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If you were looking for the Radio Director in Pokémon Adventures named Hiro, see Radio Director#In the Pokémon Adventures manga.
If you were looking for the character of the day in A Watershed Moment! whose Japanese name is Hiro, see Henny.
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Hiro (Japanese: ヒロ Hiro) is a minor character from Pocket Monsters B2 W2 ~ A New Legend ~, who only appeared in ANL1.


Hiro is laid back in contrast to his friend, Cheren. He was also shown to not take things seriously, which was also opposite to Cheren.


Sometime before Arata started on his Pokémon journey, Hiro battled the original Team Plasma and managed to win, disbanding them. However, it wasn't long until a newer version of Team Plasma arrived. Later, after the two grunts defeated Cheren and Arata, Hiro returned, riding on his Reshiram. The sight of Hiro caused the two Team Plasma grunts to leave, empty handed. Cheren then gives Hiro a hard time for not keeping in touch but Hiro didn't mind Cheren's actions. Hiro then introduced himself to Arata and told him that he should become a strong Trainer someday.


Reshiram is Hiro's first known Pokémon. It was responsible for splitting Team Plasma up and since then, any grunt who saw it would flee from the area as they found Reshiram too powerful.

None of Reshiram's moves are known.

Debut ANL1
Emboar was sent out to prevent Keldeo from getting stolen by Team Plasma.

None of Emboar's moves are known.

Debut ANL1


Language Name Origin
Thai ฮิโระ Hiro Transliteration of his Japanese name

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