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ホワイト White
White Adventures.png
Age 16 (as of the eleventh chapter)
Gender Female
Birthday October 5
Blood type A
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Floccesy Town
Region Unova
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Hilda

White (Japanese: ホワイト White) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


White as a child

White is the president and manager of the BW Agency, a company that has a large supply of Pokémon actors that can be used for commercials, plays, movies, and stunts. Whenever her company's reputation is put on the line, she will do anything to prevent its name from being ruined.

White is reluctant to battle, as shown when she started to panic when Black said that she may need to fight in his battle with N and when Gigi was attacked by N's Purrloin, instead of attacking back, she scolded it for attacking an actress. Unlike Black, she did not possess a Pokédex at the beginning of the chapter, and, until Black showed it to her, she did not know what it was. She was much later entrusted a Pokédex to by Bianca.

When it comes to show business, White is an expert. She is extremely talented in organizing and planning along with recruiting people to join the BW Agency. For her skills, she is given the title of "Dreamer" (夢みる者 Dreamer), which she shares with Black.

It is later revealed that as a child, White viewed a musical—which were human-only at that point—and saw a Cubchoo walk up on the stage. After seeing how the people enjoyed seeing the Cubchoo take part in the musical, she wanted to make something that Pokémon who loved to perform could do.


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Black & White chapter

White first appears watching the shooting for a Xtransceiver commercial when she encounters Black shouting out his ambition to become a Master Trainer. When she discovers he has a male Tepig, she decides to hire him, due to her believing she had needed to bring only a female Tepig, only to learn she really needed both genders. When Black is suspected of sabotaging White's commercial shooting, she tries to prove his innocence (actually just trying to not get him arrested, due to the fact that if he was arrested, so would his Tepig) and watches as he finds the real culprit, a Galvantula, and defeating it at the cost of the shooting equipment. She pays for the destroyed equipment and states that she hired Black for her company, forcing him to call her "Boss."

The night after, White and Black camp outside and are attacked by an unseen Pokémon. Using his abilities, Black finds out that the Pokémon attacking them is a Timburr that is helping a group of people in knight uniforms known as Team Plasma build a stage. The next day, White and Black witness one of Team Plasma's "sages", Ghetsis, make a speech that causes the people around them to start releasing their Pokémon.

When an enraged Black tries to stop them from making anymore speeches, White stops him because it isn't his business. While they talk about whether or not Team Plasma is correct, White is called away for business reasons. After talking to the director, White returns to back where Black was only to find him in battle with someone else. In the ensuing battle White learns that the person Black is fighting is named N and he has the ability to hear the voices of Pokémon, allowing him to communicate with them. After Black is defeated, White becomes convinced that N is a part of Team Plasma and becomes disgusted at their actions. Black denies this and states that even if he is a part of Team Plasma, N is a good person. Afterwards, they travel to Striaton City so Black can challenge the Gym; while Black challenges the Gym, White goes off somewhere else. After the Gym battle, White meets Black's childhood friends, Cheren and Bianca and advertises her BW Agency to them; the two groups then go their separate ways.

White after losing Gigi to N

After encountering Fennel and Amanita at the Site of Dreams, White and Black arrive in Nacrene City. After advertising her BW Agency and convincing an accordion player to appear in one of the Agency's shows, White and the others find that the accordion had been stolen. As Black uses his abilities to find the thieves, a Scraggy and Scrafty, White explains to everyone else about how Black can use his Munna to increase his senses. After the thieves were defeated and the shooting went off without a hitch, White gives Black his Tep back and he goes off to his Gym battle. After Black leaves, the director gives White an offer to plan a campaign in Nimbasa City.

Later, while Black is having his Gym battle, White and the director discuss with the mayor of Nimbasa City about what they can come up with to make the city livelier. After hearing some ideas, White nervously comes up with the idea of a musical, an idea that the mayor loved. After White returns to Black who had just defeated the Nacrene Gym, she excitedly exclaims her joy about the mayor using her idea to make Nimbasa a tourist attraction and drags him out of the Gym so they can prepare to leave.

Afterwards, White and Black go through Pinwheel Forest where they are attacked by an unseen Pokémon that rips up their clothes. After traveling through the Skyarrow Bridge, White and Black encounter the Battle Company's president disguised as janitor Geoff who tells them that the Pokémon that had attacked them was Virizion. After saying goodbye to Geoff, they arrive in Castelia City.

After arriving in Castelia, White notices that Black's Tep is about to evolve into a Pignite and forcefully prevents this from happening as to prevent the Tep and Gigi duo from being broken. Although Tep did evolve during the Gym battle at the Castelia Gym, White was able to come up with a new way for their performance so the new Nite and Gigi duo would not be broken up. After leaving Castelia, White and Black arrive in Route 4 but cannot progress to Nimbasa because of a powerful sandstorm. After getting some supplies to help them get out of the sandstorm, White finds an unconscious Black and an unconscious Plasma Grunt at the gateway and has Black's Brav carry them to Nimbasa. After explaining the situation to Black after he wakes up, she drags him to the building where the Pokémon Musical will be held. White goes and starts organizing the Musical by having the BW Agency's Pokémon do a rehearsal; her skills in organization shocks Black in the process.

As the Musical continues, White notices how all of the people and Pokémon have come closer together and it brings a tear to her eyes. Suddenly, White is knocked by a mysterious figure and is pushed into the Nimbasa ferris wheel. As she regains her composure, White notices that the person who pushed her was in fact, N. When N asks her about why she created the Pokémon Musical, White reveals her reasons to him.

White and Black saying their goodbyes

N replies that some Pokémon may like to perform but by only focusing on that part of the Pokémon, their other traits will be suppressed. In Gigi's case, N refers to her ability to battle and evolve. N then has his Servine attack Gigi in order to have her fight back and show just how strong she is to White. N comes to the conclusion that by focusing on Gigi's talents in performing, White had been neglecting her true strengths in battle, a fact that Gigi agrees to. White decides that it is time to escape and attempts to jump off the Ferris wheel and asks Gigi to do the same. To her shock, Gigi goes to N's side, causing White to fall out of the car and onto the ground below. Gigi and N watch from the car as White lies on the ground, crying because of Gigi's betrayal.

White stares in shock as Black and Reshiram become the Light Stone

White is found by Marshal, one the Elite Four, who had found her lying on the ground unconscious next to the Ferris wheel. He hands White over to Black and tells him to take her to a hospital. Before doing so, Black notices that the Servine N gave to her is following them and wonders why. White later wakes up at the hospital to find Black next to her, having fallen asleep while waiting for her to wake up. Immediately after, White notices Servine watching her from behind a veil and screams in fear. Later, White explains to Black what had happened to her when she met N at the Ferris wheel. This infuriates Black and he attempts to get information on N from Servine, who he believes to be a spy. After Black fails, they are approached by Baker Chris who takes them to the newly made Battle Subway so they can find Marshal in order to ask for information about when he rescued White. Upon arriving, they find Marshal and the Pokémon League Champion, Alder, about to battle each other. After Alder and Marshal finish their battle, White is introduced to Marshal by Black and she thanks him for helping her at the Ferris wheel.

After meeting up with the Mayor of Nimbasa City again and explaining White's situation to him, Marshal reveals that he only saw White and Servine when he found her. While Black learns about the Battle Subway, White watches Alder play with some wild Pokémon and realizes that he can connect with them, regardless of their beauty or strength. She states that she accepts Gigi's decision to join N but believes that she will return to show business one day. White then decides to take part in the Battle Subway as well.

Before taking part in the Battle Subway, White attempts to capture a wild Deerling but fails in the process. Due to her taking part in the Battle Subway, White has temporarily closed the BW Agency and needs her own Pokémon to use in battling. After angering it enough, the wild Deerling attacks White only to be stopped by the Servine that was following them. To her surprise, the Servine listens to White when she commands it to attack. With some help from Black, White manages to capture the Deerling while he captures a Tirtouga. As she prepares to go onto the Subway, she has a tearful goodbye with Black as he remembers the journey they had together. As the train leaves, Black gives White Brav due to her needing three Pokémon to use in the Battle Subway.

While on the Battle Subway, White has terrible luck and is unable to win any battles. She soon meets the Elite Four member Shauntal who had snuck onto the train to find inspiration on writing a story. They are soon caught up in a battle between the Legendary Pokémon Thundurus and Tornadus. Despite Shauntal's attempts at provoking them even more to get the inspiration she wanted, the two Pokémon are calmed down and taken away by Landorus. After all is said and done, they board the train and head off to Anville Town.

White and her Pokémon prior to the Black 2 & White 2 chapter

Sometime before arriving at Anville Town, White's skills at battling have significantly improved. In addition to becoming a better Trainer, she had obtained three new Pokémon: Dorothy the Stunfisk, Nancy the Alomomola, and Solly the Solosis. After doing some exploring, White meets up with Bianca, who reveals that she had become depressed because of her father's repeated pestering, preventing Bianca from becoming any stronger over the course of her journey. To cheer her up, White takes Bianca to Café Sonata to help her get a start in the music business. However, once they enter the building, they find out that it has been ransacked by a wild Vullaby that had been pursuing a Meloetta. With Bianca and Meloetta's help, White defeats and captures the Vullaby, which she names Barbara and plans to use in villainous roles. Afterward, Bianca decides to give up her recently repaired Pokédex to White and instead become an assistant to Professor Juniper.

Later, White returns to Black, but their happy reunion is quickly halted when they see that a battle with N and Alder had ended in N's favor. N asks if White wants him to return Gigi, or let her stay with him. White states that since she didn't care about battles, she couldn't be the judge of whether battling was good for Gigi or not; but now that she has learned about battles, it should be Gigi's choice to stay or come back, not hers or N's. N attempts to praise White for her answer, but Black angrily pulls her away from him. N attempts to leave, but a Samurott belonging to Cedric Juniper stops him from going away. Cedric reveals that he had come to get N to reveal the location of the kidnapped Gym Leaders, and has Black and White help battle him. They manage to win, but N escapes after Black falls unconscious when Musha decides to leave his Trainer.

During the Pokémon League, Brycen begins to investigate the Hood Man due to believing that he may have something to do with the kidnapped Gym Leaders. To help with this investigation, he enlists the help of White. White's first step is to investigate Marlon after his defeat at the hands of the Hood Man. After gaining his trust, she finds out that the Hood Man had managed to get into the League without collecting a single Gym Badge. Although she begins suspecting him because of this, Marlon suggests she look after Cheren instead, as he finds him to be the more suspicious one. Her investigations lead her to Leo next after she notices him cheering for Cheren in his battle against the Hood Man. Her attempts to talk to him prove troublesome because of Leo's shyness around girls.

White retrieving the Light Stone

She decides to investigate Hood Man and Gray next and quickly discovers that both of them are affiliated with Team Plasma. She is discovered and captured by Gray, who reveals himself to be Zinzolin, one of the Seven Sages of Team Plasma. She is saved by Looker, who leaps in and captures Zinzolin. She uses the opportunity to tell Black the truth about the two, but the Hood Man uses his Beheeyem to Teleport White away. White awakens in N's room inside Team Plasma's Castle. There, she meets Anthea and Concordia, who tell her about N's past and how he gained the ability to hear the hearts of Pokémon. She meets up with Gigi again, who was released by N along with his other Pokémon. Gigi tells White that she wants to come back to show business. White decides to accept the request, although she still considers Gigi to be N's Pokémon. White, along with Gigi, rushes off to tell Black about what she had just learned about N.

White arrives just as Black had defeated both N and Ghetsis. White talks to N about how she found Gigi in his room and thanks N for helping her to hear Gigi's voice. N states that because of Black and White, he was able to change his worldviews and beliefs. Hoping that they would allow him to choose his own path, N departs on Zekrom's back and bids farewell to his former enemies. With Zekrom gone, Black's Reshiram begins reverting itself back into the Light Stone. Ghetsis takes this chance to have Colress's Beheeyem throw Black at Reshiram, which puts him at risk of also being absorbed into the Light Stone. Knowing he can't escape, Black reveals that he is wearing the BW Agency's logo underneath his jacket and asks if he paid off his debt. Before White can answer, Black is absorbed into the Light Stone. Heartbroken, White confirms that Black did pay off his debt and attempts to reach out to the Light Stone. Before she can grab it, the Light Stone floats into the air and flies away to parts unknown as White cries for Black to return.

Black 2 & White 2 chapter

Two years later, White is revealed to have been a part in the creation of Pokéstar Studios. After a class trip led by newly made teacher Cheren ends, White goes over to congratulate Barbara for her good work in participating in a movie.

In PS541, White travels to the Entralink at Fennel's request. Shortly after arriving, White discovers the Light Stone and retrieves it, but is interrupted by the arrival of N and Zekrom.

Although White initially assumed N wanted to take the Light Stone away, N assured her that he was on her side. When White asked why Reshiram reverted to its stone form but Zekrom didn't, N couldn't give her a complete answer. N has Zekrom take him and White to where Team Plasma is currently located. He revealed to her that Team Plasma has taken control of Kyurem and are using its power to force Zekrom and the Light Stone to be attracted to it. This plan is to ensure that Kyurem can fuse with either Reshiram or Zekrom.

After some traveling, Zekrom arrives at the location of Team Plasma's flying ship, the Plasma Frigate. Seeing that N has arrived, Ghetsis takes Kyurem with him to do battle with his foster son.


Most of White's Pokémon are given nicknames based on actual human names.

On hand

Main article: Gigi

Gigi (Japanese: ぶぶ Bubu) is a Pokémon actress enlisted in White's BW Agency. She was one of the two Tepig that White was supposed to bring for her commercial shooting, but due to a mix-up, she only brought a female Tepig. She seems to get along with Black's Tep as they quickly decided to play together when they first met.

After discovering her true battle potential in Gigi's Choice, Gigi decides to side with N and leaves White to join him. After deciding that she preferred show business instead, Gigi returned to White as an actress.

Debut Lights, Camera...Action!
Main article: Amanda (Adventures)

Amanda (Japanese: あまんだ Amanda) was one of the Pokémon enlisted by N to help him. After being defeated by Gigi in Gigi's Choice, N set her free and sent her to White's side. Since then, she has been following White wherever she goes despite her not knowing why she's doing so. She evolved into Serperior sometime prior to The Lesson End Here. As of Something Suspicious, she is level 40, has a Careful nature, and her Characteristic is "somewhat vain."

Debut The Case of the Missing Pokémon
White encountered Darlene (Japanese: じぇしか Jessica) while she was preparing for the Battle Subway. Although she initially had trouble due to inexperience as a Trainer, White managed to catch her with Black's assistance. As of Something Suspicious, she is level 33 and has a Naive nature.

Darlene's only known move is Leech Seed, and her Ability is Chlorophyll.

Debut Growing Pains
Dorothy (Japanese: どろしー Dorothy) was one of the Pokémon that White captured during her training on the Battle Subway. She was captured at the waters of Icirrus. As of Something Suspicious, she is level 38 and has a Lax nature.

None of Dorothy's moves are known, and her Ability is Limber.

Debut With a Little Help from My Friends
Nancy (Japanese: なんしー Nancy) was captured by White during her Battle Subway training. She was captured at Route 4. As of Something Suspicious, she is level 38 and has a Modest nature.

None of Nancy's moves are known, and her Ability is Healer.

Debut With a Little Help from My Friends

White caught Solly (Japanese: ゆにぼう Yunibō) as a Solosis during her Battle Subway training. In PS541, he was revealed to have evolved into a Duosion. As of Something Suspicious, he is level 32 and has a Timid nature.

None of Solly's moves are known, and his Ability is Magic Guard.

Debut With a Little Help from My Friends
White encountered Barbara (Japanese: ばーばら Barbara) at Castelia City. She and her gang pursued and ambushed Meloetta at Café Sonata, and injured the house guitarist's hand, rendering him unable to play the song he intended with Meloetta. When Bianca stepped in to play the song, she allowed Meloetta to turn into its Pirouette Forme and defeat Vullaby with the help of Bianca's Oshawott and White's Servine. White captured it after seeing its potential to play villainous roles in movies. As of Something Suspicious, she is level 42 and has a Hasty nature.

None of Barbara's moves are known, and her Ability is Big Pecks.

Debut With a Little Help from My Friends


Main article: BW Agency → Pokémon


Main article: Brav

Brav (Japanese: ウォー Warr) is a Pokémon that belongs to Black. Black lent Brav to White so she could have a third Pokémon for the Battle Subway. He has since been returned to Black.

Debut Choices


  • White is 5'3" (161 cm) tall and weighs 97 lbs (44kg).


Language Name Origin
Japanese ホワイト White From Pokémon White
English, Brazilian Portuguese,
Latin American Spanish, Vietnamese
White From Pokémon White
French Blanche From blanche, white (feminine form)
German Weiss From Weiß, white
Italian Bianca From bianca, white (feminine form)
European Spanish Blanca From blanca, white (feminine form)
Korean 화이트 White From Pokémon White
Chinese (Mandarin) 懷得 Huáidé Transliteration of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 懷得 Wàaihdāk Mandarin-based transcription of her Japanese name
Thai ไวท์ White Transliteration of her Japanese name

White's Pokémon

Main article: Gigi → Names
Main article: Amanda (Adventures) → Names


Language Name Origin
Japanese じぇしか Jessica From Jessica (a female name) and 鹿 shika (deer) or シキジカ Shikijika (Deerling)
English Darlene From Darlene (a female name) and Deerling
French Sylviva From Sylvia (a female name), Vivaldaim (Deerling), and possibly silva (Latin for forest)
German Kitzi From Fritzi (a female name) and Sesokitz (Deerling)
European Spanish,
Jessica Same as Japanese name
Italian Deerika From Erika (a female name) and Deerling
Korean 제시카 Jessica From her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 潔西卡 Jiéxīkǎ From her Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Dri From Dri (a common nickname for Adriana or Adriane - female names) and Deerling


Language Name Origin
Japanese どろしー Dorothy From Dorothy (a female name) and 泥 doro (mud)
English, Brazilian Portuguese,
European Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese
Dorothy Same as Japanese name
French Mondaine From Mondaine (a female name) and Limonde (Stunfisk)
German Schlicki From Nicki (a female name) and Flunschlik (Stunfisk)
Korean 도로시 Dorothy From her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 桃樂絲 Táolèsī From her Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Japanese なんしー Nancy From Nancy (a female name), nanny, and sea
English, Brazilian Portuguese,
European Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese
Nancy Same as Japanese name
French Mamanda From Amanda (a female name) and Mamanbo (Alomomola)
German Moli From Molly (a female name) and Mamolida (Alomomola)
Korean 낸시 Nancy From her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 蘭茜 Lánxī From her Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Japanese ゆにぼう Yunibō From ユニラン Uniran (Solosis) and possibly 坊 (a Japanese honorific), 細胞 saibō (cell), or ぼうじん bōjin (Overcoat)
English Solly From Solly (a male name) and Solosis
French Nuchloé From Chloé (a female name) and Nucléos (Solosis)
German Monomi From Naomi (a female name) and Monozyto (Solosis)
Brazilian Portuguese, European Spanish Sally Similar to his English name
Italian Sissy From Sissy (a female name) and Solosis
Korean 유니보 Yunibo From his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 單寶 Dānbǎo From 單卵細胞球 Dānluǎnxìbāoqiú (Solosis) and 寶 bǎo (treasure)
Vietnamese Yunibou Same as Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Japanese ばーばら Barbara From Barbara (a female name) and バルチャイ Vulchai (Vullaby)
English, European Spanish,
Italian, Vietnamese
Barbara Same as Japanese name
French Vanossa From Vanessa (a female name) and Vostourno (Vullaby)
German Skally From Sally (a female name) and Skallyk (Vullaby)
Korean 바바라 Barbara From her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 芭芭拉 Bābālā From her Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Bárbara From her English name

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