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The known Pokémon nation as it appears in the anime

The "Pokémon nation" is an unnamed nation and the setting for the Pokémon games of Generation I through Generation IV, since it has not been officially confirmed that Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar (Generations V, VI, VII, and VIII respectively) are part of the same nation. The nation is divided up into several smaller regions, which all are located on the planet that the series calls home.

According to Takeshi Shudō's anime novelizations, the capital of this nation is Tokyo City, though this capital has not been mentioned in any other medium. The political body residing in this capital is unknown as well.

The main evidence to support the fact that all the known regions (including Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar) of the Pokémon world are a part of one nation is their mutual use of the term "National Pokédex". The National Pokédex is a Pokédex listing that all main regions prior to Alola share, although Pokémon from Alola and Galar are included in it. The National Pokédex begins with the starter Pokémon of Kanto, and has reached its end so far with a 898th member, Calyrex. Each region also has its own regional Pokédex, consisting of a local variation on the numerical order, which typically does not include all Pokémon introduced up to that generation (the New Pokédex in Generation II being an exception, as it included all 251 Pokémon included in that generation). Regional Pokédexes always begin with starter Pokémon of that region, (with the exception of Unova's, which starts with Victini) rather than Kanto's as with the National Pokédex.

The nation's known geography is similar to that of Japan on a much larger scale, with each of the known regions corresponding to a portion of the country.

In Pokémon Conquest, the opposite is true. Rather than having one nation divided in several regions, the Ransei region is divided into 17 kingdoms. (Similar to the situation in ancient Japan and China.)


Subnational divisions of the Pokémon world are known as regions, each with their own similarities and differences. The following is a list of known regions confirmed to be part of the Pokémon nation, as they all use the same National Pokédex listing.

Confirmed regions
Sevii Islands
Orange Archipelago

Status unknown

Due to the fact that these regions are said to be farther away from the others, some of them have a completely different theme, and Orre, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar are based on areas outside of Japan (the basis of the rest of the nation), it is unknown whether or not they are part of the same nation. These regions have several ties with the confirmed regions.

Unconfirmed regions
Decolore Islands

Ranger Union

These regions are featured in the Pokémon Ranger games, and reference the Ranger Union, a nation-like entity. It is unknown whether the Ranger Union is part of the nation or not.

Regions in the Ranger Union


  • Although Alola, Galar, and Hisui do not use the National Pokédex system, the new Pokémon from those regions are still included in the National Pokédex.

Regions in the Pokémon world
Core series Kanto (Sevii Islands) • JohtoHoennSinnoh (HisuiBattle Zone)
UnovaKalosAlolaGalar (Isle of ArmorCrown Tundra) • Paldea
Side series White CityOrre
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