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(Japanese: ハルカ Haruka) is the main human character of Pokémon Chamo-Chamo ☆ Pretty ♪ and Torchic's Trainer.


At the beginning of the manga, she and Torchic had just moved to a new town close to where Hazel and the other characters of Magical Pokémon Journey lived.


Haruka is a Pokémon Coordinator, but she is not very good at making Pokéblocks. At first, this seems to be because the type she makes is always Torchic's least favorite; later, however, her Pokéblocks caused a Feebas to evolve oddly.


Haruka Torchic CCP.png


Haruka Mudkip CCP.png


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハルカ Haruka Name shared with May's Japanese name.

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