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シン Shin
Shin FAT.png
Gender Male
Eye color Orange
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Unova
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Hilbert

(Japanese: シン Shin) is the main character of Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder. He is based on the male player character of Pokémon Black and White.


Shin and N

Shin first appeared when Togari, a Team Plasma Grunt, tried to steal a Preschooler's Cottonee. He battled Togari and easily defeated him with the Cottonee being returned to the girl. N, witnessing the battle, decides to travel with Shin to teach him about the world of Pokémon. Suddenly, two Team Plasma Grunts take N's Purrloin and Shin tried to stop them. Shin was able to knock down one of the grunts as the grunt threw the Purrloin to another one identified as Togari. Togari ran off very quickly and Shin and N have to find him.

They search for Togari in a forest and find him by a rocky plateau where the rematch with Shin took place. Unlike last time, Togari managed to outnumber Shin using two Pokémon, making the battle way more tougher. Despite Shin having a disadvantage, he managed to defeat Togari with Tepig's Flame Charge, as well as sending him flying, with N retrieving his Purrloin in the process.

Shin battles a Blitzle which was separated from its Zebstrika herd. Shin and Pignite were zapped by one of the Zebstrika, who returned for its kin and felt that the boy was a threat. As Shin was about to attack the Zebstrika with his Pignite, N blocks the attack when he realized what Blitzle and Zebstrika were saying. With Blitzle returned to the herd, Shin and N head over to Dragonspiral Tower. When they arrived, both of them get separated by a falling pillar. While Shin was on his way to the top floor of the Dragonspiral Tower, he encounters Togari who stopped him from doing so. Togari sent out his Seismitoad to battle Shin. After the battle, Shin continued his way to the top floor and finds N, only to have awakened Zekrom.

N explained to Shin the truth behind Team Plasma and flees on Zekrom. Shin left Dragonspiral Tower, angry for what N is doing. Before he can find N, he noticed a guy that was beaten by two brothers who owned a Bisharp and Accelgor. These brothers were unstoppable as they kept on beating Emboar around despite Emboar having a type-advantage. Before the battle can continue, Alder grabbed him and threw him into a Trubbish dump. He declared to Shin that he cannot beat N. Shin continued his battle with the brothers while Alder snuck a Hyper Potion on Emboar's tail. Shin then commands Emboar to punch the ground and finds a Durant. After Shin defeated the brothers, Alder reveals to him that he is the Champion of the Unova League.

Alder tells Shin the story of two legendary Pokémon, Zekrom and Reshiram, and knows that he is one with Reshiram. Proving to Shin, Alder takes Shin to the Relic Castle in the Desert Resort where the Light Stone is. After finding the Light Stone, Alder battles Shin with his Volcarona. Alder then tells Shin that it was a test to see if he is worthy of controlling Reshiram. With Reshiram awakened, Shin flies off to find N.

As N was spotted, Shin battles him with Reshiram against Zekrom and lost horribly. Shin battled him again and it is the same from last time. Shin is trapped inside while N is about to fly off. As Emboar could not produce a flame to get them out of there, Reshiram powers up Emboar and manages to free Shin, as well as penetrate Zekrom's electric forcefield. With N defeated, he reconsiders changing his ways and Shin watches him fly off on Zekrom, promising to battle again someday.


According to N, Shin is considered to be an odd Pokémon Trainer as he understands Pokémon language really well.


On hand

Shin's Emboar
Tepig → Pignite → Emboar
Main article: Shin's Emboar

Emboar is Shin's first Pokémon. It first debuted as a Tepig when Shin started his journey and evolved into a Pignite after a battle with Togari, a Team Plasma grunt. Pignite evolved into Emboar after battling Togari for the third time.

Debut Justice Trainer Shin Appears!


Shin's Reshiram

Shin's Reshiram
After the battle with Alder, Shin was able to awaken Reshiram from the Light Stone. He flew on it and then battles N and his Zekrom. After the battle, Reshiram flew away.

None of Reshiram's moves are known.

Debut Get the Legendary Pokémon!


Language Name Origin
Thai ชิน Shin Transliteration of his Japanese name

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