Mintale Town

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Mintale Town

Mintale Town (Japanese: ハツカタウン Hatsuka Town) is the setting of Pokémon Channel.

Although its location in relation to the rest of the Pokémon world is never stated, Mintale Town is popularly believed to be located in or near Kanto due to the appearance of Viridian Forest. Additionally, Cobalt Coast and Springleaf Field are also locations in Hey You, Pikachu!, which is confirmed to take place in Kanto.


Mintale Town is the home to many wild Pokémon. Wild Pokémon appear to be able to move about the region freely.

Though no humans are shown living in Mintale Town besides Professor Oak and the player (from a first-person perspective), the presence of buildings, modern amenities and bus routes suggest that it is the home of many humans as well.

The Pokémon of Mintale Town, rather than appearing in tall grass, appear everywhere in town. These Pokémon befriend each other by answering a question about them correctly and giving each other Platinum Nice Cards. Other ways of Pokémon socialization are eating fruit together, giving each other gifts and watching the TV.

Notable locations

Map of Mintale Town

There are four distinct locations in Mintale Town, which are all connected by bus routes. Bus routes require different bus passes, which can be purchased from Shop 'N Squirtle.

Name Requirements
Springleaf Field Available at start
Viridian Forest Requires the Viridian Pass
Cobalt Coast Requires the Cobalt Pass
Mt. Snowfall Requires the Snowfall Pass


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ハツカタウン Hatsuka Town From 薄荷 hakka (mint)
English Mintale Town From mint
German Emeraltal From emerald and Tal (valley)
Spanish Pueblo Hierbabuena From hierba buena (spearmint)
French Légenville From légende (legend) and ville (city)
Italian Piperizia From menta piperita (peppermint)
Channel locations
Cobalt CoastMintale TownMt. SnowfallSpringleaf FieldViridian Forest

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