Ash Ketchum (Pokémon Newspaper Strip)

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Ash Ketchum
Newspaper first panel.png
Ash Ketchum in Pokémon Newspaper Strip
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Relatives Delia (mother)
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Red
Anime counterpart Ash Ketchum
Counterpart debut EP001

Ash Ketchum is one of the main characters of the Pokémon Newspaper Strip. He is based on Ash Ketchum from the anime.


Ash is a Pokémon Trainer, and also attends a regular school. He and his classmate Misty frequently lose their temper around each other and battle Pokémon. Ash lives with his mother Delia Ketchum, who often lectures him about his chores on the house, or about controlling his Pokémon. Ash's Pokémon often disobey him and attack him, and also sometimes damage his house and cause trouble at his school. His Pokémon often talk to each other, but humans can't understand their language.


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Ash wearing a Pikachu costume for Halloween

Ash debuted in Strip 1, where he began attending the same school as Misty. After an announcement that Pokémon Trainers may bring their Pokémon to school only if they are not disruptive, Misty and Ash said that each other's Pokémon should not be allowed for that reason, respectively, and they started to battle.

In Strip 2, Ash and Misty complimented each other for their maturity, because they hadn't been fighting lately. Ash said that his Pikachu would win against Misty's Horsea, and they started to battle again.

In Strip 3, Ash battled and eventually caught an apparently wild Starmie, which was eventually revealed to be Misty's.

In Strip 7, Gary's Rapidash was defeated by Ash's Metapod.

In Strip 8, Ash wore a Pikachu costume for Halloween.

In Strip 9, Ash was sent to the principal's office because Ash's Pikachu was outside its Poké Ball at school.

In Strip 10, Ash started to train his Pokémon in practice battles against each other, but Ash was repeatedly struck by attacks.

In Strip 14, his mother Delia Ketchum angrily told him to do the chores in the house, but Ash couldn't because he was trapped under his Snorlax.

In Strip 16, at the night of Christmas Eve, Ash ordered Pikachu to shock someone making noise outside his house, not knowing it was Santa Claus.

In Strip 17, Ash ordered their Pokémon to stay awake at the night of the New Year, but Ash himself fell asleep.

In Strip 18, Ash witnessed Misty's Psyduck unleashing an energy explosion, but seemed unfazed by it and said that it is a worthless Pokémon.


On hand

Ash's Pikachu
Main article: Ash's Pikachu

Pikachu debuted when Ash brought it to school.

Debut Strip 1
Ash's Charmander
Main article: Ash's Charmander

In Charmander's debut, it was breathing fire at school, while there was an announcement saying that the students's Pokémon should not cause any trouble. Later in Strip 5, Ash's Charmander was used in Ash's battle against Misty's Starmie.

Debut Strip 2
Ash's Bulbasaur
Main article: Ash's Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur debuted when Ash used in the battle against Misty's Starmie.

Debut Strip 4
Ash's Squirtle
Main article: Ash's Squirtle

In Squirtle's debut, it and Ash's Pikachu battled for children's amusement.

Debut Strip 6
Ash's Metapod

Ash's Butterfree
Metapod → Butterfree
Main article: Ash's Butterfree

When Ash's Metapod debuted in Strip 7, Gary commanded his Rapidash to attack it with fire, but Metapod used Harden, thus deflecting the attack back at Rapidash and defeating it.

In Strip 32, Metapod evolved into Butterfree. However, most of the subsequent strips still depicted it as a Metapod.

In Strip 44, Ash and Misty found Metapod back when it was wild.

Debut Strip 7
Ash's Snorlax
Main article: Ash's Snorlax

Like in the anime, Ash's Snorlax is frequently seen eating or sleeping. In Snorlax's debut, it slept on top of Ash, pinning him to the ground.

Debut Strip 12
Ash's Clefairy
Clefairy's lack of confidence constantly causes it to shrink against its will.

Clefairy's only known move is Minimize.

Debut Strip 92


Misty's Squirtle
In Strip 162, Misty loaned Ash her Squirtle for an upcoming battle with Gary.
Debut Strip 1
Misty's Horsea
Main article: Misty's Horsea

In Strip 162, Misty loaned Ash her Horsea for an upcoming battle with Gary.

Debut Strip 2
Misty's Starmie
Main article: Misty's Starmie

In Strip 3, Ash battled and caught Misty's Starmie by mistake, thinking it was wild.

In Strip 162, Misty loaned Ash her Starmie for an upcoming battle with Gary.

Debut Strip 3
Misty's Psyduck
Main article: Misty's Psyduck

In Strip 162, Misty loaned Ash her Psyduck for an upcoming battle with Gary.

Debut Strip 18

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