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Freezington フリーズ
Freeze Village
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Galar Freezington SwSh.jpg
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Slippery Slope
Frostpoint Field
Galar Freezington Map.png
Location of Freezington in Galar.

Freezington (Japanese: フリーズ村 Freeze Village) is a village in the Crown Tundra in the Galar region. It connects to Slippery Slope to the north and Frostpoint Field to the south.

Places of interest

Freeze Inn

The Freeze Inn is a house that works as the player and Peony's base during The Crown Tundra story. It has a room that allows Pokémon healing and clothes changing, and is identified by a big flag outside the building.

Mayor's house

Freezington's mayor's house contains a bookshelf with books about Calyrex, its steed, the Reins of Unity, and various other subjects.


In the center of the village, there is a statue of the King of the Bountiful Harvests. It is initially incomplete, but may be completed by attaching the Wooden Crown.


Near the entrance of the village is a peddler selling a variety of items. He is also the only merchant who sells Great and Ultra Balls without requiring any Badges.



Freezington's population is 9, likely owing to its lack of amenities such as a stadium or Pokémon Center and its relative isolation. This makes it the second smallest town in Galar, as well as the entire Pokémon world.


Item Location Games
None "Freezington's Fame"
Pattern Boatneck Sweater
From Freezington's mayor upon first arriving  Sw  Sh 
Blunder Policy Blunder Policy Behind the house next to the Slippery Slope entrance  Sw  Sh 
Utility Umbrella Utility Umbrella Next to crop pots next to the Slippery Slope entrance  Sw  Sh 
TR Psychic TR17 (Amnesia) Right of the Slippery Slope entrance  Sw  Sh 
TR Poison TR73 (Gunk Shot) At the end of the dead-end path straight ahead from the Freeze Inn  Sw  Sh 
Charcoal Charcoal Next to a house with crop pots, accessed from Frostpoint Field  Sw  Sh 
Bottle Cap Bottle Cap Behind the Freeze Inn, accessed from Frostpoint Field  Sw  Sh 
Carrot Seeds Carrot Seeds From the old man at the crop pots in exchange for eight pieces of Dynite Ore  Sw  Sh 
None Expedition Uniform From Peony in the Freeze Inn, after the first Dynamax Adventure  Sw  Sh 
Legendary Clue Legendary Clue 1 From Peony in the Freeze Inn, after the first Dynamax Adventure  Sw  Sh 
Legendary Clue Legendary Clue 2 From Peony in the Freeze Inn, after the first Dynamax Adventure  Sw  Sh 
Legendary Clue Legendary Clue 3 From Peony in the Freeze Inn, after the first Dynamax Adventure  Sw  Sh 
Master Ball Master Ball From Peony in the Freeze Inn, after accepting the Legendary Clues and becoming Champion  Sw  Sh 
Wooden Crown Wooden Crown On the table in the Freeze Inn, after accepting the Legendary Clues  Sw  Sh 
White Mane Hair White Mane Hair Dropped by Glastrier after defeating it, if the player grew an Iceroot Carrot  Sw  Sh 
Black Mane Hair Black Mane Hair Dropped by Spectrier after defeating it, if the player grew a Shaderoot Carrot  Sw  Sh 
Radiant Petal Radiant Petal From Calyrex after defeating Glastrier or Spectrier  Sw  Sh 
Reins of Unity Reins of Unity From Peony at the mayor's house after obtaining the Radiant Petal  Sw  Sh 
None Peony's rare League Card From Peony after completing all the Legendary Clues  Sw  Sh 
Legendary Clue Legendary Clue? On the doormat in the Freeze Inn after completing all the Legendary Clues  Sw  Sh 
Exp. Candy S Exp. Candy S ×10 From Sonia after catching the first member of the Swords of Justice and showing it to her  Sw  Sh 
Exp. Candy M Exp. Candy M ×10 From Sonia after catching the second member of the Swords of Justice and showing it to her  Sw  Sh 
Exp. Candy L Exp. Candy L ×10 From Sonia after catching the third member of the Swords of Justice and showing it to her  Sw  Sh 

Hidden items

Every item that reappears every day can also regenerate as a Wishing Piece at a 1% chance.

Item Location Games
Nugget Nugget  Sw  Sh 
Large Leek Large Leek Reappears daily (79%/20%)  Sw  Sh 
Leek Leek
Exp. Candy XS Exp. Candy XS Reappears daily (29%/25%/25%/15%/5%)  Sw  Sh 
Exp. Candy S Exp. Candy S
Exp. Candy M Exp. Candy M
Exp. Candy L Exp. Candy L
Exp. Candy XL Exp. Candy XL
Wishing Piece Wishing Piece  Sw  Sh 
Energy Root Energy Root Reappears daily (79%/20%)  Sw  Sh 
Big Root Big Root


With the exception of Cosmog, none of the Pokémon listed here can be obtained. In the battle against Calyrex, both its name and level will be displayed as "???". All Pokémon found here are coded never to appear as Shiny.

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Special Pokémon
After fixing the statue
Sw Sh
Premier Ball
Only one
??? One
If the player grew an Iceroot Carrot
Sw Sh
Premier Ball
Only one
75 One
If the player grew a Shaderoot Carrot
Sw Sh
Premier Ball
Only one
75 One
Gift Pokémon
After defeating Glastrier or Spectrier
Sw Sh
5 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

In the anime

Freezington in the anime

Freezington appeared in The Homecoming Crown!. After hearing about a sighting of an unknown Pokémon in the Crown Tundra, Ash, Goh, and Chloe traveled to Freezington to question its mayor what the Pokémon was like. However, since it had been snowing hard when he had seen the Pokémon, the mayor could only describe its coloration to them. A sudden blizzard forced the trio to spend the night at the mayor's house before they left to search for the Pokémon the next day.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Freezington in Pokémon Adventures

Sword & Shield arc

Freezington was first mentioned by Peony in PASS33.

In PASS34, Hop, Bede, and Marnie arrived in Freezington with Peony, settling down at the Freeze Inn while Peony explained the exploration team's various goals.

In PASS37, Henry, who had been carried to the Crown Tundra by Galarian Moltres, met up with Peony in Freezington. However, Peony suddenly started claiming Henry reminded him of someone he hated and demanded he leave. However, when Peonia arrived and requested her father to let Henry and her join the expedition team after hearing of its exploits, Peony begrudgingly allowed Henry to stay and join the team too. The team was subsequently approached by Calyrex, who needed their help in returning to its full power. Once Calyrex had remembered that it used to have a steed, the expedition team left to plant Henry's Carrot Seeds to grow the steed's favorite food.

In PASS39, Calyrex's steed, Spectrier, appeared in Freezington after smelling the Shaderoot Carrot grown by the expedition team and started attacking the town's crop fields. With the townspeople regaining their faith in Calyrex's existence upon seeing it, it regained some of its former strength and was able to drive Spectrier away. Lacking the Reins of Unity that it required to tame its steed, Calyrex created a Radiant Petal to be used as one of its crafting materials, while Bede succeeded in getting some Black Mane Hair from Spectrier while following it towards the Crown Shrine. While the crafting instructions for the Reins of Unity were very vague, learning that Spectrier knew where the Rusted Sword was currently located gave Henry the motivation to help and craft them regardless. The expedition team and Calyrex subsequently departed to the Crown Shrine to find Spectrier.

In PASS40, a group of Dynamax Pokémon started rampaging in Freezington as a result of the rebeginning of the Darkest Day. However, they were swiftly defeated by Shadow Rider Calyrex, who also restored the crop fields destroyed during the rampage, before telling Spectrier to lead it to the Rusted Sword.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Freezington in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Pokémon in Freezington
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Ice Rider CalyrexVMAX Water Chilling Reign Rare Rainbow 203/198 Silver Lance HR 085/070
Other related cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Peony Su Chilling Reign Uncommon 150/198 Silver Lance U 067/070


Calyrex Statue SWSH Concept Art.png
 Sw  Sh 
Concept art



Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese フリーズ Freeze Village From freeze
English Freezington From freezing and -ton (British town suffix for enclosure, homestead)
German, Italian Freezedale From freeze and dale (open valley)
Spanish Villa Helada From helada (freezing)
French Hameau Gelé From hameau (small rural settlement) and gelé (frozen)
Korean 프리즈마을 Freeze Maeul From its Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 凍凝村 / 冻凝村 Dòngníng Cūn From 凍凝 / 冻凝 dòngníng / dungyìhng (freeze and congeal)
Chinese (Cantonese) 凍凝村 Dungyìhng Chyūn

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