Rinshin Town

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Rinshin Town
リンシンタウン Rinshin Town
Rinshin Town.png
Arriving at Rinshin Town
Region Hoenn
Debut Taming of the Shroomish

Rinshin Town (Japanese: リンシンタウン Rinshin Town) is an anime-only location in Hoenn. It is located between Petalburg Woods and Rustboro City. There is an old mansion in which a group of Shroomish live. They used to play with a little boy and his grandfather. Team Rocket destroyed the mansion, but the boy, now grown up, will help the Shroomish by planting trees for them.

It made an appearance in Taming of the Shroomish.


Language Name Origin
Italian Rinshin Town Same as English
Russian Ринши Таун Rishin Taun Transcription of English name

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