Pearl Settlement

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Pearl Settlement シンジュ集落
Pearl Settlement
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
LA Pearl Settlement.jpg
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Hisui Pearl Settlement Map.png
Location of Pearl Settlement in Hisui.

Pearl Settlement (Japanese: シンジュ集落 Shinju Settlement) is a place in the Hisui region founded by the Pearl Clan, located in the northeastern part of the Alabaster Icelands. It is the home to Irida and the rest of the Pearl Clan. In modern-day Sinnoh, the settlement has since developed into Snowpoint City.


The Pearl Settlement is a camp that is spread out across a series of cliffs in the Alabaster Icelands. The cliffs are connected by a sloping stone pathway. It is located across the river from Avalugg's Legacy. A stone bridge connects the central Alabaster Icelands to the base of the settlement. A hot springs is located at the highest point of the settlement.


Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The Pearl Settlement has a population of 23.


Item Location Games
Grit Pebble LA Grit Pebble ×3 Reward for completing Request 84: "The Bergmite Enthusiast"  LA 
Lustrous Globe LA Lustrous Globe Given by Irida after defeating her during Request 90: "The Pearl Clan's Treasure"  LA 
Comet Shard LA Comet Shard ×3 Reward for completing Request 90: "The Pearl Clan's Treasure"  LA 


Pokémon Levels Alpha
Time of day Weather
Morning Day Evening Night Clear Cloudy Snow Blizzard
Menu LA 190.png
49-52 64-67
49-52 64-67
Menu LA 361.png
38-41 53-56
Menu LA 362.png
49-52 64-67
49-52 64-67
In the air
Menu LA 627.png
49-52 64-67
Shaking trees
16-19 31-34
49-52 64-67
Shaking ore deposits
38-41 53-56
49-52 64-67
49-52 64-67
Mass outbreak
54-56 69-71
Menu LA 361.png
39-41 54-56
Menu LA 362.png
63-65 78-80
Non-fixed alpha Pokémon do not spawn until the player quelled the frenzy of the subregion's noble.
Some of the Pokémon marked with (‡) may only spawn near the area's borders.


Request 90: "The Pearl Clan's Treasure"

Espeon and Flareon have effort level 3 in their Defense and Sp. Defense stats.


In the Pearl Settlement, the player can accept the following tasks:

  • Requests:
    • Request 84: "The Bergmite Enthusiast"
    • Request 90: "The Pearl Clan's Treasure"


The two portraits found in each Pearl Clan member's home
  • Every home in the Pearl Settlement contains two portraits of unnamed figures.
    • The portrait on the left features a man in a green cloak who bears a striking resemblance to Alder and to a lesser extent Benga. The same portrait can also be found in the homes of the Diamond Settlement.
    • The portrait on the right features a man in a Pearl Clan garb who bears a striking resemblance to Archie.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 珍珠聚落 Jānjyū Jeuihlohk
Mandarin 珍珠聚落 Zhēnzhū Jùluò
France Flag.png French Hameau Perle
Germany Flag.png German Perl-Siedlung
Italy Flag.png Italian Campo Perla
South Korea Flag.png Korean 진주부락 Jinju Burak
Spain Flag.png Spanish Poblado Perla

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