Mirage Kingdom

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Mirage Kingdom
ミラージュ王国 Mirage Kingdom
Mirage Kingdom overview.png
The Mirage Kingdom
Region Hoenn
Debut The Princess and the Togepi

The Mirage Kingdom (Japanese: ミラージュ王国 Mirage Kingdom), or simply Mirage, is an anime-exclusive kingdom located in Hoenn, beyond a large desert situated between Mauville City and Fallarbor Town.

The isolated kingdom is ruled by a king and queen and worships Togepi, even having a Togepi temple that contains a dimensional portal leading to the Togepi Paradise. The Mirage Kingdom and the Togepi Paradise protect each other's prosperity from individuals with impure hearts. A new ruler ascends to the throne whenever they have possession of a Togepi.

In The Princess and the Togepi, Misty was kidnapped by Team Rocket and taken to Mirage Kingdom on the orders of Colonel Hansen, a ruthless kingdom official who wanted to steal her Togepi and use it to take over the kingdom. Ash and his friends sneaked aboard the blimp and entered the Mirage Kingdom as well. Despite their attempts to intervene, Colonel Hansen gained possession of Misty's Togepi in A Togepi Mirage! and ascended to the throne.

However, Princess Sara, her maid Miranda, Team Rocket (who helped Hansen but was then betrayed by him), and Ash's group fought back. During the final confrontation, Misty's Togepi evolved into Togetic and assumed the role of the Togepi Paradise guardian. With his Pokémon defeated and the king freed from the palace dungeons, Colonel Hansen was arrested and Sara's parents retook the throne. Princess Sara later found her own Togepi, making her eligible to take over the kingdom.


Mirage Palace Togepi Paradise gateway Coronation temple
Mirage Kingdom.png Togepi Paradise Portal.png Mirage Kingdom temple.png

Pokémon seen in the Mirage Kingdom

Hansen Ninjask.png
Hansen's Ninjask (x2)
Hansen Shedinja.png
Hansen's Shedinja
Princess Sara Togepi.png
Princess Sara's Togepi


In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 米拉祖王國 Mǐ-lā-zǔ Wángguó
Finland Flag.png Finnish Kangastuskuningaskunta
Germany Flag.png German Königreich der Wunder
Italy Flag.png Italian Regno Miraggio
Spain Flag.png Spanish Reino Espejismo
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Hägringens kungarike

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