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Through Pokémon the Series: XY, Clemont came up with several inventions in his backpack called the Clemontic Gear (Japanese: シトロニックギア Citronic Gear), mostly to help Ash and his friends overcome a certain situation. Clemont usually introduced his new invention by saying, "The future is now, thanks to science! Clemontic Gear, ON!" followed by stating the name of the invention and explaining how it works. By means of a running gag, Clemont's inventions often exploded or failed to work, with only a few inventions actually proving successful. Despite this, Ash always became enthralled with Clemont's inventions, always saying, "Wow! Science is so amazing!" Sometimes there was an environmental circumstance that caused the invention to fail, but most of the time it was because the invention was not completely finished yet. Clemont tended to give either very obvious or very long and unpractical names to his inventions, often to the annoyance of Bonnie.

If the invention was a success, it means the invention did the job it was intended to do and did not malfunction or explode. If the invention was a failure, it completely failed to carry out the task it was intended to do, either by malfunctioning or blowing up. If the outcome of an invention is deemed imprecise, it means that the invention at least partially managed to carry out its task but still malfunctioned or blew up.

In the anime

Image Description First appearance Outcome
Clemontic Gear backpack cushion.png A function of Clemont's backpack. Clemont throws his backpack to a certain point and when it lands, the backpack opens and a large cushion appears to save someone's fall. It was used to save Ash when he fell from Prism Tower. Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Aipom Arm.png The Aipom Arm (Japanese: エイパムアーム Eipam Arm) is one of Clemont's regularly used inventions. It is an extension of his backpack and he uses it for various situations, such as opening locked doors, blocking attacks, and pulling away Bonnie when she embarrasses him. It is by far Clemont's most used invention and only malfunctioned once but was quickly repaired. Lumiose City Pursuit! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Flying-type Pokémon Attracting Machine.png The Flying-type Pokémon Attracting Machine (Japanese: 鳥ポケモン引き寄せマシン Bird Pokémon Luring Machine) uses soundwaves at a certain frequency to attract or repel bird Pokémon by affecting their internal compass. Clemont used it to attract Fletchling to them, as Ash wanted to catch it. However, Fletchling didn't respond and instead it attracted a swarm of Beedrill. Clemont tried to intensify the frequency to drive the Beedrill off, but instead it caused the invention to explode. Clemont was shown to have created another one in A Keeper for Keeps?, when he showed his inventions to Lilia. A Battle of Aerial Mobility! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Electricity Generator.png The Electricity Generator (Japanese: 電気発電マシン Electricity Generating Machine) makes static electricity by moving a plastic plate between two glass orbs to create massive electrical charge. It was used to power up Dedenne who had lost power. However, the lever to control the invention broke off, causing the machine to overload and explode. Dedenne did manage to recover before the invention exploded however. A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Sticky Web Sticky Wicked Whacker Wonk.png The Sticky Web Sticky Wicked Whacker Wonk (Japanese: ねばねばネバーギブアップマシン Nebaneba Never Give Up Machine) is able to completely recreate the composition of the move Sticky Web, as such being able to use Sticky Web like a Pokémon would. Clemont used it to help Ash train for his Santalune Gym rematch. However, when Clemont turned it to full power, it started firing Sticky Webs straight into the air and onto itself, causing it to explode. After Ash successfully won his rematch, he claimed the invention did unintentionally help him develop a strategy for the battle. Battling on Thin Ice! ✘ Failure
Main article: Clembot

Clembot (Japanese: シトロイド Citroid) is a robot with an artificial intelligence, being able to fully operate as a Gym Leader. Clemont built it to take over his duties at the Lumiose Gym so he could focus more on inventing. Programming errors initially made it hostile to Clemont and it usurped the Gym for a few weeks, but Clemont was able to retake the Gym and reprogram it.

Clemont's Got a Secret! ✔ Success*
Clemontic Gear Pokémon Translator.png The Pokémon Translator (Japanese: ポケモン語翻訳機 Pokémon Language Translator) allows the user to communicate with Pokémon by performing a complete analysis of vocal tone, movement and expression. Clemont used it to try to communicate with a couple of Pancham. However, the group quickly deduced the invention didn't properly translate what the Pancham said. This caused Clemont to worry and tinker on his invention, but doing so caused it to blow up. The Bamboozling Forest! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Omnidirectional Super Sensitive Tracking Dish.png The Omnidirectional Super Sensitive Tracking Dish (Japanese: 全方位対応型電波探知マシン Radio Wave Sensing Machine for All Directions) can detect and memorize the frequency of a transmitter chip. The user can then pinpoint the location of the transmitter chip on a radar-like device, no matter where it goes. Clemont used it so the group could follow a Pokémon smuggler named Dolan to his hideout unnoticed. They placed a transmitter chip on Clemont's Chespin, who was dressed up as a Spewpa. Dolan found the cage with Chespin in it and didn't notice it was a fake Spewpa and bore a chip. However, while following the chip's movement with Clemont's invention, the invention suddenly blew up. To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Exercise Gear.png The Exercise Gear (Japanese: 食べ過ぎ太り解消エクササイズギア Overeating Fat Reducing Exercise Gear) makes use of a treadmill and an exoskeleton worn by the person or Pokémon using it. It is meant to amplify the strength and health of the user. Clemont made it to help his Chespin become fitter, as it had become fat from eating too many macarons. He first tested it out himself, but hadn't thought of an option to make it stop. As such, the treadmill moved faster as Clemont continued to run on it, eventually causing it to explode. He did plan on fixing it. An Appetite for Battle! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Radio Wave Amplification Device.png The Radio Wave Amplification Device (Japanese: 電波増幅装置 Electric Wave Amplifying Device) can convert an Electric-type-Pokémon's electricity into radio waves and amplify them. It can then broadcast the waves to attract other Electric-type Pokémon in the direct environment. It was used to find Clemont's Dedenne, whom the group had lost. Ash's Pikachu used his electricity to get the invention working. However, during the process Clemont figured the machine needed more power to function properly. Pikachu gave more electricity, but this caused the machine to overload and explode. Dedenne did pick up the waves, rendering the invention not a complete failure. A Jolting Switcheroo! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Muscle Mass Magnifying Machine.png The Muscle Mass Magnifying Machine (Japanese: 筋肉強化マシン Muscle Boost Machine) consists of a pair of shoes with special springs attached to them. The springs multiply the power of one's jumping by using one's body weight. Because of the added load of the body weight, they strengthen the leg muscles rapidly. Clemont used it to help Ash and Froakie with their training. However, as he wanted to demonstrate its capabilities, the springs launched Clemont high into the air and out of sight. A Rush of Ninja Wisdom! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Bonnie-Out-of-Bed-o-Matic.png The Bonnie-Out-of-Bed-o-Matic (Japanese: ユリーカ強制目覚ましマシン Forceful Eureka Wake-Up Machine) consists of a classic alarm clock with arms and legs. By hitting the bell on its head with its arms, the invention tries to violently wake someone up. Clemont stated he originally made it to wake up Bonnie, as she always had trouble getting out of bed. He later used it to try to wake up a heavily snoring Snorlax. However, the invention didn't manage to wake Snorlax up and only ended up overloading itself and exploding. Awakening the Sleeping Giant! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear decoy robot.png A robot that looks like Clemont and is meant to serve as a decoy. Clemont built it to escape from the clutches of Princess Allie, who had fallen in love with him. However, after Clemont escaped she quickly discovered the decoy. Infuriated, Princess Allie hit the robot with her fan, causing it to explode. Awakening the Sleeping Giant! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Automatic Pikachu Retrieval Device.png The Automatic Pikachu Retrieval Device (Japanese: 全自動ピカチュウ追跡マシン Fully Automated Pikachu Chasing Machine) can detect a Pikachu's unique energy pattern and track it down to even the farthest places. It comes with a pair of wheels so it can easily move around. Clemont used it to try to track down Ash's Pikachu, who had been taken away by Madame X. It got stuck in a fence however, causing it to explode and getting it partially destroyed. Clemont tried to repair it, but left it behind when the group continued their search for Pikachu on their own. When Ash found Pikachu and he started to attack him, the robot started to operate on its own and picked up signals again. It followed the signals into Madame X's hideout, but went out of control and bumped right into the Malamar used by Madame X. It exploded again and was destroyed for good, but it still unintentionally saved the day, as the Malamar lost its control over everyone it hypnotized. A Conspiracy to Conquer! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Pokéstar Shooter.png The Pokéstar Shooter (Japanese: ポケウッド・スター Pokéwood Star) is a robot with a camera for a head, used for shooting videos. It can make various shots such as fixed shots, mobile shots and crane shots, and all with a quality equalling Pokéstar Studios, which it was named after. It also has arms and three legs so it can move around easier. It is operated with a remote. Clemont used it to try to help Serena with shooting a Pokévision video. However, at only the first take it already started to overload, violently chasing Serena and her Fennekin around. Ash came into action and destroyed the robot with Pikachu's Electro Ball. A Pokévision of Things to Come! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear No-Need-for-Water-type-Pokémon-Food-Chinchou-Model-Magikarp-Magnet.png The No-Need-for-Water-type-Pokémon-Food-Chinchou-Model-Magikarp-Magnet (Japanese: 撒き餌いらずチョンチー型コイキングこっちこいマシン Bait-Less Chonchie-Shaped Koiking-Come-Here Machine) is a small device shaped like Chinchou. It can emit a sound wave inaudible to people from its antennae, all the way to the bottom of the ocean. The sound wave has a natural soothing effect on Magikarp so that it attracts them and causing them to gather around the device. It is operated with a remote. Clemont used it to try to lure the "golden Magikarp". However, instead of attracting Magikarp it attracted a group of Sharpedo, who quickly destroyed the device. Going for the Gold! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear This-Time-it-Will-Attract-Only-Magikarp-for-Certain-Lanturn Model.png The This-Time-it-Will-Attract-Only-Magikarp-for-Certain-Lanturn-Model (Japanese: 今度こそ撒き餌いらずコイキングだけこっちこいマシン Bait-Less This-Time-Only-Koiking-Come-Here Machine) was created as a follow-up to the previous invention. It works exactly like the Chinchou device, only it is improved by extensive research by Clemont, with now emitting the exact soundwaves preferred by Magikarp, and it is based on a Lanturn instead. It was used to try to lure the golden Magikarp. It first appeared as if it really did lure in the golden Magikarp, only it turned out to be Team Rocket's Magikarp submarine which wasn't lured by Clemont's invention but instead just passed by. The invention wasn't seen again after this. Going for the Gold! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear No-Hard-Feelings-Fair-and-Square Lottery Device.png The No-Hard-Feelings-Fair-and-Square Lottery Device (Japanese: 恨みっこなしよくじ引きマシン No-Hard-Feelings Lottery Machine) is a device used to make hard decisions easier. The display of the invention shows two arrows. Stickers must be placed on each of the two arrows to decide what decision should be made. The invention is activated by pressing a red button. The arrows on the display then start moving along a path full of obstacles that ultimately lead to an "O" and an "X". The arrow that points to the O is decided the winner. As a finishing touch, confetti comes out of the top of the invention. Clemont used it to decide who would accompany Lindsey in her submarine, as there was only room for three people. It ultimately decided Ash and Serena as the winners. An Undersea Place to Call Home! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Precisely-Even-Cut-o-Matic.png The Precisely-Even-Cut-o-Matic (Japanese: セイカクニキリワケール Exact Cut'n Divider) is a device that makes it easier to fairly cut a slice of cake or other food wares into several smaller pieces. It cuts down to the millimeter precise. Clemont used it when he and his friends managed to obtain only one slice of Brackish Town's famous chocolate cake. He wanted to cut it into four pieces but later Diantha joined them and he cut it into 5 pieces instead. The Bonds of Evolution! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Mechanical Absorber of Any Pokémon Move.png The Mechanical Absorber of Any Pokémon's Move (Japanese: ポケモンの技なんでも吸い取りマシン Absorb Any Pokémon Move Machine) is a device that completely absorbs a Pokémon's attack. It can absorb special moves, as well as repel physical moves. Clemont used it against Team Rocket, absorbing their Pokémon's attacks so Ash could battle them without any resistance. After Team Rocket was blasted off, the group complimented Clemont on his successful invention. However, right at that moment it still blew up. Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike! ➖ Imprecise
Team Rocket Mecha XY029.png The Electricity-Has-No-Effect-On-Me-Atron (Japanese: 電気技は全然へっちゃらエレザードマシン Electric-Moves-Do-Nothing-To-Me Elezard Machine) is a robot with the appearance of a Heliolisk. It has extendable claws which it uses to attack others and completely absorbs electricity by spreading its frill. Team Rocket tricked Clemont in helping them perfect the machine and later used it against Ash and his friends. It was able to grab Pikachu and handed it over to Team Rocket. However, after this it suddenly overloaded and exploded, like almost all other inventions Clemont has a hand in. Although the idea and body of this invention weren't invented by Clemont, he did perfect it and make it his own. Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Pokémon Transport Machine.png The Pokémon Transport Machine (Japanese: ポケモン移送装置 Pokémon Transportation Device) is a machine that can transport a small Pokémon encaged in a capsule to a location with another Pokémon Transport Machine. Clemont was tricked into making it by Team Rocket. They used it to transport Ash's Pikachu to a safe location. It was not seen afterwards. Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Mechanical Absorber of Any Pokémon Move Model Two.png The Mechanical Absorber of Any Pokémon's Move Model Two (Japanese: ポケモンの技なんでも吸い取りマシーン2号 Absorb Any Pokémon Move Machine 2.0) is an improved version of the earlier similar invention, though no apparent changes are seen apart from sporting a different color (the first model is a green/blueish color, while the second model is a dark red color). Clemont used this one against Team Rocket too, again absorbing their Pokémon's every move. Although it once more seemed as if the invention was a success after Team Rocket was blasted off, it proved to be a failure as well, as it too exploded. Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Solar Charger.png The Solar Charger (Japanese: ソーラーチャージャー Solar Charger) is an extendable arm of Clemont's backpack, similar to the Aipom Arm. It acts as a strong flashlight. Clemont used it to lighten up a cave while the group and Korrina were in search for a Lucarionite. It was also used in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel to help Clemont repair something during nighttime. The Cave of Trials! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Pokémon Power Meter.png The Pokémon Power Meter (Japanese: ポケモンパワー測定器 Pokémon Power Measurer) is a machine used to measure a Pokémon's power. It uses pre-existing Pokémon data as reference value. The user needs to point the gauger at a subject and then turn the power on. A Pokémon's power is then instantly measured. Clemont used it to measure Korrina's Lucario new power, as it managed to Mega Evolve. It exploded when Mega Lucario's sheer power caused it to overload during a battle with Ash's Pikachu. Clemont was shown to have created a similar looking one in A Keeper for Keeps?, when he showed his inventions to Lilia. It is most likely an upgraded version of the original. The Aura Storm! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Flower Arranger One.png The Flower Arranger One (Japanese: 生け花君1号 Little Flower Arranger 1.0) is a machine used to arrange flowers in the most artistic way possible. Clemont used it to execute Mabel's assignment of arranging flowers. However, shortly after it started to do so, it overloaded and blew up. The Bonds of Mega Evolution! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Super Stretch Ladder.png The Super Stretch Ladder (Japanese: ストレッチャーはしごDX Super Stretch Ladder DX) is a ladder that can stretch to drastic heights. The user must stand on the ladder, and then the small lever on the side must be pulled. The ladder then stretches and pulls the user into the air. Clemont used it to get Ash to the highest floor of a mall, as he was trying to get to Diancie. However, Ash eventually sent out his Hawlucha and got off the ladder. Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Other Dimension Converter.png The Other Dimension Converter (Japanese: 次元変換装置 Dimension Convert Device) creates a big distortion in time and space, such as opening an entrance to another dimension, by making high-pressure electromagnetic waves clash against each other. It is modeled after a Magnemite. Clemont used it to try to get to Ash who had gone through a portal to the Mirror World. It exploded as soon as he turned it on, however. Clemont was shown to have created another one in A Keeper for Keeps?, when he showed his inventions to Lilia. The Cave of Mirrors! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Pokéstar Shooter Mark 2.png The Pokéstar Shooter Mark 2 (Japanese: ポケウッド・スター改 New and Improved Pokéwood Star) is an improved version of the Pokéstar Shooter. Outwards it has no visible changes, except for its midsection and feet sporting another color (the first version's were dark blue, while this one's are dark red). Clemont used it during the Pokémon Summer Camp for the Pokévision competition. It managed to perfectly shoot a Pokévision video, one that eventually even got Ash and his friends to win the competition. Day Three Blockbusters! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Not-A-Very-Good-Dancer Automated Good Dancing Device.png The Not-A-Very-Good-Dancer Automated Good Dancing Device (Japanese: 踊れないなら踊らせてみせましょう 自動ダンスマシン Automatic If-You-Can't-Dance-I'll-Make-You Dance Dancing Machine) is a machine that enables people who have trouble dancing to rhythms to learn to dance. The person using the machine is forced to dance, and if they keep it up and get used to the dancing, they'll eventually be able to dance on their own. It is operated with a remote. Clemont used it to help Ash with training for his Shalour Gym battle, as he had developed a strategy involving dancing, but wasn't able to properly dance himself. The invention exploded when Clemont drastically improved the speed of the dancing. Origins of Mega Evolution! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Mechanized Motivator.png The Mechanized Motivator (Japanese: やる気満々マシーン Motivated Machine) is a machine that makes the user motivated. It must be placed on the head of the user. Once it is put on, it starts working automatically. Confetti then comes out from the top and a small cover raises, revealing a flat Wigglytuff doll that starts moving and shouting "Get up and go!". Clemont used it to try to motivate a depressed Wigglytuff that worked at a Pokémon Center. He first tested it on Bonnie, but she didn't particularly like it as it didn't manage to motivate her. He then placed it on Wigglytuff, but as soon as it put it on, the invention started overheating and exploded. Clemont was shown to have created another one in A Keeper for Keeps?, when he showed his inventions to Lilia. The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Clemontic Showers.png The Clemontic Showers (Japanese: シトロニックシャワー Citronic Showers) are a system Clemont made in his youth. They consist of multiple machines located permanently in the streets of an unnamed town. They shower Electric-type Pokémon with electricity so they won't have to suffer from electricity loss. They run on rechargeable batteries powered by Electric-type Pokémon and are controlled from a central tower. From the tower come several underground cables, which in turn power the Clemontic Showers. Clemont thought of it when he was looking for an idea for his graduate research at an academy he studied at. When the system was finished, it proved to be a success, getting high acclaim with teachers of the academy and causing Clemont to graduate. A Campus Reunion! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Only Lonely Robo Dancing Partner.png The Only Lonely Dancing Robo Partner (Japanese: オンリーロンリーダンシングパートナー Only Lonely Dancing Partner Robot) is a robot designed as a female Chespin that operates as a dancing partner. It grabs a Pokémon's hands and performs several dancing techniques with it. It is operated with a remote. Clemont used it for his Chespin, who stated it wanted to perform like Pokémon in Pokémon Showcases do. After performing several dance techniques with Chespin, the invention started to overheat and went out of control. It ultimately exploded. Pathways to Performance Partnering! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Robo Step-by-Step.png The Robo Step-by-Step (Japanese: 足跡ぺたぺた君 Footprints All Over The Place-kun) is a camouflage machine with wooden decoy models representing Sanpei, Serena, Ash and Pikachu, Bonnie and Dedenne, and Clemont. By switching it on with a remote, it can walk around on its ten mechanic legs. Clemont used it as a means of distracting a mysterious masked ninja who was on the hunt for Sanpei. It was discovered by Team Rocket however, who at first mistook it for the real Ash and his friends, but soon discovered they were being tricked. They stopped the machine in its tracks, and Jessie, out of anger of being fooled, kicked the machine's power generator, causing it to explode. A Stealthy Challenge! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Pokémon Translator Mark 2.png The Pokémon Translator Mark 2 (Japanese: ポケモン思考翻訳機 Pokémon Thought Translator) consists of a television-like device and a helmet. It is an updated model of the Pokémon Translator Clemont had invented earlier. Other than the Pokémon Translator, which can only translate a Pokémon's voice, this invention can visualize a Pokémon's thoughts on the television screen. The helmet must be placed on a Pokémon, after which a switch on the television device must be pressed on. The invention will then directly translate the Pokémon's thoughts into moving images. Clemont used it to uncover the thoughts of a Goomy the group encountered. At first, the invention worked fine and perfectly translated Goomy's thoughts on the screen. However, at a certain point, the screen suddenly went blank. Clemont, not sure what was wrong, knocked on the television device to get it working again, but this caused it to explode. Although the invention failed to work, it did help Ash and his friends understand Goomy's problems. A Slippery Encounter! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Easy-Peasy Mountain Climber.png The Easy-Peasy Mountain Climber (Japanese: ラクラク山登りマシン Easy-Peasy Mountain Climbing Machine) consists of a pair of shoes with caterpillar tracks underneath them, which propel the user forward. The shoes also have sticks attached to them that the user must place their hands in for grip. This invention helps someone swiftly climb steep slopes without having to use any strength. On their way to the Coumarine City Pokémon Center, Ash and his friends had to climb a steep hill. After getting tired from climbing, Clemont introduced this invention. It at first easily moved Clemont up the hill, but soon the machine started to get out of control, and uncontrollably moved Clemont around in all directions at a fast velocity. When Clemont went through a fence, the invention exploded. Thawing an Icy Panic! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Mini Music Box.png The Mini Music Box (Japanese: ミニバージョンのオルゴール Mini Version Music Box) is a music box that looks like a present box with a ribbon on top. The ribbon is actually a key, and can be removed. The key must be placed in a hole on the side and switched on. The box will then open, revealing a turning wheel with dolls resembling Bunnelby, Chespin, and Luxio on it. It is accompanied by a melody. Clemont began working on it after the group was told by Ramos about an annual festival held in Coumarine City, where participants give each other presents under the "Pledging Tree", the tree in which the Coumarine Gym is located. He wanted to create a present himself, so he spent the whole day working on the invention until the start of the festival at sunset. At the festival, he gave it to his Pokémon. Under the Pledging Tree! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Gothitelle Domestic Engineer.png The Gothitelle Domestic Engineer (Japanese: フルオート・メイドチックゴチルゼル Fully Auto-maid-tic Gothitelle) is a robot that resembles a Gothitelle dressed like a household maid. It automatically detects all objects in its vicinity that have dirt on them and polishes them clean. It has all kinds of household items attached to its body such as cooking and painting gear, suggesting it has other functions besides cleaning. Clemont started working on this invention while being at his home in Lumiose City in preparation for his Gym Battle with Ash. He showed it to Ash, Bonnie and Serena while having a video conversation with them. While explaining the invention to his friends however, the robot suddenly came up to Clemont and used its dust cleaner to suck Clemont up. When Clemont resisted, the invention exploded. Good Friends, Great Training! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Search In a Second.png The Search In A Second (Japanese: 見つけてバッチリ探索装置 Find-It-Without-Fail Searching Device) is an invention almost identical to the Omnidirectional Super Sensitive Tracking Dish. Just like that invention, it follows the signal of a transmitter chip and tells the user where it currently is on a radar-like device. Clemont used it when Team Rocket stole Professor Sycamore's Garchomp. Before Team Rocket took off, Clemont asked Ash to throw the transmitter chip on their mecha. After he had done this and Team Rocket had left, he brought up the invention. The group and Professor Sycamore then tracked down Team Rocket using the device, but during the search it malfunctioned and blew up. Garchomp's Mega Bond! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Body Detecting Radar Bot Mark 3 or Life Detector.png The Body Detecting Radar Bot Mark 3 (Japanese: 生き物見つけた君 Gotcha Living Creature-kun), also called the Life Detector, consists of a small pod with extendable legs. When the switch on the top is pressed, the top of the pod comes off and out comes a donut-shaped balloon that is automatically inflated. The pod can detect the body temperature of humans and Pokémon in the immediate vicinity, and this can be tracked down on a thermograph held by the user. However, it can not tell which body temperature outline belongs to which person or Pokémon. Clemont used it to find Ash, Bonnie and Serena when he got separated from them. On the thermograph, he noticed something quickly coming towards him. It turned out to be an angry Pangoro which attacked Clemont. The invention was not seen again afterwards. So You're Having a Bad Day! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Mystery Watcher One.png The Mystery Watcher One (Japanese: 不思議ウォッチ君 Mystery Watch-kun) is an invention that looks like a scanner. It makes full use of available sensing technology in order to pick up and monitor inexplicable signals. The invention is connected to a special backpack and also makes use of a touchscreen also connected to the backpack by a robot arm. Clemont used it when he and his friends visited the "Scary House" near Laverre City. Inside, they encountered strange phenomena. The invention picked up several signals, but was not able to identify them properly. When Clemont was picked up into the air by an invisible force, the invention dropped off his back. It was taken away by the same invisible force inside a nearby room. Ash and his friends entered the room, and there the invention was finally able to identify the invisible forces as a Gastly, a Haunter and a Gengar. It was not seen again afterwards. Scary Hospitality! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Extra Strength Pry-It-Open.png The Extra Strength Pry-It-Open (Japanese: スーパーパワーでこじあけ君 Break-Open-With-Super-Power-kun) is an invention that looks like a pincer on wheels. It can be used to open doors. When the pincer-like device is put between two doors, and the switch on the invention is pulled, it will break open the doors. Clemont used it when he, Ash, Bonnie and Serena were trapped inside a storage room in the Poké Ball Factory by Team Rocket. The invention managed to break the doors to the storage room, but while doing so, the invention exploded, destroying the doors as well in the process. A Frenzied Factory Fiasco! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Fully Automatic Lifting Machine.png The Fully Automatic Lifting Machine (Japanese: 全自動持ち上げマシン Fully Automatic Lifting Machine) allows one to carry objects without touching them by suspending the object in a special force field, based on the move Magnet Rise. Clemont used it to lift up the Prison Bottle, which would possess anyone touching it. Hoopa and the Clash of Ages ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Snow Flower Finder.png The Snow Flower Finder (Japanese: ファインディングスノーフラワー Finding Snow Flower) is an invention designed like a detector, with the actual detector looking like a flower. It can detect even the faintest scents of flowers blooming under the snow. When it finds a flower, the location of this flower is transmitted to a tablet-like device held by the user. The invention starts working by pressing a switch. Clemont used this invention when he and Bonnie were looking for a "Mountain Marigold", a type of flower, to try to heal a Snover. After some searching, the invention was ultimately able to find Mountain Marigolds. Over the Mountain of Snow! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Weather Predictor.png The Weather Predictor (Japanese: 天気予測マシン Weather Forecast Machine) is an invention designed to predict weather. By collecting data from the movement of rain clouds, the humidity in the air, the temperature, and the wind, it will be able to create a weather forecast, which is displayed on a tablet-like device held by the user. However, it takes a full day from the invention to complete its prognosis, making it pretty much useless. Clemont used it when Bonnie asked whether it was going to stop raining. When he tried to increase its speed to get faster results, it promptly exploded. Clemont was shown to have created another one in A Keeper for Keeps?, when he showed his inventions to Lilia. Adventures in Running Errands! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Rock Searcher Mark 1.png The Rock Searcher Mark 1 (Japanese: 岩探し1号 Rock Searcher No. 1) is an invention designed to locate rocks. Once a photo of an object, like a rock, is inserted into the machine and it is turned on, it will move around and automatically inspect any object similar to the one in the photo until it finds one that is exactly like the object looked for. Clemont used it when Ash and his friends were trying to help Trevor find Moltres on Mt. Molteau. While the group waited for Trevor to take photos of other local Pokémon, the machine found the rock it was looking for. Team Rocket, who had been following the machine to find Moltres first, got irritated of the alarm sound it made to signal its success, and Jessie kicked it, causing it to explode and be partially destroyed. Once the group arrived, they thought that the machine exploded on its own (even though Team Rocket caused it to happen) and the malfunctioning machine started chasing them until it fell off from a cliff and fell into the magma of the volcano, completely destroying it. A Legendary Photo Op! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Running Generator.png The Running Generator (Japanese: ランニング発電機 Running Generator) is an invention designed to produce electricity using a treadmill in lieu of a proper power source. Just before he caught Bunnelby, Clemont used this invention to help a group of Pokémon, including Bunnelby, to escape from the subway after demolition work started. Despite some obstacles, Clemont, Bonnie, and the Pokémon were able to escape the subway. A Trip Down Memory Train! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Living Thing Finder Mark 2.png The Living Thing Finder Mark 2 (Japanese: 生き物見つけた君2号 Gotcha-Living-Being-kun Mark 2) is a similar invention to the Body Detecting Radar Bot Mark 3. This invention was designed to find the nearest living thing that wasn't a human or any Pokémon the group owned, consisting of a small pod with radars in place of the extendable legs. Clemont used it in order to find a timid Eevee that Serena intended to befriend and catch. However, although the sensor could be narrowed down to Pokémon size, it still couldn't differentiate between different Pokémon species. Thanks to this flaw, it found anything but Eevee, instead finding Vivillon and a Budew. It then malfunctioned, produced too much data, and exploded. A Frolicking Find in the Flowers! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Amazing Alarm Clock.png The Amazing Alarm Clock (Japanese: うるさいんですシュウゾウ君 Shut Up, Shuzo-kun) is likely an upgraded version of the Bonnie-Out-of-Bed-o-Matic, although unmentioned. Like that invention, it violently wakes up the user and has a similar design, though with four bells instead of one. Instead of using it to wake up someone else, Clemont now however used it to wake up the group when they went to sleep. Unfortunately, it exploded immediately upon going off; but since the group was searching for Pikachu and Squishy at the time and thus away from camp, no-one was in the blast radius, and the sudden bang ended up snapping Pikachu, Squishy, and Meowth out of the bizarre shared nightmare they were trapped in. Although it hadn't survived a single use, Ash noted that it still would have woken the group up. Dream a Little Dream from Me! ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear Track Down Squishy For Certain Mark 1.png The Track Down Squishy For Certain Mark 1 (Japanese: 絶対にプニちゃんを見つけるぞ1号 I'll Find Puni-chan For Sure Mark 1) is an invention designed to detect what were in fact Zygarde signals, collect the Zygarde Core, and bring it back to Ash and his friends. Clemont used this invention to help find the missing Squishy. However, Clemont wasn't fully aware of what Squishy was, and so didn't know to program the machine to differentiate between Zygarde Core and the Zygarde Cells that Squishy controls. As a result, it tried to collect the first group of Cells it detected, which unfortunately were resting on a sleeping Team Rocket. Angry at the contraption for waking her up only to insistently and mindlessly harass the group, Jessie ended up kicking it. As a result, it returned to Clemont half-collapsed, having failed to procure even a single Zygarde Cell, acquisition of which might have given Clemont insight into what it was he was searching for. A Cellular Connection! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Aroma Detector.png The Aroma Detector (Japanese: アロマ感知マシン Aroma Sensing Machine) is an invention that senses the aroma emitted by the flowers of certain Pokémon. It consists of a smelling device modelled after Probopass, which is connected to a tablet-like device by a wire. When a switch on the tablet is turned on, the smelling device starts searching for aromas, with the results shown on the tablet. It was used to search for Team Rocket when they had stolen a wild Breloom and Floette. During the search, the invention suddenly started to let off steam and exploded. A Windswept Encounter! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Puni-chan Massage Machine-kun No 1.png The (Japanese: マッサージプニプニくん1号 Massage Squishy-kun Mark 1) is designed to massage Squishy. It is a yellow box with heat ventilation on top, a flexible purple torso atop a metallic wheeled tray, and purple arms with white gloved hands, adorned with a crudely drawn picture of Bonnie's face. In the fraction of a minute it worked, Squishy seemed to enjoy it, but it quickly malfunctioned, sparking and massaging Squishy too roughly before exploding. Poké TV from XY107 ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Mister Dirt Analyzing Simulator.png The Mister Dirt Analyzing Simulator (Japanese: 土壌分析シミュレーションくん! Soil Analysis Simulation-kun) analyzes the components of certain soil, simulates seeds being planted in this soil and visualizes the data gathered, all to determine whether plants can grow in a certain patch of land. It can also determine the size of a rock and check if there are water veins underneath the soil. It consists of a computer screen standing on a leg and is activated by pressing a button. It was used to check if the soil in a certain area of Route 19 was capable of growing plants, since a robot named Robon was trying to bring the area back to its former lush state. After the first test, the invention determined the soil was not viable, but after Robon removed a rock that was blocking a water vein, the invention declared the soil was now capable of growing plants. It was voiced by Emily Jenness in the English dub. A Watershed Moment! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Binacle Finder.png The Binacle Finder (Japanese: カメテテ探知機 Kametete Locator) can search for the other half of a Binacle if a Binacle is split in two. If one half of a specific Binacle is present, the invention can scan the biometric data of this half to conduct a search for the other half. It consists of a light blue assembly of orbs attached to each other. The Binacle half must be placed in the center of the invention. By pressing a button on one of the orbs, two antennae are activated and when pressing a button on a remote, the invention starts searching. The remote has a map of the local area that shows where the other Binacle is located. It was used when one half of a Binacle, nicknamed "Righty" had attached itself to Bonnie's head and the group needed to find the other half of this Binacle, nicknamed "Lefty". It successfully pointed the group to Left's location. Unlocking Some Respect! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear antenna.png An antenna that Clemont was shown tinkering on. Its functions are unknown and it may just be a part of another invention. It somewhat resembles the antenna that is part of Clemont's tent. When Clemont was tinkering on it, it promptly exploded. A Keeper for Keeps? ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear Fletchling device.png A device that resembles a Fletchling. Its functions are completely unknown as Clemont has never been shown using it. Clemont showed it to Lilia along with many other inventions he had created. It somewhat resembles the Omnidirectional Super Sensitive Tracking Dish and the Search In A Second in general design, so it may be an upgraded version of those inventions. A Keeper for Keeps? ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear cooking machine.png An invention made for cooking. It has an oven, a microwave, cooking pots, a frying pan, a cooking spoon, cutlery and a net with an unknown function. It also sports glasses, presumably to make it look like Clemont. It is used to cook for Ash and his friends on their journey and was first shown when Clemont showed it to Lilia. A Keeper for Keeps? ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Protection Progress Machine.png The Protection Progress Machine (Japanese: コースプロテクター Course Protector) works alongside a set of transmitters inside bandages. Similar to earlier search devices invented by Clemont, it makes use of a radar-like device on which the user can see the signal of the transmitters displayed. It was used when Team Rocket had stolen Clemont's Bunnelby and Lilia's Buneary. The Pokémon had bandages that were given to them after they had hurt themselves by falling into one of Team Rocket's pits. As such, Clemont could use the invention to search for them. It was able to successfully track Team Rocket down. A Keeper for Keeps? ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Clembot Mini.png The Clembot Mini (Japanese: シトロイドミニ Citroid Mini) is a robot that looks like a miniature Clembot. It is used to record Pokémon battles and can also work in conjunction with the Battle Pulse Meter to record and display data gathered from a Pokémon and its Trainer during a battle. Clemont used it to research the secret of Ash's Greninja's transformation into Ash-Greninja. It was revealed to have recorded all of Greninja's battles. During battles that Ash had against Clemont and Alain, it successfully displayed recorded data gathered by the Battle Pulse Meters Ash and Greninja wore. The robot was used again in Championing a Research Battle! and A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!, during Ash's battles against Diantha and Sawyer. The Synchronicity Test! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Battle Pulse Meter.png The Battle Pulse Meter (Japanese: バトルパルス測定器 Battle Pulse Measure Device) measures the brain waves, heart rates, breathing and more data of a Trainer and their Pokémon to research their cooperation during a battle. The results are sent to the Clembot Mini, which projects them through its eyes. It consists of a set of wristbands with measuring devices that are worn by both the Trainer and the Pokémon participating in the research. It was used by Clemont to test his theory that Greninja's transformation is triggered by its strong bond with Ash. The wristbands were used again in Championing a Research Battle! and A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!, during Ash's battles against Diantha and Sawyer. After their battle with Sawyer, Ash and Greninja returned the devices to Clemont. The Synchronicity Test! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Amazing Serena Poké Puff Producer Mark 1.png The (Japanese: 素晴らしいセレナポフレプロデューサー1号 Amazing Serena Pofflé Producer Mark 1) is a machine that's supposed to make Poké Puffs as good as Serena's by simply inserting the ingredients, but it exploded before it could produce anything. It repeats Serena's "Ta-da!" catchphrase while operating. Poké TV from XY124 ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear pulse detecting glasses.png A pair of glasses that can see pulses and forms of energy that are invisible to the human eye. Clemont keeps it in his backpack and can take it out with his Aipom Arm. He used it to check what was going on when Ash became attached to a Volcanion through a set of mysterious bands that had attached themselves to Ash and Volcanion. With the glasses, he could see that the bands were connected with an electro-magnetic pulse, causing them to draw to each other. Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Mister Iron Defense.png The Mister Iron Defense (Japanese: てっぺき君 Iron Defense-kun) is a protective suit protecting the user against all sorts of danger and harm. It was inspired on moves like Iron Defense and Protect. Clemont made it after Ash became attached to a Volcanion through a set of mysterious bands that had attached themselves to Ash and Volcanion. Whenever Volcanion would move, Ash's band that was strapped around his waist would be attracted to Volcanion's band through an electro-magnetic pulse, causing a lot of pain and harm to Ash. It later proved its worth when Team Rocket attacked and the suit protected Ash from a Pinsir's Bullet Seed. It also protected Ash from Volcanion's Steam Eruption. It was later destroyed when Ash entered a hot spring, causing the suit to absorb too much water and blow up. Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear abrasive saw.png An extendable arm of Clemont's backpack. It is an abrasive saw that Clemont can use to cut through hard things, such as metal. He used it while trying to repair an engine of Kimia's aircraft. It was not able to cut through the husk of the engine at first, but once a wild Gulpin weakened the husk with Acid Spray, it was. It later also cut through the electromagnetic bands connecting Ash and Volcanion, again with the help of Gulpin. Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel ➖ Imprecise
Clemontic Gear XY132.png A walkie-talkie like device that Clemont made for Ash, Serena, Bonnie, and himself, so they could communicate with each other and know each other's location during Team Flare's attack on Lumiose City. Each device has a different color, with Ash's being blue, Clemont's being yellow, Bonnie's being pink, and Serena's being red. Each one has a speaker on top of the front of them, gray up and down bottoms on the bottom of the front of them, Clemont's signature aohige sticking out front the very top of them, which act as the device's antenna, and a green light on the back. A Towering Takeover! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Jamming Unit 1.png The Jamming Unit 1 (Japanese: ジャミン1号 Jammin' No. 1) is a microchip Clemont made to prevent himself from being controlled by Xerosic's Mega Evolution ray. Facing the Needs of the Many! ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear XY140.png An invention that Clemont started working on after he and Bonnie had parted ways with Ash and Serena. While Clemont was tinkering on it, it exploded. Till We Compete Again! ✘ Failure
Clemontic Gear XYS06.png The (Japanese: 全自動釣り竿メカ大漁君 Fully Automatic Fishing Rod Mecha-Catch-kun) is an automatic fishing rod Clemont invented that pairs with the special lure (Japanese: とびます君 Jump-kun). The rod uses professional fishing techniques to calculate casting techniques and depths to fish from, while the lure has a rocket, so it can propel further to catch fish. He was going to use it in a fishing contest, until Cilan told him there's a better way to catch fish. They did use it later to catch a runaway subway so they could rescue Bonnie. XYS06 ✔ Success
Clemontic Gear Pokémon Motion Capture 1.png The Pokémon Motion Capture 1 (Japanese: ポケモーションキャプチャー PokéMotion Capture) is a machine that Clemont used to help figure out why Ash's Sirfetch'd was having trouble using Meteor Assault. The machine detected that Sirfetch'd's leek was wobbling too much, causing the energy meant to be used in the attack to break apart before the attack could be executed. The machine also displayed a simulation of what a successful use of Meteor Assault would look like. When Sirfetch'd finally executed a successful Meteor Assault with Dracovish inadvertently helping to keep the leek stable by biting down on it, the machine overloaded from the energy it detected and exploded seconds later. The Future is Now, Thanks to Strategy! ➖ Imprecise

In the manga

Movie adaptations

Image Description First appearance Outcome
Clemontic Gear M18 manga.png The Fully Automatic Lifting Machine (Japanese: 全自動持ち上げマシン Fully Automatic Lifting Machine) is an invention used to pick up items without touching them, such as the Prison Bottle. Hoopa and the Clash of Ages ✔ Success

Pokémon Adventures

Image Description First appearance
Aipom Arm Adventures.png The Aipom Arm (Japanese: エイパムアーム Eipam Arm) is an invention that works as an extension of Clemont's backpack. It is used for various situations, such as grabbing items from trees. It also has a built-in camera, which sends its visual to a screen on Clemont's backpack and his glasses, as well as a sensor, which can be used to search for certain kinds of objects, such as Mega Stones. Overthrowing a Tyrunt

In the games

Image Description First appearance
XY Clemont.png Clemont's backpack contains two extensions. On the right is the Aipom Arm (Japanese: エイパムアーム Eipam Arm), an extendable arm shaped like an Aipom's tail, allowing Clemont to hold objects such as a Poké Ball. On the left is the (Japanese: ソーラーチャージャー Solar Charger), a portable solar panel shaped like a Heliolisk's head. Pokémon X and Y

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 希特隆引擎* Citronic Gear
希特隆裝備* Citronic Gear
Mandarin 希特隆引擎 / 希特隆科技齿轮 Citronic Gear
Denmark Flag.png Danish Clemontisk grej
Finland Flag.png Finnish Clemonttikone
France Flag.png French Mécanisme Lemantique
Italy Flag.png Italian Dispositivo Lemmico
South Korea Flag.png Korean 시트로닉 기어 Citronic Gear
Poland Flag.png Polish Zestaw Clemonta
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Aparato Clemôntico
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mochila Lembótica
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Clemontic Gear

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