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Holon ホロン
Holon City.jpg
Holon city center and the surrounding land

Holon (Japanese: ホロン Holon) is a region introduced and explored exclusively in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is a known habitat of the unusual δ Delta Species Pokémon, also introduced in the TCG.


The Holon Research Tower

According to press release statements prior to Delta Species-era expansions and information on booster packs, the Holon region was inhabited by humans who wished to search for the elusive Mirage Pokémon Mew. Establishing a city (also called Holon), scientists utilized the unique magnetic properties of the area to produce waves of electromagnetic energy via a large tower in the city center to track the location of Mew. The resulting electromagnetic waves caused the local Pokémon to mutate into abnormal types inconsistent with their genes elsewhere, with their highest evolved forms typically having Metal as a type. The affected Pokémon came to be known as Delta Species.


From various pieces of information and artwork from TCG products, it can be determined that the region is largely forested with a large lake and marshlands to the south. The lake is also bordered by a massive mountain range. The region is presumed to be near the coast, with an island bearing unique crystals some distance offshore, forming the basis for much of the EX Crystal Guardians expansion. Described to be beyond the horizon are a chain of islands where powerful Pokémon are said to reside, which forms the basis for much of the EX Dragon Frontiers expansion.


A magnetic storm

The weather in Holon is very strange and different from other places due to the electromagnetic waves from the tower in the city center. Magnetic storms may occur. In addition, pressure changes are not uncommon.

Notable locations

Mew teases a fieldworker in Mirage Forest.


  • Holon: The main community of the region, nestled in the center of Mirage Forest. From above, the city looks like a giant Poké Ball, with a ring of trees serving as the main border and with a canal that runs through the diameter into two circles that surround the city center. A cobbled walkway circles the land in between the circular canals and border, bridging the waterways. There is also a larger walkway with grand balustrades that leads to the city center. The houses are largely dome-shaped, and many properties have their own garden area or orchard. An observatory and the Holon Research Tower lie at the center of the city.


The stone formation in the lake
  • Holon Research Tower: The tower dominates the skyline of the city and was constructed in order to manipulate the unique magnetic properties of the area to produce electromagnetic energy that hoped to aid scientists to track Mew in Mirage Forest. When in operation, the tower can be seen absorbing bolts of yellow energy from three generators that surround it. When seen from above, the tower resembles the symbol used on Metal Energy cards, likely a direct reference to the secondary type of δ Delta Species Pokémon featured in the sets. The tower also provides the set symbol for EX Delta Species.
The mountain range that encompasses the lake, with Aerodactyl in the image
  • Mirage Forest: The main focus of EX Legend Maker and touched upon in EX Holon Phantoms, this dense forest encompasses the city of Holon and is home to many of the Pokémon that were genetically altered as a result of the electromagnetic energy produced from Holon Research Tower. The southern edge of the forest is dotted with marshes as the land gives way to the waters of Holon Lake.
Crystals growing on the Mysterious Island's beach
  • Holon Lake: Also featured in EX Holon Phantoms, Holon Lake is a vast body of water that is home to many more δ Delta Species Pokémon. In the lake, there is a stone formation that resembles the symbol used on Metal Energy cards. Perhaps as a homage to the Generation II games, the lake is also home to a Shining Gyarados, similar to the Red Gyarados that appeared at the Lake of Rage.
  • Mountain Range: Surrounding a portion of Holon Lake is a large mountain range, featuring tall jagged peaks and outcrops. The foothills of these mountains contain boulders with mysterious patterns on them, as well as entrances leading to caves, which are home to fossil Pokémon that have also been affected by the radiation from Holon Research Tower.
  • Mysterious Island: Described as an island far offshore from Holon, its main feature is large crystals, which naturally grow there and are said to grant special powers if used correctly. Normal Pokémon and δ Delta Species Pokémon cohabit the island, and there is little human activity there. It is the main focus of the EX Crystal Guardians expansion.
  • Distant Island Chain: Described as being beyond the horizon, these islands are a habitat where natural Delta Species Pokémon thrive. This is reflected in the cards featured in the EX Dragon Frontiers expansion, as fully evolved δ Delta Species Pokémon remain purely one type, as opposed to being partially Metal-type. It is possible that these Pokémon evolved to become δ Delta Species naturally or the trait was outbred.


This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Holon or Pokémon that belong to the city. Most of these Pokémon are artificial and can double as Special Energy cards when attached to other Pokémon in play.

Holon's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Holon's Electrode Lightning EX Delta Species Rare 21/113 Holon Research Tower Rare Holo 032/086
Holon's Magneton Metal EX Delta Species Rare 22/113 Holon Research Tower Rare Holo 072/086
Holon's Magnemite Metal EX Delta Species Common 70/113 Holon Research Tower Uncommon 071/086
Holon's Voltorb Lightning EX Delta Species Common 71/113 Holon Research Tower Uncommon 031/086
Holon's Castform Colorless EX Holon Phantoms Uncommon 44/110 Holon Phantom Uncommon 034/052
Other related cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Holon Farmer T [Su] EX Delta Species Uncommon 91/113 Holon Research Tower Uncommon 080/086
Holon Lass T [Su] EX Delta Species Uncommon 92/113 Holon Research Tower Uncommon 081/086
Holon Mentor T [Su] EX Delta Species Uncommon 93/113 Holon Research Tower Uncommon 079/086
EX Dragon Frontiers Uncommon 75/101 Shockwave! Tyranitar ex Constructed Standard Deck   021/024
Holon Research Tower T [St] EX Delta Species Uncommon 94/113 Holon Research Tower Uncommon 078/086
Holon Researcher T [Su] EX Delta Species Uncommon 95/113 Holon Research Tower Uncommon 082/086
Holon Ruins T [St] EX Delta Species Uncommon 96/113 Holon Research Tower Uncommon 083/086
Holon Scientist T [Su] EX Delta Species Uncommon 97/113 Holon Research Tower Uncommon 077/086
      Holon Research Tower Fire Quarter Deck   010/015
      Holon Research Tower Water Quarter Deck   010/015
      Holon Research Tower Lightning Quarter Deck   010/015
Holon Transceiver T EX Delta Species Uncommon 98/113 Holon Research Tower Uncommon 076/086
Holon Adventurer T [Su] EX Holon Phantoms Uncommon 85/110 Holon Phantom Uncommon 050/052
Holon Fossil T EX Holon Phantoms Uncommon 86/110 Holon Phantom Uncommon 049/052
Holon Lake T [St] EX Holon Phantoms Uncommon 87/110 Holon Phantom Uncommon 051/052
Holon Circle T [St] EX Crystal Guardians Uncommon 79/100 Miracle Crystal Uncommon 074/075
Holon Legacy T [St] EX Dragon Frontiers Uncommon 74/101 Offense and Defense of the Furthest Ends Uncommon 067/068


Language Name Origin
Japanese ホロン Holon From holon, a philosophical concept of something that is simultaneously a whole and a part
English, German,
French, Italian
Holon Same as Japanese name

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