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The Dark Clembot

The Dark Clembot (Japanese: ブラックシトロイド Black Citroid) is a character of the day who appeared Confronting the Darkness!.

The Dark Clembot was created by Belmondo, a former professor of the robotics division of the Lumiose University. Belmondo had a dream of creating the best robot possible, and when he saw Clembot, he knew he could use it to make this dream a reality. As a result, he hacked the blueprints of Clembot and used them to create the Dark Clembot, which he deemed far superior to the original. He also programmed the robot so that it considered winning the most important aspect of Pokémon battles.

The Dark Clembot was used for committing all sorts of crimes in Lumiose City, like stealing a star from the signboard of a three-star hotel and turning mannequins upside down in a boutique. Belmondo had planned for the Dark Clembot to solve the cases of the crimes it committed itself, so that it could frame Clembot as the culprit. However, before Belmondo could execute this plan, Officer Jenny had already arrested Clembot based on security footage.

The Dark Clembot with Clembot

The Dark Clembot's next target was a storehouse, where it viciously destroyed many electric appliances with help of its creator's Magneton. Meanwhile, Ash and his friends, wanting to prove Clembot's innocence, discovered the truth by looking into Clembot's blueprints and finding out they had been hacked into. In the blueprints, they also found out its next target would be the Lumiose Museum. That night, the Dark Clembot was preparing to break into the museum. However, right as it was about to break a window, it was kicked aside by Clembot, whose innocence had been proven. Belmondo showed himself to Ash and his friends and told them why he had created the Dark Clembot.

Getting into a disagreement with Clemont about who had built the best Clembot, the two pitted the robots in a Pokémon battle against each other using their creator's Pokémon. During the battle, Clemont pointed out the Dark Clembot's weakness: it does not care about the Pokémon it uses and only cares about winning, whereas his Clembot fights together with the Pokémon it uses. After this speech, both the original and the Dark Clembot were attracted to a magnet used by Team Rocket. They were quickly freed by Blaziken Mask, but this small disruption had worn out both robots, and their creators decided to let their robots rest and continue the battle themselves. Belmondo was quickly defeated by Clemont, and he and the Dark Clembot were arrested by Officer Jenny.


Loaned from Belmondo

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Belmondo's Magneton
Magneton was first used by the Dark Clembot to destroy electric appliances in a storehouse using Discharge. Next, it was used against the original Clembot, in a battle to decide which Clembot was the best. The original Clembot used Clemont's Heliolisk to face off against Magneton. After a hard-fought battle, it was recalled by Belmondo after the battle had been interrupted by Team Rocket.

Magneton's known moves are Discharge, Thunder Shock, Electro Ball, Tackle, and Flash Cannon.

Debut Confronting the Darkness!
Voice actors
English Bill Rogers


Language Name Origin
Japanese ブラックシトロイド Black Citroid From black and Citroid (Clembot)
English Dark Clembot From dark and Clembot
Spanish Lembot Oscuro From Lembot (Clembot) and oscuro (dark)
French Lemrobot des ténèbres From Lemrobot (Clembot) and ténèbres (shadows)
Brazilian Portuguese Clembô Sombrio From Clembô (Clembot) and sombrio (dark)
Portuguese Clembot Sombrio From Clembot and sombrio (dark)
German Finster-Citrobot From finster (dark) and Citrobot (Clembot)
Italian Anti Lembot From anti and Lembot (Clembot)
Finnish Pimeä Clembot From pimeä (dark) and Clembot
Polish Mroczny Clembot From mroczny (dark) and Clembot

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