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Fiore フィオレ地方
Fiore region
Fiore alt.png
Artwork of the Fiore region
Introduction Pokémon Ranger
Professor Professor Hastings
First partner Pokémon None
Regional Villains Go-Rock Squad
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Fiore (Japanese: フィオレ地方 Fiore-chihō) is the setting for the first Pokémon Ranger game. Its name is Italian for "flower". It may be somewhat far from the Sinnoh region, since in the in-game Manaphy event, Professor Hastings suggests sending the Manaphy Egg to Sinnoh as a response to the term "somewhere far away."

The relationship between humans and Pokémon is substantially different in Fiore than it is in the regions of the main games. In Fiore, there are no Trainers that capture and battle. The people that have the most interaction with Pokémon are the Pokémon Rangers. Since the Rangers enforce a strict rule of releasing Pokémon after using their help, Fiore does not host a form of Pokémon competition in the vein of the other regions' Pokémon League. However, they do have capture challenges that are open for Rangers to hone their skills. Poké Balls are not sold or used in the Fiore region. People who befriend Pokémon are encouraged to keep them by their side, outside of Poké Balls at all times.

Design concept

Fiore is likely based on the Japanese prefectures Okayama and Hyōgo, as well as Shodo Island of the Kagawa prefecture.


Fiore, labeled
Artwork of Fiore

Fiore is a location with mountainous terrain and four cities located in the cardinal directions of the map. Each city represents a season: Ringtown for spring, Fall City for fall, Summerland for summer, and Wintown for winter.

Notable locations




Fiore map.png
Fiore as seen in
Pokémon Ranger

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Platinum arc

In Alternate Dimension Showdown XI, Looker mentioned that he had been on a mission to Fiore before travelling to Sinnoh. He revealed that Lunick, Solana, and Iyori had given him the Manaphy Egg, asking him to give it to a Trainer in Sinnoh. Looker eventually entrusted the Egg to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.


  • Wintown is the only city or town without a Capture Challenge nearby.
  • Dummied-out data exists in the Japanese and European versions of the game for a location called Kalakka Desert (Japanese: カラッカさばく Kalakka Desert), including a map description: "The temperature here swings far between day and night, and an arid wind blows."
  • Alongside Hoenn, Fiore is the only region to have two lighthouses appearing in-game, specifically at the Fall City harbor and in the vicinities of Summerland (marine challenge).


Language Name Origin
Japanese フィオレ Fiore From fiore (Italian for flower)
English, German,
French, Italian,
Fiore Same as Japanese name
Spanish Floresta From flor (flower) and foresta (forest)
Korean 피오레 Piore Transcription of Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 菲蕾 Fēilěi Transcription of Japanese name. Contains 菲 fēi (fragrant) and 蕾 lěi / léuih (bud)
Chinese (Cantonese) 菲蕾 Fēiléuih

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