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トリト Torito
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Green
Hometown Fula City
Region Unknown
Anime debut The Power of Us
English voice actor Eddy Lee
Japanese voice actor Gaku Hamada

Toren (Japanese: トリト Torito) is one of the main characters of The Power of Us.



Toren was trying to find a speaker for his research presentation when he saw Callahan telling Kellie a story about Lugia. He approached Callahan, who agreed to do the presentation if Toren helped him during the Pokémon Catch Race. Toren agreed to the deal, even lending Callahan his own Staryu. With Toren's help, Callahan was able to win the competition. Toren was later given some papers by Harriet, only to spill some essence of Sweet Scent. This ended up causing a group of Pokémon to start following Harriet around, much to her annoyance. The next day, Callahan was delayed in getting to the presentation site after helping with the cleanup operation, requiring Toren to do the presentation himself. This resulted in Callahan's underhanded tactics in winning the Pokémon Catch Race being exposed when he accidentally played a video of him giving Callahan advice.


Toren is incredibly timid and shy, fearing even the possibility of brief interactions with other people. Over the course of the movie, however, he learns to be more confident and finds the strength to be more assertive for himself. Despite this, Toren is happy to help people, such as when he helped Callahan during the Pokémon Catch Race and then tried to help Harriet when Pokémon were following her around. Overall, in spite of his shyness, he cares greatly for the well-being of Pokémon, which some of his colleagues respect him for.


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This listing is of Toren's known Pokémon in the anime:

On hand

Toren's Chansey
Chansey is Toren's partner Pokémon.

Chansey's known moves are Heal Pulse and Aromatherapy.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
English Sarah Natochenny
Toren's Staryu
Staryu is one of Toren's Pokémon. Toren lent Staryu to Callahan for the Pokémon Catch Race.

Staryu's only known move is Water Gun and its Ability is Illuminate*.

Debut The Power of Us
Toren's Lurantis
Lurantis is one of Toren's Pokémon.

None of Lurantis's moves are known.

Debut The Power of Us
Toren's Smeargle
Smeargle is one of Toren's Pokémon.

None of Smeargle's moves are known.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
Japanese Kenta Ōkuma
Toren's Vileplume
Vileplume is one of Toren's Pokémon.

None of Vileplume's moves are known.

Debut The Power of Us

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 濱田岳 Gaku Hamada
English Eddy Lee
Thai ภัทรดนัย เสตสุวรรณ Pataradanai Setsuwan
Vietnamese Nguyễn Anh Tuấn


Language Name Origin
Japanese トリト Torito
English, Latin American Spanish Toren Similar to his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 托里托 Tuōlǐtuō Transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 托里托 Tokléihtok Mandarin-based transliteration of his Japanese name
Korean 토리토 Torito Transliteration of his Japanese name
Thai โทริโตะ Torito Transliteration of his Japanese name
Vietnamese Torito Same as his Japanese name

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