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Shiny Stone
Light Stone
Shiny Stone
Shiny Stone
Pokémon Global Link artwork
Introduced in Generation IV
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Power 80

The Shiny Stone (Japanese: ひかりのいし Light Stone) is a type of Evolution stone introduced in Generation IV.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
N/A PokémonDollar.png1050
B PokémonDollar.png10000 PokémonDollar.png1050
B2W2 PokémonDollar.png4000 PokémonDollar.png1050
XYORAS N/A PokémonDollar.png1,050
N/A PokémonDollar.png1,500

In the Generation V games, the Shiny Stone can be sold to an item maniac inside the Icirrus City Pokémon Center for PokémonDollar.png3000.


Can be used to evolve one of several Pokémon. This consumes the Shiny Stone.


Games Description
A peculiar stone that makes certain species of Pokémon evolve. It shines with a dazzling light.
A peculiar stone that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It shines with a dazzling light.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
DPPt Route 210Pt, Route 228, Iron Island Pickup
HGSS National Park Route 14 (gift from Bird Keeper Josh), Bug-Catching Contest first prize (post-National Pokédex), Pokéathlon Dome (3000 Pts.)SuMoWeThSa
PBR 7200 Poké Coupons
BW Route 6, Dragonspiral Tower Dust clouds, Black CityB/White ForestW (Molly)
B2W2 Route 6, Abundant Shrine, Dragonspiral Tower, Undella Town Join Avenue (Antique Shop), White Forest (Store 3),
Dust clouds (Chargestone Cave, Mistralton Cave, Clay Tunnel, Twist Mountain, Underground Ruins, Victory Road, Wellspring Cave, Seaside Cave, Giant Chasm),
Hidden Grottoes (Routes 6, 13; Abundant Shrine)
DW Rugged Mountain
XY Route 12 Secret Super Training (An Opening of Lighting-Quick Attacks!), Route 18 (from Psychic Inver)
ORAS Route 121 Mauville City (Inverse Battle Stop), Secret Super Training (An Opening of Lighting-Quick Attacks!), Mt. Pyre (rematch with Fairy Tale Girl Momo), Secret Base ("Pick up stones" with Secret Pal)
PMC Balloon Popping (Lv. 1)
SMUSUM Malie CitySUS, Ancient Poni Path Poké Pelago (Isle Aphun - Brilliant-Stone Hunting, Interesting-Item Hunting)
SwSh Route 8 Lake of Outrage, Bridge Field (Digging Duo)

In spin-off games

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series

The Shiny Stone appears in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky, and Gates to Infinity.


Games Cost Sell price
MDTDS 1000MDBag Poké RTRB Sprite.png 1MDBag Poké RTRB Sprite.png
MDGtI ? 100Poké currency V.png


Can be used to evolve one of several Pokémon by offering it at the Luminous SpringTDS or by using it in a dungeonGtI. This consumes the Shiny Stone.

If thrown, it will deal 1TDS/2GtI damage (2 if sticky). In Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness, and Explorers of Sky, using this item in a dungeon will consume it, with no effect.


Games Description
MDTDS An odd stone that shines with dazzling light. It allows certain kinds of Pokémon to evolve.
MDGtI An odd stone that shines with dazzling light. It helps certain kinds of Pokémon to evolve.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
MDTDS Treasure Boxes, Job requests (★3-★9)
Happy Outlook (Kecleon Shop: B3F, B5F, B7F, B9F, B11F, B13F, B15F, B17F, B19F), Mt. Mistral (Kecleon Shop: 3F, 5F, 7F, 9F, 11F, 13F, 15F, 17F, 19F), Shimmer Hill (Kecleon Shop: 2F, 4F, 6F, 8F, 10F, 12F, 14F, 16F), Lost Wilderness (Kecleon Shop: B3F, B5F, B7F, B9F, B11F, B13F, B15F, B17F)
MDGtI Treasure Boxes
Pokémon Paradise (Sunken Treasure, Beartic Slide, Prize Palace)
Skill Treasury, Treasure Trove


MDBag Shiny Stone TDS Sprite.png MDBag Thunderstone V Sprite.png Thunderstone PMD GTI.png
Sprite from
Explorers of Time,
, and Sky
Sprite from
Gates to Infinity
Model from
Gates to Infinity*

Pokémon Conquest

In Pokémon Conquest, Minccino evolves into Cinccino if its link is improved while its Warrior is equipped with a Shiny Stone.

A Shiny Stone can be purchased from the traveling merchant for 5000 gold, and sold for 2500-3250 gold.


Games Description
Conq. Enables certain Pokémon to evolve.

In the anime

A Shiny Stone in the anime

Mystery on a Deserted Island! featured the Shiny Stone, along with all of the other Evolution stones available as of Generation V.

A full set of Evolution stones was seen on display in a stone shop in Geosenge Town in The Cave of Trials!.

In the manga

A Shiny Stone in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Platinum chapter

In Leaping Past Lopunny, a Shiny Stone was seen among the rare stones that Steven had found during his stay in Sinnoh.

HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter

In All About Arceus II, Lance gave Gold's Togepi a Shiny Stone, allowing him to evolve into Togekiss in All About Arceus VIII immediately after evolving into Togetic.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 光之石 Gwōng-jī Sehk
Mandarin 光之石 Guāng-zhī Shí
Finland Flag.png Finnish Kiiltokivi
France Flag.png French Pierre Éclat
Germany Flag.png German Leuchtstein
Italy Flag.png Italian Pietrabrillo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 빛의돌 Bich-ui Dol
Poland Flag.png Polish Kamień Błyszczący
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Pedra do Brilho
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Pedra Brilhante
Spain Flag.png Spanish Piedra Día
Turkey Flag.png Turkish Parlak Taş
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Đá ánh sáng

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