Pokémon Play It!

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Pokémon Play It!
Play It EN boxart.jpg
Pokémon Play It! cover art
Basic info
Platform: PC
Category: Card game
Players: Single player
Connectivity: None
Developer: Fluid Entertainment
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Part of: Generation I miscellaneous
Release dates
Japan: N/A
North America: February 2000
Australia: N/A
Europe: 1999
South Korea: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: N/A
English: N/A
Title screen.

Pokémon Play It! is a Pokémon game for PC that simulates the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was released in 1999 in Europe and February 2000 in North America. It was included in the 2-Player CD-ROM Starter Set.

The game has a sequel, titled Pokémon Play It! Version 2.


The main menu of the original version contains three options: "Play", "Learn", and "Extras".

In "Play" mode, the player can play a duel against a computer opponent, Julie, using one of four Half Decks, named Fighting Deck, Water Deck, Fire Deck and Xtra Deck. Initially, only the Fighting and Water decks are available. The additional two can be unlocked by typing the word "fire" on the main menu. Julie always uses the Fighting Deck, unless the player chooses it; in such case she uses the Water Deck. All four decks are composed of Base Set and Jungle cards.

The "Learn" feature is meant to teach about the mechanics of the Trading Card Game.

Each card has its own unique cry, some of which are based on the their voices in the Pokémon anime.


Following features are found in the "Extras".

  • An "Academy Entrance Exam", with questions about the TCG, as well as about Pokémon in general. Finishing the test with 10/10 correct answers unlocks a certificate—which can be printed and taken to the Pokémon League, where it should be exchanged for "10 points in the Trainer's Badge Book"—a desktop wallpaper and a second, harder quiz. Finishing the second quiz unlocks another certificate (worth 20 points) and three additional wallpapers.
  • Two special issues of TopDeck (Wizards of the Coast's now-defunct magazine dedicated to TCGs), one with tips about the game and one focusing on the Pokémon League
  • Custom Pokémon Game Gear and coins to print
  • A video promoting the League


The wallpaper unlocked after beating the first quiz has a large Poké Ball in the center with Pikachu, Gengar, and Snorlax around it, on a blue background. Of the three wallpapers unlocked after the second quiz, one has a jungle background (reference to the expansion name) with Scyther in the center and Vileplume and Wigglytuff on the sides, another is supposed to look like a box with the Fossil set logo and Aerodactyl escaped out of it and the final one has a red background with Mewtwo on the left and a big Base Set 2 logo on the right.


The certificates are awarded for answering correctly 10 questions in a row, in the Pokémon Academy Entrance Exam.


  • It is not possible to put Pokémon on the Bench before the play starts. Instead, players must wait for their first turn to put Pokémon on the bench.
  • No Energy card is discarded from Magmar when using the Flamethrower attack. This issue was addressed in Version 2.

System requirements

IBM PC or 100% compatible Pentium 133 processor, Windows 95/98, 16 MB RAM, 4× CD-ROM, 16-bit video card (800×600 pixel resolution). All major DirectX compatible sound and video cards.


  • This is the first game where Ash Ketchum is mentioned (said in the dialogue by Julie), although he is not seen.

In other languages

Language Title
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Pokémon: Speel het!

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