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Naui is a regular user on Bulbapedia. His user page is under construction

About Naui

Hello you unfortunate victim who has stumbled upon my page! So my real first name is Alika and I am a Hawai'i resident. I was born in 1993 and I'm born and raised on the island of Kauai. I am Part Hawaiian and can speak the language. Please don't butcher the language or the culture. That's my biggest pet peeve in the world. My alias is usually Naui or Nauibotic which is from my robotics team. I apparently look Okinawan so that turned into naui.

My journey into Pokemon began at the tender age of 7 in 2000 with my first Kiwi colored Gameboy and a copy of Pokemon Yellow. From there on out I've began a life of Pokémon Addiction. However I was a regular viewer of the original Pokémon dub before becoming a Pokémon gamer. I have at least one game from every generation, and I own most spin-off games.

Bulbapedia Contributions

I've been on Bulbapedia since early 2011 around the time when Best Wishes began to pick up. I've usually done misc. trivia in the beginning. However as of recently, I joined Project Anime and I have been making initial episode summaries for the BW series (which are usual cleaned up afterwards). I do my best to minimize grammatical errors when I write these synopsis (I do my summaries on Word before submitting), but things happen so I apologize in advance for anything grammatically incorrect. anyways If you want to check out my summaries, click on the lists bellow.

I've also scripted the in-game dialogue of Yancy so feel free to check that out too.

Various Sub-Pages

Game Character Name Predictions


I generally play with the stereotypical party of Grass, Water, Fire, and Flying and throw in whatever I feel with be great to use or I thought looked cool. Though in the end I use any and all Pokémon, even ones like Unown and such in the post-game. The teams bellow are the ones I used to beat the game. Gen I, Gen II, Gen V had no nicknames form my Pokémon. Gen III was all of their final form names reversed. Gen IV DP, their nicknames were Hawaiian Words (Translations bellow), while HGSS were their japanese names.

My trainer names varies each generation. Yellow/Gold-Alika-My real name Ruby-Brendan-Default Male Name Emerald-May-Default Female Name FireRed-Red-Default Name LeafGreen-Green-Default Name Diamond-Luca-Default Name Pearl-Dawn-Default Name SoulSilver/White-Naui-My nickname HeartGold/Black-Yume-I just like this name Black 2-Blake-Sounds like Black White 2-Whitley-Sounds like White








  • Kokeahi= Koke (monkey) Ahi (Flame)-Lit. Flaming Monkey
  • Lokepookii=Loke (Rose) Po'oki'i(Mask)-Lit. Mask of Roses
  • Paloloia=Palolo (Mud) ia (Fish)-Lit. Muddy Fish
  • Hoku'io=Hoku (Star) 'io (Hawk)-Lit. Hawk of the Stars.
  • Lapa'awa-Lapa (Flash) Niho 'awa (fang)-Lit. Flash Fang
  • Manoaina=Mano (Shark) Aina (Shark)-Lit. Shark of the Land


  • Alikakila= Kila (Steel) ʻĀlika (Arctic)-Lit. Arctic Steel
  • Molehuhau-Mōlehu (dusk) Hau (Ice/Frozen)=Lit. Frozen Dusk





White 2

Black 2