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Kiri (Japanese: キリ Kiri) is a young girl living in Sootopolis City who gives out two Berries each day the player talks to her: one from among Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, Tamato, Cornn, Magost, Rabuta, or Nomel Berries, the other from Figy or Iapapa specimens.


  • If the player hasn't talked to her previously that day:
"Hi, what's your name? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Okay. That's nice! My name is Kiri. My mommy and daddy named me that so I would grow healthy and warmhearted. That's what they wished. You can have one of these."
"Kiri will give you this Berry, too! I really like it lots!"
"I wonder what kind of wish is included in your name."
  • If the player has talked to her previously that day:
"Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. If you're born in springtime, do you like the spring, and if you're born in the summer, do you like the summer?"
"Then Kiri was born in the autumn, so I love the autumn! Which season do you like?"
"Oh... It doesn't matter... There's so much that I want to know..."
"A big Pokémon is fighting with another big Pokémon! Please, someone make them stop!"
"A pretty Pokémon came down from the sky..."


Kiri OD.png
Overworld sprite from
Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald



Language Name Origin
Japanese キリ Kiri Named after Junichi Masuda's daughter
English Kiri Same as Japanese name
French Joy From joy
German Berta From Beere, berry
Italian Kira Similar to Japanese name
Spanish Dulcinea From dulce, sweet
Chinese (Mandarin) 小桐 Xiǎo Tóng From 桐 kiri, Paulownia


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