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The Pokétch in Pokémon Platinum

The Pokémon Watch (Japanese: ポケモンウォッチ Pokémon Watch), or Pokétch (Japanese: ポケッチ Pokétch) for short, is an electronic device found in Sinnoh. It was manufactured by the Pokétch Company and appears to be a watch with a dot-matrix touch screen.

In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Brilliant Diamond, and Shining Pearl, the player obtains it in Jubilife City after obtaining three Coupons from Clowns. The Pokétch was redesigned for Pokémon Platinum. This revision added another button to the Pokétch; the bottom button has the same function as the Pokétch button in Diamond and Pearl, while the top button cycles backwards through the various apps.

Similar devices are the Pokégear, the PokéNav, and the C-Gear.


The Pokétch's functionality comes from the applications, or Pokétch apps, that are installed in it, making it extensible. The Pokétch Company, as well as independent developers, periodically create new apps. The user scrolls through a Pokétch's apps by tapping a button on the side of its screen.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, there are 25 available apps, four of which are included with the Pokétch. The rest are not available at the start but can be received at a later time, and a few must be obtained by showing a certain species of Pokémon to another character. Listed in each section below is the in-game description of its app, followed by its in-game location and further information about it. In Platinum, the apps are ordered in the same order as they are on the Pokétch in Diamond and Pearl.

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the Pokétch now lies in the top-right hand corner of the screen, and can be magnified by tapping the R button. Pressing the R button again minimizes the screen to the top-right corner, while holding the R button for longer removes the Pokétch from the screen. A new Hidden Moves app replaces the function of HMs.

Digital Watch

The Digital Watch in Pokémon Platinum

"The Digital Watch displays the current time. Don't be late for meetings with your friends!"

The Digital Watch (Japanese: デジタルどけい Digital Clock) is a digital clock app that displays the time of day in 24-hour format. It runs off the Nintendo DS or Nintendo Switch's internal clock. It is included with the Pokétch.

There is also an analog clock app, but that app must be unlocked separately.

While the screen is being touched, it brightens slightly, as if a backlight were turned on.


The Calculator in Pokémon Platinum

"The Calculator can handle up to ten digits. It's perfect for figuring out math questions that might pop up."

The Calculator (Japanese: けいさんき Calculator) is a basic calculator app that includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is included with the Pokétch.

The calculator can only display up to 10 characters in the number: For integers it can display up to 10 digits, but for non-integers it can only display up to 9 digits due to the decimal point occupying one of the displays. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, if a calculation results in a number that would require more than 10 characters to display, decimal digits are truncated until the number fits in the display (with the truncated digits discarded from the actual number, not just the display); if there are more than 10 digits in the integer part of the calculated number, or the calculator attempts to divide by zero, a sequence of question marks are displayed instead of the number. In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, decimal digits are truncated in the same way for the display, but the truncated digits remain in number itself and continue to be used in future calculations using that number.

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, it has been reported to exhibit wonky behavior.

When an answer is displayed, if the player has a Pokémon registered as "Seen" in their Pokédex whose Pokédex number is equal to the result (rounded down to the nearest integer), the calculator will play that Pokémon's cry. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, this is based on Sinnoh Pokédex number at first, but changes to National Pokédex once the player obtains the National Pokédex. In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, it is always based on National Pokédex number.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, as part of the Hearthome Gym's puzzle, the player is asked to calculate some basic mathematical questions. Getting these questions wrong results in Trainer battles, during which the Trainers often wonder why the player did not use the Calculator app to get the right answer.

Memo Pad

"The Memo Pad is useful for jotting down a note, or just doodling. There's an eraser, too, just in case you make a mistake."

The Memo Pad (Japanese: メモようし Memo Pad) is a notepad app that the player can use to draw or write. It is obtained from the president of the Pokétch Company after obtaining the Coal Badge.

The memo is erased if the application is changed or the game is turned off.


The Pedometer in Pokémon Platinum

"The Pedometer keeps a count of the number of steps traveled. It automatically counts steps. Touch the button to reset it."

The Pedometer (Japanese: ほすうカウンター Step Counter) is an app that counts the number of steps the player has taken since it was last reset. When the counter reaches 99,999, it simply rolls back to 0. It is included with the Pokétch.

It can be useful for tracking out-of-battle poison damage (in Generation IV), Repels, Egg hatching, Amity Square item fetching, recharging the Vs. Seeker, Great Marsh excursions. It is also helpful when performing the Surf glitch.

Pokémon List

The Pokémon List in Pokémon Platinum

"The Pokémon List indicates the statuses of your team's Pokémon. Touch them to hear their cries. Their HP bar is also displayed."

The Pokémon List (Japanese: ポケモンリスト Pokémon List) is an app that displays basic information about the player's party. It is included with the Pokétch.

It displays the menu sprites of the Pokémon in the player's party, each with their HP bar and an icon if they are holding an item. Tapping on a Pokémon plays that Pokémon's cry. If a Pokémon has a status condition, it is displayed with gray silhouette and has an altered cry. If the Pokémon has fainted, it is displayed with the same gray sprite as if it has a status condition, but does not respond when touched.

In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the party list does not automatically update if a Pokémon's status or HP changes without entering a battle or opening a menu (e.g. healing at a Pokémon Center or taking poison damage). The display can be refreshed by tapping the screen or switching apps.

Friendship Checker

Friendship Checker redirects here. For the NPCs who rate friendship, see Friendship rating → In the core series games.
Affection Checker redirects here. For further guidance on checking a Pokémon's affection, see Affection.
The Friendship Checker in Pokémon Platinum

"The Friendship Checker indicates how friendly your Pokémon are to you. Touch the screen. The Pokémon that like you will come closer."

The Friendship Checker (Japanese: なつきチェッカー Friendship CheckerDPPt, なかよしチェッカー Affection CheckerBDSP) is an app that can be used to evaluate the friendship of Pokémon in the player's party. It is obtained from a woman in Eterna City's Pokémon Center.

The Pokémon in the player's party, represented by their menu sprites, are depicted milling about the screen. Touching and holding on a Pokémon will play its cry and display zero, one, or two large or small hearts around it corresponding to its friendship. If a Pokémon is at maximum friendship, it will have 2 giant hearts; if a Pokémon has low friendship, it will move away from the point where the screen is being touched.

Double-tapping makes all the Pokémon displayed jump.

Reaction Friendship
Two large hearts 255
Two small hearts 200-254
One small heart 150-199
No hearts (moves towards touched spot) 70-149
No hearts (moves away from touched spot) 0-69

Dowsing Machine

The Dowsing Machine in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

"The Dowsing Machine searches for hidden or obscured items. Touch the radar screen. If there is an item nearby, it will respond."

The Dowsing Machine (Japanese: ダウジングマシン Dowsing Machine) is an app that indicates the location of nearby hidden items. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Brilliant Diamond, and Shining Pearl, it is received from Dawn/Lucas on Route 207 near the Route 206 junction; in Pokémon Platinum, it is received from them on Route 207 at the entrance to Mt. Coronet. It is the equivalent of the Dowsing Machine item that appears in other games.

It represents a 15×17 grid of tiles around the player, with the tile the player is standing on at the center. Touching anywhere on the screen sends out a ping with a radius of 4 tiles, originating from the point touched. If any hidden items are in the pinged area, a blinking dot will appear at the item's location on the app; if a hidden item is near the ping but not inside it, the ping will repeat several times rather than disappearing instantly (like it usually would).

To obtain a hidden item, the player must face the item and press "A". Standing on top of the item does not allow the player to obtain it until they move.

Some hidden items can only be revealed by touching their exact location on the Dowsing Machine, instead of just nearby it. These include the Odd Keystone hidden in Twinleaf Town, the Suite Key at the Hotel Grand Lake, and hidden Max Revives.

Berry Searcher

The Berry Searcher in Pokémon Platinum

"The Berry Searcher is a map that shows the locations of Berries. It indicates the presence of Berries in areas you have already visited."

The Berry Searcher (Japanese: きのみサーチャー Berry Searcher) is an app that displays fruiting Berry trees across Sinnoh. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, it is received from a girl in the Berry Master's house in Route 208 after answering "yes" to her question. This app is not present in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, presumably due to being made redundant by the new functions of the Town Map.

It displays a basic map of the Sinnoh region (similar to the Marking Map) and shows where fruiting Berry trees are located, in any locations already visited. Touching the screen refreshes the display.

Day-Care Checker

The Day-Care Checker in Pokémon Platinum

"The Day-Care Checker shows the Pokémon you have in the Day Care."

The Day-Care Checker (Japanese: そだてやチェッカー Day-Care CheckerDPPt, タマゴチェッカー Egg CheckerBDSP) is an app that displays the status of Pokémon in the Pokémon Day Care. It is obtained from a man inside of Solaceon Town's Pokémon Day Care.

This app displays the levels, genders, and species of the Pokémon (up to two) located in Solaceon Town's Day Care. It also shows an Egg if one has been produced.

Pokémon History

The Pokémon History in Pokémon Platinum

"The Pokémon History keeps track of the Pokémon you have obtained. It shows the last kind of Pokémon you obtained."

The Pokémon History (Japanese: ポケモンヒストリー Pokémon History) is an app that displays Pokémon that the player has recently obtained. It is received from a resident of Solaceon Town.

The app displays icons of the twelve most recent Pokémon caught, evolved, hatched, or traded into the game. Touching an icon plays the Pokémon's cry.


The Counter in Pokémon Platinum

"The Counter is used for counting things one at a time. Touch the button and count whatever needs counting."

The Counter (Japanese: カウンター Counter) is an app that allows incrementing a single number. It is received at a counter on the second floor of Veilstone Department Store.

The app consists of a single increment button and a numerical display of up to 4 digits. Tapping the button increments the number by one.

The counter is reset when the player switches Pokétch apps or turns off the game. In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the number also resets when the player encounters a wild Pokémon.

Analog Watch

The Analog Watch in Pokémon Platinum

"The Analog Watch displays the current time. The short hand indicates the hour, and the long hand shows the minute!"

The Analog Watch (Japanese: アナログどけい Analog Watch) is an app that displays the time of day on an analog clock with two hands (hours and minutes). It runs off the Nintendo DS or Nintendo Switch's internal clock. It is received from a resident of Celestic Town.

While the screen is being touched, it brightens slightly, as if a backlight were turned on.

Marking Map

The Marking Map in Pokémon Platinum

"The Marking Map lets you mark intriguing locations. Drag marks to places on the map that you want to remember."

The Marking Map (Japanese: マーキングマップ Marking Map) is an app that displays a map of the Sinnoh region, allowing the player to place markings on it. It is received from the president of the Pokétch Company after obtaining three Gym Badges.

It displays a basic Sinnoh map, similar to the Berry Searcher, and allows players to drag and drop different markings (●, ▲, ■, ♥, ★ and ♦) on the map—the same symbols used for Pokémon markings.

It also displays the current locations of roaming Pokémon: Cresselia, Mesprit, and the Legendary birdsPt.

Link Searcher

The Link Searcher in Pokémon Platinum

"The Link Searcher searches for players on wireless communications. Touch the screen to get a list of people using wireless communications."

The Link Searcher (Japanese: つうしんサーチャー Communication Searcher) is an app that checks for nearby players using wireless communication features. It is received from the president of the Pokétch Company after obtaining five Gym Badges.

The player can search for nearby wireless communication by tapping the screen. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, it returns the number of players in range who are in the Union Room, the Underground, Colosseum, and using other Nintendo DS Wireless Communications features in these games.

The Link Searcher cannot be used while moving—attempting to do so gives an error message telling the player as such. After running the Link Searcher, DS Wireless Communications remain active until the app is changed, the menu is opened, the player moves, or the player interacts with something.

This app is not present in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Coin Toss

The Coin Toss in Pokémon Platinum

"The Coin Toss flips a coin that comes up heads or tails. If you can't choose between two choices, a coin toss might be handy."

The Coin Toss (Japanese: コイントス Coin Toss) is an app that tosses a coin. It is received from a guest in one of Hotel Grand Lake's suites at Valor Lakefront that requires Rock Climb to access.

When the screen is tapped, a Magikarp coin is tossed.

Move Tester

The Move Tester in Pokémon Platinum

"The Move Tester checks how effective moves are by type. Switch the attacker and defender types to see what is effective."

The Move Tester (Japanese: わざこうかチェッカー Move Effectiveness Checker) is an app that allows checking the type effectiveness of moves. It is received from the president of the Pokétch Company after obtaining the Icicle Badge.

It allows the player to check a type's effectiveness against a Pokémon with a particular type combination. The player can select the type of the attack as well as up to two types for the attack target. The app displays whether the move is super effective, regularly effective, not very effective, or ineffective. It also displays a number of exclamation marks corresponding to the damage multiplier: three being "regularly effective", and each additional or missing mark corresponding to a factor of two; if the attack is ineffective, no exclamation marks are shown.

This app is not present in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, presumably due to being made redundant by the new function of the battle screen that allows to show the type effectiveness of the move.


The Calendar in Pokémon Platinum

"Use the monthly Calendar to make a note of important dates. Touch any date to change its color. Touch it again to change it back."

The Calendar (Japanese: カレンダー Calendar) is a calendar app. It runs off the Nintendo DS or Nintendo Switch's internal clock. It is received from a Pokétch developer by Pokémon Rock in Sunyshore City after showing him a Pokémon with a Serious nature (Rock Climb is required).

It displays the current month in a Sunday to Monday layout, with the current date highlighted in a box. Sunday dates are bolded. The player can tap days to highlight them, with these highlighted dates being preserved even after switching apps.

Dot Artist

The Dot Artist in Pokémon Platinum

"The Dot Artist lets you draw pictures in a mosaic style. Touching the same dot makes its color turn darker."

The Dot Artist (Japanese: ドットアート Dot Art) is app that allows drawing using large monochrome pixels. It is received from a Pokétch developer by Pokémon Rock in Sunyshore City after showing him a Pokémon with a Naive nature (Rock Climb is required).

This drawing app allows the player to select the shade of pixels in a 24×20 pixel grid. Each pixel can be one of four shades. Unlike the Memo Pad, the image on the Dot Artist is retained even after switching apps or turning off the power.

When initially received, the app contains a drawing of the text "Touch!" written in the darkest shade, with all other pixels being the lightest shade.


The Roulette in Pokémon Platinum

"The Roulette features a wheel that can be written on. Draw numbers, items, or whatever on the wheel and give it a spin!"

The Roulette (Japanese: ルーレット Roulette) is an app that allows spinning an arrow in the middle of a drawing area. It is received from a Pokétch developer in Sunyshore City after showing him a Pokémon with a Quirky nature (Rock Climb is required).

The app contains a large circular area, with an arrow at the center. There is also a panel of three buttons down the right-hand side of the screen: "Start", "Stop", and "Clear".

Pressing the start button spins the arrow. The arrow continues to spin until the player presses the stop button, which has a significant delay between pressing and stopping to make it difficult to stop the arrow to land in a particular position.

The player can draw around the circle. This allows the player the draw various options for the arrow to potentially land on. Pressing the clear button erases all drawing from this app, although it cannot be pressed while the arrow is spinning. The drawing is lost when switching apps or the game is turned off.

Chain Counter

The Trainer Counter in Pokémon Platinum

"The Trainer Counter tracks the performance of the Poké Radar. It shows how often you have met the same kind of Pokémon in a row."

The Trainer CounterDPPt/Chain CounterBDSP (Japanese: ポケトレカウンター Poké Trace Counter) is an app that tracks Poké Radar chains. It is received from Professor Oak upon entering Pal ParkDPPt/Ramanas ParkBDSP.

This app displays the three longest Poké Radar chains the player has achieved. The Pokémon chained for these chains are displayed on a numbered podium, with their respective chain lengths displayed below their rankings. Touching one of the Pokémon icons plays its cry.

If the player is currently using the Poké Radar to chain Pokémon, the area at the top displays the current chain.

Kitchen Timer

The Kitchen Timer in Pokémon Platinum

"The Kitchen Timer can count down from up to 99 minutes, but not precisely. Set the time with the center button, then start the countdown."

The Kitchen Timer (Japanese: キッチンタイマー Kitchen Timer) is a timer app with an alarm. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, it is received from from a girl in Pal Park'sDPPt/Ramanas Park'sBDSP lobby after showing her a Snorlax.

The app's interface features a Snorlax. The player can set a timer (in minutes and seconds), and when the timer goes off, the Snorlax beats its chest, which makes a quiet noise until the player presses "Reset"—"Stop" only pauses the beating (which will resume if "Start" is pressed).

The "Stop" button can be used to pause the timer at any time, including while it is going off due to the timer reaching zero. The timer pauses when the system is put in sleep mode.

The timer can be set for a time up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

Color Changer

The Color Changer in Pokémon Platinum

"The Color Changer changes the Pokétch's display color. Slide the switch to select one of eight colors."

The Color Changer (Japanese: カラーチェンジャー Color Changer) is an app that changes the color of all Pokétch apps. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, it is received from a girl in Pal Park'sDPPt/Ramanas Park'sBDSP lobby after receiving the Kitchen Timer, then returning and showing a Kecleon to her.

It changes background color of the Pokétch from the basic green to yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, turquoise, or white.

Matchup Checker

The Matchup Checker in Pokémon Platinum

"The Matchup Checker tests the attraction between Pokémon. The greater the number of hearts, the better likelihood of Eggs."

The Matchup Checker (Japanese: あいしょうチェッカー Compatibility Checker) is an app that checks the compatibility Pokémon would have in Pokémon Day Care. In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, it is event-exclusive; in Pokémon Platinum, it is received at the Great Marsh entrance after catching 5 Pokémon in a single Safari Game.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, it was only distributed once, at Pokémon Center stores in Japan from April 28 to May 13, 2007 to celebrate the release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl in the United States.


"The Stopwatch is used for measuring time precisely. How quickly can you zip through the Cycling Road?"

The Stopwatch (Japanese: ストップウォッチ Stopwatch) is a stopwatch app. It is unobtainable—it was presumably intended to be event-exclusive, like the Matchup Checker in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, but was never distributed.

It is the reverse of the Kitchen Timer, counting up instead of down. Holding down the button causes the Voltorb to explode and the stopwatch to become unusable for a few seconds.

Alarm Clock

The Alarm Clock in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

"The Alarm Clock can be set to sound every 24 hours. Set the alarm time with the lower button. The top button turns it on."

The Alarm Clock (Japanese: アラームどけい Alarm Clock) is an alarm clock app. It is unobtainable—it was presumably intended to be event-exclusive, like the Matchup Checker in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, but was never distributed.

It allows setting an alarm to ring at a certain time. The alarm will ring for the entire minute unless it is switched off or another app is open.

Hidden Moves

The Hidden Moves (Japanese: ひでんわざ Hidden Moves) app replaces the function of HMs in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl by summoning a wild Pokémon to perform the field move instead. It is obtained from a Hiker in Oreburgh Gate with Rock Smash available as default. However the field moves cannot be used until the respective Badges have been obtained. All moves for the app are obtained in the same way the original HMs were given to the player in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Hidden Move Pokémon summoned Location obtained Badge required
Rock Smash Bidoof Oreburgh Gate Coal Badge
Cut Eterna City Forest Badge
Fly Staraptor Galactic Warehouse Cobble Badge
Defog Great Marsh Fen Badge
Surf Bibarel Celestic Town Relic Badge
Strength Lost Tower Mine Badge
Rock Climb Route 217 Icicle Badge
Waterfall Sunyshore City Beacon Badge


Barry Pokétch Masters.png
Model of Barry's Pokétch from
Pokémon Masters EX

In the anime

Dawn's Pokétch

The Pokétch debuted in the anime in Not on MY Watch Ya Don't!, where Dawn obtained one. Ash and his friends also visited the Pokétch Company, where they learned from the Pokétch Co. President that the Friendship Checker app was in the works and were allowed to test it with their Pokémon.

Since obtaining her Pokétch, Dawn has used it many times throughout Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon Journeys: The Series. In this canon, the Pokétch is a popular device among Pokémon Coordinators. Besides Dawn, her rivals Zoey and Kenny have been shown to own Pokétches as well, and Top Coordinator Marina was seen on a magazine in an advertisement for the product.

In Oh Do You Know The Poffin Plan!, Dawn was shown using the Kitchen Timer during a Poffin cooking class taught by Forsythia. She used the application again in Hungry for the Good Life! while preparing Poffins for her Pokémon at Mr. Backlot's mansion.

Zoey's Pokétch

In A Maze-ing Race!, Dawn obtained the Coin Toss application for her Pokétch after turning in a coupon at a Pokémon Center. She used the Coin Toss numerous times during her journey with Ash and Brock. For instance, in Playing The Leveling Field!, both Dawn and Ash wanted to have a battle with Fantina, and when she said that she would only face off against one of them, Dawn used the app to decide who would get the chance to battle her.

Rosebay, a character who appeared in A Staravia Is Born!, owns a Pokétch. In Barry's Busting Out All Over!, Barry was revealed to own the newest model of the Pokétch. In To Thine Own Pokémon Be True!, the referees for the Pokémon Ping Pong Tournament in Sandalstraw Town used the Coin Toss app to decide which team would serve first.

In Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!, Dawn was shown using a Xtransceiver in place of her Pokétch. In Nightfall? Nightmares!, she was shown to have replaced the Xtransceiver with her Pokétch again.


Friendship Checker Kitchen Timer Coin Toss The newest model
Friendship Checker App anime.png Kitchen Timer App anime.png Coin Toss App anime.png Barry Poketch.png

In the manga

A Pokétch in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Diamond & Pearl arc

The Pokétch was used by three main characters, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. In Stagestruck Starly, Diamond and Pearl received Pokétches, together with first partner Pokémon and Pokédexes, from Platinum for their journey, as she mistook them for her bodyguards.

The trio's Pokétches were manufactured specifically for Platinum's journey, and are, by request of Professor Rowan, each colored differently so that they wouldn't get mixed up by their users. Diamond's Pokétch is blue, Pearl's is orange, and Platinum's is red. The Pokétches had functions similar to those in other media, and were used by the main characters a few times. For example, Diamond used the Dowsing Machine app to track down a wild Lickilicky's hiding place and traced its movements with the pedometer in order to defeat and catch it in Luring in a Lickilicky.

Platinum arc

In Tackling Togekiss, the trio was revealed to have received the updated models of the Pokétch.



Pokétch Rotom Phone case from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
  • Officially, as stated by the owner of the Pokétch Company, there are two models of the Pokétch: a blue one for boys and a pink one for girls. However, the official art, sprites, and models of Barry show him wearing an orange Pokétch. His anime and manga counterparts also wear the orange Pokétch in its Platinum design.
    • The color of his Pokémon Adventures counterpart's Pokétch is explained, however. Professor Rowan asked the Pokétch Co. President to produce an orange one so that the three Pokétches wouldn't get mixed up by Platinum and her bodyguards who were originally going to receive the Pokédexes and Pokétches instead of Diamond and Pearl.
  • For Not on MY Watch Ya Don't!, Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Encyclopedia is about the Pokétch. He writes this senryū about it: 「ポケッチに まだまだふえる アプリかな」 "For the Pokétch, an ever-growing Application."
  • The father of the company's president remarks on the Pokétch: "Pokémon Watch! That's Pokétch for short. Say it the long way and... What does Pokémon stand for again?" This is the first time that the fact that Pokémon is short for Pocket Monsters is referenced in the English translation. Essentially, this would also mean that the real, long way to say "Pokétch" would be to say Pocket Monster Watch, which the Japanese games themselves explicitly state.
  • The games show the Pokétch with a traditional LCD, reminiscent of the Game Boy, while the anime switches between an LCD display and a full-color LED display.
  • In Pokémon Platinum, Jubilife TV has a program starring Ketch Appy, a detective who uses the Pokétch to solve crimes and gives tips for using the Pokétch.
  • In function, a very close real-life analog to the Pokétch is the Timex Datalink USB watch, more accurately described as a programmable wrist computer, used by astronauts and cosmonauts in space.
  • In Generation IV, the English, German, and Spanish names of the Trainer Counter is mistranslated: in Japanese, it is known as the ポケトレカウンターPokétore Counter, referring to the Poké Trace, not to a Pokémon Trainer.
  • When wearing the Platinum Style in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl the Pokétch will have the body of the first model while the strap match the Pokétch model of Pokémon Platinum as noted by the concept art.
  • In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, if the player has save data from Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, a woman in Mesagoza will give them a Rotom Phone case modeled after the Pokétch.
  • Pokémon Trainer's yellow alternate costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which closely resembles the design of Lucas, recolors his bracelets blue, matching that of the male design of the Pokétch.

In other languages


Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可錶 Poké Bīu *
小精靈錶 Síujīnglìhng Bīu *
Mandarin 寶可錶 / 宝可表 Poké Biǎo *
神奇寶貝錶 Shénqíbǎobèi Biǎo *
精灵宝可梦表 Jīnglíng Pokémon Biǎo *
Denmark Flag.png Danish Pokétch
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Pokétch
Finland Flag.png Finnish Pokétch
France Flag.png European French Pokémontre
Germany Flag.png German Pokétch
Italy Flag.png Italian PokéKron
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓치 Pokétch
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Pokétch
Poland Flag.png Polish Pokétch
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Pokélógio
Russia Flag.png Russian Покетч Pokétch
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Poké-reloj
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Pokétch
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Đồng hồ Pokémon

Pokémon Watch

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可夢手錶 / 宝可梦手表 Pokémon Sáubīu *
寵物小精靈錶 Chúngmaht Síujīnglìhng Bīu *
Mandarin 寶可夢手錶 / 宝可梦手表 Pokémon Shǒubiǎo *
神奇寶貝錶 Shénqí Bǎobèi Biǎo *
宝可梦表 Pokémon Biǎo *
France Flag.png European French Montre Pokémon
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon Chronometer
Italy Flag.png Italian PokéKron
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬 워치 Pokémon Watch
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Poké-reloj
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Đồng hồ Pokémon

Specific apps

English French German Italian Korean Spanish
Digital Watch Montre Digitale Digitaluhr Orologio Digitale 디지털시계 Digital Sigye Reloj digital
Calculator Calculatrice Taschenrechner Calcolatrice 계산기 Gyesangi Calculadora
Memo Pad Carnet Notizblock Annotazioni 메모용지 Memo Yongji Bloc
Pedometer Podomètre Schrittzähler Contapassi 만보기 Manbogi Podómetro
Pokémon List Equipe Pokémon Pokémon-Liste Lista Pokémon 포켓몬리스트 Pokémon List Lista Pokémon
Friendship Checker Contrôleur d'Amitié Freundschaftsstatus Verifica Amicizia 친밀도체커 Chinmildo Checker Indicador de amistad
Dowsing Machine Radar à Objet Itemradar Ricerca Strumenti 다우징머신 Dowsing Machine Zahorí
Berry Searcher Contrôleur de Baie Beerensucher Ricerca Bacche 나무열매탐색기 Namuyeolmae Tamsaekgi Buscabayas
Day Care Checker Contrôleur Pension Pension-Prüfer Verifica Crescita 키우미집체커 Kiumijip Checker Indicador Guardería
Pokémon History Historique Pokémon Pokémon-Historie Storia Pokémon 포켓몬히스토리 Pokémon History Historial Pokémon
Counter Compteur Zähler Contatore 카운터 Counter Contador
Analog Watch Montre Analogique Analoguhr Orologio Analogico 아날로그시계 Analog Sigye Reloj analógico
Marking Map Carte Repères Landkarte Segna Mappa 마킹맵 Marking Map Marcamapa
Link Searcher Cherche-Connexion Linkfinder Ricerca Collegamenti 통신탐색기 Tongsintam Saekgi Buscaconexión
Coin Toss Pile ou Face Münzwurf Testa o Croce 동전던지기 Dongjeondeonjigi Lanzamonedas
Move Tester Testeur de Capacités Attackentester Verifica Mosse 기술효과체커 Gisulhyogwa Checker Indicador de movimientos
Calendar Calendrier Kalender Calendario 캘린더 Calendar Calendario
Dot Artist Dessinateur Zeichenbrett Puntinismo 도트아트 Dot Art Artista puntos
Roulette Roulette Roulette Roulette 룰렛 Roulette Ruleta
Trainer Counter Compteur Poké Radar Trainer-Zähler ContaPokémon 포켓트레카운터 Poké-Tra Counter Contador de entrenadores
Kitchen Timer Minuteur Eieruhr Timer da Cucina 키친타이머 Kitchen Timer Temporizador
Color Changer Changeur de Couleur Farbwechsler Modifica Colore 컬러체인저 Color Changer Cambiacolor
Matchup Checker Testeur d'Affinités Vergleich Verifica Sintonia 상성체커 Sangseong Checker Indicador de atracción
Stopwatch Chronomètre Stoppuhr Cronometro 스톱워치 Stopwatch Cronómetro
Alarm Clock Réveil Wecker Orologio a Sveglia 알람시계 Alarm Sigye Despertador

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