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A map of all rescue team camps

Rescue team camps (Japanese 救助隊キャンプ rescue team camp), known as Friend Areas (Japanese: ともだちエリア Friend Area) in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, are places where recruited Pokémon reside in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, Blue Rescue Team, and Rescue Team DX. They are all located in the area around Pokémon Square, and they are accessed by the path heading west of the Team Base.


In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team

In Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, there is just enough space in all of the Friend Areas to have one of every 386 Pokémon (413 when counting Unown's forms separately) from the first three generations, along with all forms of Unown.

A map of all Friend Areas from Red and Blue Rescue Team

Some Friend Areas can be earned by completing certain missions, while others must be bought in Pokémon Square from the Wigglytuff Club. There are also some that are obtained by recruiting a specific Pokémon, usually a Legendary Pokémon. When the game starts, the player and their partner will have access to two Friend Areas, those being the ones said Pokémon fit into. The first time the player talks to Wigglytuff, they are given Mist-Rise Forest and the Wild Plains Friend Area. Magnemite also requests that they be given the Power Plant area so it can join the rescue team.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

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Unlike Friend Areas, rescue team camps gain more space (subject to exceptions such as camps containing only boss Pokémon) as the team's rank increases. They can be purchased from Wigglytuff's Camp Corner in Pokémon Square.

Pokémon management

A Pokémon in a rescue team camp can be managed in many ways:

Option Details
Eat a Gummi Allows the player to have the Pokémon eat a Gummi, permanently raising a stat (selected at random) by 1 point, sometimes by 3 (or 5 in the case of HP).
  • If a Rainbow Gummi is eaten, the Pokémon sometimes gains a new rare quality.
  • If a DX Gummi is eaten, the Pokémon always gains a new rare quality.

If the Pokémon gains a new rare quality from eating a Gummi when it already has one, the player will be asked to keep the old one, or replace the existing rare quality with the new one obtained from eating a Gummi.

Get Stronger Allows the Pokémon to have its stats permanently raised, or moves permanently strengthened using stat-raising items. The player can use items coming from the Toolbox or the Kangaskhan Storage.

The following items can be used to strengthen the Pokémon:

Change Nickname Allows the Pokémon to have its nickname changed.
Favorite Allows the player to mark/unmark the Pokémon as a favorite for easy access.
Say Good-Bye Selecting this option will make the Pokémon leave the rescue team permanently after a confirmation. This option is not available for all Pokémon.

List of Friend Areas/camps

English Japanese
Badlands あれち
Thunder Crag カミナリ高原
Ravaged Field 荒れた大地
Magnetic Quarry 磁力の岩場
Eastern Ponds ひがしのいけ
Tadpole Pond お玉ヶ池
Relics いせき
Aged Chamber A–N 古の石室AN
Aged Chamber O–? 古の石室O?
Ancient Relic 古代遺跡
Beach かいがん
Shallow Beach 浅瀬の海岸
Ice Floe Beach 流氷海岸
Volcano かざん
Scorched Plains 焼け野原
Crater 噴火口
Volcanic Pit 大地の底
River がわ
Rub-a-Dub River ジャブジャブ川
Northern Sea きたのうみ
Bountiful Sea 豊かな海
Serene Sea 静かな海
Deepsea Current 深層海流
Pond いけ
Turtleshell Pond 甲羅の池
Western Isles にしのしま
Final Island 最後の島
Desert さばく
Withering Desert 灼熱砂漠
Mountain Range さんみゃく
Mt. Green 新緑の山
Mt. Cleft 切り立った山
Mt. Moonview 月夜見山
Rainbow Peak 虹の頂
Mt. Discipline 修行の山
Darkness Ridge 暗闇峠
Jungle ジャングル
Jungle ジャングル
Northern Lakes きたのみずうみ
Mystic Lake 神秘の湖
Eastern Lakes ひがしみずうみ
Waterfall Lake 滝の湖
Stratos Lookout 裂空の頂
Northern Isles きたのしま
Legendary Island 伝説の孤島
Cave どうくつ
Echo Cave 共鳴洞窟
Cryptic Cave 謎の洞窟
Dragon Cave 竜の洞窟
Boulder Cave 岩石の洞窟
Southwest Isles
Enclosed Island 閉ざされた島
Western Forest にしのもり
Mushroom Forest キノコの森
Healing Forest 癒しの森
Evolution Forest 変化の森
Secretive Forest 忍びの森
Marsh ぬま
Gourd Swamp ひょうたん沼
Poison Swamp 毒の沼
Ruins はいきょ
Decrepit Lab 寂れた研究所
Power Plant 無人発電所
Eastern Forest ひがしのもり
Stump Forest 陽炎の森
Flyaway Forest 飛翔の森
Overgrown Forest 樹海の森
Vibrant Forest 元気の森
Southern Sea みなみのうみ
Treasure Sea 宝眠る海
Deepsea Floor 深海の底
Seafloor Cave 海底洞窟
Southern Isles みなみのしま
Southern Island 南の孤島
South Plains みなみのそうげん
Wild Plains 野生の草原
Safari サファリ
Plains そうげん
Beau Plains うつくし草原
Sky-Blue Plains 青空草原
Sacred Field 聖なる大地
Glacier ゆきやま
Frigid Cavern 氷の洞窟

In other languages

Friend Area

Language Title
French Canada Flag.png Canada Endroit d'amis*
France Flag.png Europe Zone d'Accueil
Germany Flag.png German Partnerareal
Italy Flag.png Italian Area Amico
South Korea Flag.png Korean 친구 에리어 Chingu Erieo
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Área para Amigos*
Spain Flag.png Spanish Zonas de recreo

Rescue team camp

Language Title
France Flag.png French Camp de secourisme
Germany Flag.png German Retterteam-Camp
Italy Flag.png Italian Campo Base
Spain Flag.png Spanish Campamento

Rescue team camps
Badlands Eastern Ponds Relics Beach Volcano River Northern Sea
Thunder Crag
Ravaged Field
Magnetic Quarry
Tadpole Pond Aged Chamber A–N
Aged Chamber O–?
Ancient Relic
Shallow Beach
Ice Floe Beach
Scorched Plains
Volcanic Pit
Rub-a-Dub River Bountiful Sea
Serene Sea
Deepsea Current
Pond Western Isles Desert Mountain Range Jungle Northern Lakes Eastern Lakes
Turtleshell Pond Final Island Withering Desert Mt. Green
Mt. Cleft
Mt. Moonview
Rainbow Peak
Mt. Discipline
Darkness Ridge
Jungle Mystic Lake Waterfall Lake
Sky Northern Isles Cave Southwest Isles Western Forest Marsh Ruins
Stratos Lookout Legendary Island Echo Cave
Cryptic Cave
Dragon Cave
Boulder Cave
Enclosed Island Mushroom Forest
Healing Forest
Evolution Forest
Secretive Forest
Gourd Swamp
Poison Swamp
Decrepit Lab
Power Plant
Eastern Forest Southern Sea Southern Isles South Plains Plains Glacier
Stump Forest
Flyaway Forest
Overgrown Forest
Vibrant Forest
Treasure Sea
Deepsea Floor
Seafloor Cave
Southern Island Wild Plains
Beau Plains
Sky-Blue Plains
Sacred Field
Frigid Cavern

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