembles a log cabin. Several services, including videophone access, are available. Outside, it has a large swimming pool that also helps Water Pokémon recover. The Center is run by a Nurse Joy. Ash was inspired to enter the Orange League after seeing a poster on one of the Center's walls.


Pokémon Park Pokémon Center
Tangelo Island Forest Section.png Tangelo Island Pokémon Center.png

Pokémon seen on Tangelo Island

Punk Beedrill.png
Punk's Beedrill
Punk Spearow.png
Punk's Spearow
Punk Hitmonchan.png
Punk's Hitmonchan
Tangelo Island Krabby.png
Tangelo Island Pokemon Center.png
Tangelo Island Pokemon Center.png
Tangelo Island Pokemon Center.png

Caught Pokémon

Ash Lapras young.png
Ash's Lapras


  • The Orange Islands A-Type Pokémon mate playset is modeled after Tangelo Island, complete with its own miniature Lapras figure, Pokémon Center, and Pokémon Park entrance gates.

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ボンタン島 Bontan Tō From 文旦 bontan (pomelo)
English, German Tangelo Island From tangelo, a citrus fruit hybrid of tangerine and pomelo
French Île Gélatine From gélatine (gelatin)
Italian Isola Tangelo From its English name
Spanish Isla Tangelo From its English name
Korean 대귤섬 Daegyul Seom From 대귤 (大橘) daegyul, a variety of pomelo
Chinese 澎柑島 / 澎柑岛 Pénggān Dǎo / Pàahnggām Dóu From 澎 péng / pàahng (partial transliteration of Japanese name) and 柑 gān / gām (citrus)
Polish Wyspa Tangelo From its English name
Swedish Tangelo-ön From English name

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