Orange Archipelago

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Orange Archipelago オレンジ諸島
Orange Archipelago
A complete map of the Orange Islands in relation to Kanto and Johto
Introduction Pokémon anime
Professor Professor Ivy
Starter Pokémon Unknown
Regional Villains Team Rocket
Pokémon League Orange League
League Location Pummelo Island
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Series Original
Season(s) Adventures in the Orange Islands (2)
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Orange Archipelago
Anime map of the Orange Islands

The Orange Archipelago (Japanese: オレンジ諸島 Orange Archipelago), more commonly known as the Orange Islands, is a region shown in the anime. It consists of a large chain of tropical islands that is located south of Kanto. The Orange Archipelago also appears in the anime-based The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga.

Pokémon Trainers come here to participate in the Orange League, but its tropical climate also attracts many tourists. One effect of the climate is the presence of alternately colored Pokémon.

Most of the scattered islands in the archipelago are named after types of oranges or other various citrus, and many are deserted. The Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys of the archipelago dress in slightly different attire than those of the other regions. Some also appear to have tans.


Image Name Debut Location Areas of interest
Valencia Island.png Valencia Island A Scare in the Air Valencia.png
Tangelo Island.png Tangelo Island The Lost Lapras Tangelo.png Pokémon Park
Mikan Island.png Mikan Island Fit to be Tide Mikan.png Mikan Gym
Mandarin Island North.png Mandarin Island North Pikachu Re-Volts Mandarin Island North Map.png
Sunburst Island.png Sunburst Island The Crystal Onix Sunburst.png
Pinkan Island.png Pinkan Island In the Pink Pinkan.png
Fukuhara Island No 4.png Fukuhara Island No. 4 Shell Shock Fukuhara Island No 4 map.png
Kinnow Island.png Kinnow Island Bye Bye Psyduck Kinnow.png Pokémon Showboat
Unnamed island EP092.png Unnamed island The Joy of Pokémon Unnamed island EP092 map.png
Navel Island.png Navel Island Navel Maneuvers Navel.png Navel Gym
Grapefruit Island.png Seven Grapefruit Islands Snack Attack! Grapefruit.png
Moro Island.png Moro Island A Shipful of Shivers Moro.png Ghost ship
Golden Island.png Golden Island Meowth Rules! Golden.png
Murcott Island.png Murcott Island Tracey Gets Bugged Murcott.png
Unnamed island EP098.png Unnamed island A Way Off Day Off Unnamed island EP098 map.png
Mandarin Island South.png Mandarin Island South The Mandarin Island Miss Match Mandarin Island South Map.png Yambera
Trovita Island.png Trovita Island Misty Meets Her Match! Trovita.png Trovita Gym
Fairchild Island.png Fairchild Island Bound for Trouble Fairchild.png
Shamouti Island.png Shamouti Island The Power of One Shamouti.png
Fire Island.png Fire Island The Power of One Shamouti.png
Lightning Island.png Lightning Island The Power of One Shamouti.png
Ice Island.png Ice Island The Power of One Shamouti.png
Unnamed island PK04.png Unnamed island Pikachu's Rescue Adventure Orange Islands map.png
Cleopatra Island.png Cleopatra Island Charizard Chills Cleopatra.png
Ascorbia Island.png Ascorbia Island The Pokémon Water War Ascorbia.png
Butwal Island.png Butwal Island Pokémon Food Fight! Butwal.png
Kumquat Island.png Kumquat Island Pokémon Double Trouble Kumquat.png Kumquat Gym
Rind Island.png Rind Island The Wacky Watcher! Rind.png
Unnamed island EP110.png Unnamed island The Stun Spore Detour Unnamed island EP110 map.png
Pummelo Island.png Pummelo Island Hello, Pummelo! Pummelo.png Pummelo Stadium
Tarroco Island.png Tarroco Island Viva Las Lapras Tarroco.png
Hamlin Island.png Hamlin Island The Underground Round Up Hamlin.png


Main article: Orange League

Only four Orange League Badges are required to participate in championship competition, held on Pummelo Island. Unlike Gyms in other regions, the Orange League requires participants to complete challenges for the leaders of the Orange League, the Orange Crew.

Compared to the Gym Leaders of the other regions Ash has visited, the challenges set by the Orange Crew are not restricted to a building serving as the Gym, with Danny's tasks involving a mountain while Cissy and Rudy had a portion of their challenges involving the ocean. Only Luana hosted hers in a Gym arena although this was an extension to her hotel.

Orange League
Anime-exclusive Region: Orange Archipelago
Gym Leader
Challenge Prize
アツミ Atsumi
Mikan Island
Natsukan Island
Water Gun target test
Surfing race
Coral-Eye Badge.png
Coral-Eye Badge
ダン Dan
Navel Island
Navel Island
Climb mountain (to qualify)
Freeze a geyser race
Build a Toboggan race
Toboggan race
Sea Ruby Badge.png
Sea Ruby Badge
ジギー Ziggy
Trovita Island
Yuzu Island
Target test
Same-type Pokémon battle
Spike Shell Badge.png
Spike Shell Badge
ルリコ Ruriko
Kumquat Island
Liǔchéng Island
Double Battle Jade Star Badge.png
Jade Star Badge
ユウジ Yūji
Pummelo Island
Kankitsu Island
Six-on-six battle WinnerTrophy.png

Winner's Trophy,
Honor at the

Palace of Victory


  • The region is only called the Orange Archipelago three times, twice in Pallet Party Panic and once in The Lost Lapras. It is otherwise exclusively referred to as the Orange Islands.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 橘子群島 Gwātjí Kwàhndóu *
香橙群島 Hēungcháang Kwàhndóu *
Mandarin 橘子群島 / 橘子群岛 Júzǐ Qúndǎo *
柑橘群岛 Gānjú Qúndǎo*
Denmark Flag.png Danish Orange Øhav
Finland Flag.png Finnish Orange-saaret
France Flag.png French Archipel Orange
Germany Flag.png German Orange-Inseln
India Flag.png Hindi Orange Islands
Iceland Flag.png Icelandic Orangeeyjurnar
Italy Flag.png Italian Arcipelago Orange
South Korea Flag.png Korean 오렌지제도 Orange Jedo
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Orange-øyene
Poland Flag.png Polish Wyspy Pomarańczowe
Wyspy Oranżowe
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Ilhas Laranja
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Ilhas Laranjas
Russia Flag.png Russian Оранжевые острова Oranzhevye Ostrova
Spain Flag.png Spanish Islas Naranja
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Apelsinöarna
Turkey Flag.png Turkish Portaklal Adaları

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Orange Archipelago
Coral-Eye Badge.png Sea Ruby Badge.png Spike Shell Badge.png Jade Star Badge.png WinnerTrophy.png
Inhabited islands
AscorbiaButwalGoldenHamlinKinnowKumquatMandarin N.
Mandarin S.MikanMoroMurcottNavelPummeloShamouti
Deserted islands
CleopatraFairchildFireFukuhara No. 4
Unnamed islands
Unnamed island (EP092)Unnamed island (EP098)
Unnamed island (EP110)Unnamed island (PK04)
Ghost shipPalace of VictoryPokémon Park
Pokémon ShowboatPummelo Stadium

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