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ティエルノ Tierno
XY Tierno.png
Artwork from X and Y
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Vaniville Town
Region Kalos
Trainer class Trainer
Generation VI
Games Pokémon X and Y

Tierno (Japanese: ティエルノ Tierno) is a friend of the player from Vaniville Town in Pokémon X and Y.

In the games

Tierno appears in Pokémon X and Y as a friend of the player, to whom he gives the starter Pokémon sent through him by Professor Sycamore. He is a dancer and his goal is to create a dance team with Pokémon and wants to find Pokémon with amazing moves. As such, the Pokémon in his party know "dance" moves such as Swords Dance and Petal Dance.

Tierno is first met in Aquacorde Town, where he delivers the player and two of his or her friends a starter Pokémon on behalf of Professor Sycamore. He is then met at the Pokémon Center in Santalune City, where he gives the player a minor tutorial on what is in the Pokémon Center.

Tierno is first battled on Route 5, and then again on Route 7, albeit this time with Trevor. Tierno is next met in Reflection Cave, where he gives the player a TM containing Flash.

After the completion of the story line, Tierno can be found in Coumarine City, asking to see a Pokémon which contains a randomly selected dancing move each day.

Tierno also appears as one of the player's partners in the Battle Maison when choosing Multi Battle.


First battle

Second battle (Tag Battle with Trevor)

Third battle

Battle Maison Multi Battle

Tierno will always use these two Pokémon as the player's Multi Battle Partner


Route 5

  • Talking to Trevor
"Yeah! They're just like a dance team made up of Pokémon, aren't they?"
"Nope! Even during Pokémon battles, I'm always checkin' out their moves! And then my feet just starting moving, too! I can't even help it, y'know? Like with Swords Dance! I love it! I guess that's why I can never win…"
  • Before battle
"Oh, hey, it's <player's nickname>! Do your Pokémon know any sweet moves? Show me in a battle!"
  • When defeated
"That was some nice footwork!"
  • After being defeated
"Well, yeah, Trevs! Coming up with the world's best Pokémon dance IS my dream, after all! I was born to dance! I won't ever stop! Not with moves like this!"

Route 19

  • When encountering player and Shauna
"What are you two up to?"
  • Before battle
"<Player>! Can we have a Pokémon battle? Oh, uh...sorry to just throw that at you..."
  • When defeated
"It's weird, but… I don't get that down when I lose to you."
  • After being defeated
"Geosenge Town made me think… If <player> hadn't been there, I wouldn't be dancing now, that's for sure. That made me want to get to know <player> better, and I thought a battle would be the best way to do that. It's kinda selfish of me, I guess. But it's also a way of thanking him/her!"
"He's/She's off training with the Mega Evolution guru. He/She said friends are friends even if they can't be together."

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Tierno in Pokémon Adventures

In Pokémon Adventures, Tierno is an aspiring dancer. Additionally, he is childhood friends with X, Y, Trevor, and Shauna. He is first seen standing in front of X's house while watching one of Y's failed attempts to get X to leave his house. He questions why Shauna even bothers coming with them when she believes that their attempts will end in failure. She replies that she holds onto the hope that they can one day come together as friends again. Their attempts are cut short when the legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal have appeared and have started fighting, causing Vaniville Town to be destroyed in the chaos.

Although Y manages to get everyone to safety with her Rhyhorn, Tierno is horrified to see his favorite dancing school get destroyed in an explosion. After the chaos had ended and the five friends grouped together, Tierno wonders what they will do now that their home is gone. To find some answers, the group sets off on an adventure as friends again.


On hand

Tierno's Corphish
Corphish is Tierno's only known Pokémon. It was first seen with its Trainer in Vaniville Town in front of X's house. Later, it escaped from the rampaging Xerneas and Yveltal.

Corphish's only known move is Bubble.

Debut X & Y chapter

In the TCG

Main article: Tierno (Kalos Starter Set 39)

Tierno was introduced as a Supporter Card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game at the beginning of the English XY Series (the Japanese XY Era). First released in the Japanese XY Beginning Set, the Tierno card later debuted in the English Kalos Starter Set, with both prints featuring an illustration based on the Ken Sugimori artwork of the character. With the same effect as Cheren from the Emerging Powers expansion, Tierno allows the player to draw three cards from their deck.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ティエルノ Tierno Spanish for "tender".
English, French,
German, Italian
Tierno Same as Japanese name.
Spanish Beni From benigno, kind.
Korean 티에르노 Ti'ereuno Same as Japanese name.

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