Rinshin Town

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Rinshin Town
リンシンタウン Rinshin Town
Rinshin Town.png
Rinshin Town
Region Hoenn
Debut Taming of the Shroomish

Rinshin Town (Japanese: リンシンタウン Rinshin Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Hoenn found between Petalburg Woods and Rustboro City. It appeared in Taming of the Shroomish.

Rinshin Town appears to be a large city with tall buildings and strip malls, though Max remarked the town was polluted. Rinshin Town was mentioned to have a Pokémon Center, though it wasn't seen.

As Brock stocked up on medicinal supplies while May accompanied him to do some window shopping, Ash and Max stumbled upon a Shroomish in an alleyway near a burger place they were eating at. While heading to the Center, Max noticed Shroomish staring intently at an abandoned mansion on their route. Shroomish rushed into the Green Lodge through a broken window. Paths crossed when Ash and Max caught up with May and Brock who were keen to learn more about the allegedly haunted Green Lodge, while its custodian Alex was inspecting the demolition site. Together they ventured inside the Green Lodge and discovered that an entire herd of Shroomish inhabited the property.

Places of interest

The Green Lodge

The Green Lodge

The Green Lodge is the former home of Alex's grandfather. It is decorated with rich fixtures like chandeliers and has a Dragonite gargoyle atop its facade. Following the homeowner's passing, the grand home became increasingly decrepit and its forest courtyard was soon overgrown.

Rumors of the property being haunted began to circulate around town during its demolition. However, as Ash, his friends and Alex would discover, the lodge continued to be home to a large group of Shroomish. The strange occurrences like footprints and wafting smells were revealed to be because of the Shroomish trying to defend their home. Alex planned to follow through on council orders and still demolish the home. However, instead of a new city development he instead planned to turn the land into a forest to house the Shroomish.

Pokémon seen in Rinshin Town

Rinshin Town Machoke.png
Machoke (x2)
Shroomish anime.png
Shroomish (multiple)


Language Name Origin
Italian Rinshin Town Same as English
Polish Rinshin Same as English
Russian Ринши Таун Rishin Taun Transcription of English name

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