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X (Adventures)

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エックス X
X Adventures.png
Gender Male
Eye color Blue-gray
Hair color Black
Hometown Vaniville Town
Region Kalos
Relatives Unnamed parents
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Calem

X (Japanese: エックス X) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


X is a former Pokémon Trainer who was shown to be very strong, even as a small child. However, the pressure he got from the paparazzi eventually got to him, which caused him to become a shut-in who refuses to leave his house despite his friends' protests.


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X as a child

X is first seen winning a Kalos Junior Tournament as a small child. While his friends come to celebrate his victory, they are immediately crowded on by the press, who ask if X will become a Gym Leader or even an Elite Four member. Years later, X has become a shut-in and refuses to leave his room. Despite his friends' daily efforts to get him outside, he refuses because of his fear of having the public's eye on him. Suddenly, the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal appear and begin destroying Vaniville Town in their clash against each other. Y tries to warn X about what is going on, but he refuses to listen to her because the reporters Alexa and Viola are outside recording the commotion.

X is soon attacked by Team Flare, who are after the Mega Ring on his wrist. Y and Kanga try to save X, only to be easily swatted away. Suddenly, Li'l Kanga reacts to X's Mega Ring, which allows her to evolve into Mega Kangaskhan and easily defeat the villains, forcing them to retreat. After Xerneas and Yveltal had left, the five group together in the ruins of their destroyed town. They decide that with their homes gone and certain things they need to accomplish, they all need to head off. Although X does not want to go, Y tells him that he has no choice now that he's homeless. Y forces X into a new change of clothes and has him sleep in a tent on her Rhyhorn since he refuses to move otherwise. With that, the five friends set off together.

After arriving in Aquacorde Town, the others stay at an inn while X sleeps outside in the tent. Unbeknownst to them, the inn was actually a trap set up by Team Flare, which led to Y, Trevor, Shauna, and Tierno being trapped inside while Aliana and Mable attempt to capture Li'l Kanga when X isn't looking. Y manages to escape and informs X of what is happening to Li'l Kanga. Angered, X attempts to have Li'l Kanga Mega Evolve again, only for it to fail. Instead, X uses Chespin to battle Team Flare, and succeeds in rescuing Kogaru, defeating Aliana and Mable, and rescuing the rest of X's friends from the inn.

The group soon arrives in Santalune City, where they meet up with Viola again. Viola reveals that she is the Santalune Gym Leader and offers to help the group by offering sanctuary at her Gym. Although Y said to not trust adults, the group decides to trust Viola's word, which angers Shauna into running away for going against what they said earlier. Later, X battles Viola at the Gym while Y, Trevor, and Tierno investigate the photos Viola took at Vaniville Town. There, X reveals that he obtained his Mega Ring from Gurkinn, the Mega Evolution guru, as a child. They are soon attacked by Celosia of Team Flare, who had Shauna possessed by a Honedge and kept under her control. Celosia uses Shauna to steal Kanga's Kangaskhanite and knocks Viola unconscious. Celosia attempts to escape, forcing X to pursue her. As he chases her down, X is approached by Korrina, who has her Lucario Mega Evolve.

With Korrina's help, Celosia is distracted long enough for X to retrieve the Kangaskhanite and Mega Evolve Li'l Kanga. Together, Li'l Kanga and Lucario defeat Celosia, forcing her to escape since she realizes that two Mega-Evolved Pokémon are too much for her to beat. Later, when the group celebrates their victory, Korrina is shocked to find that Gurkinn gave X his Mega Ring without a proper Successor Ceremony like several others have. When X expresses a lack of interest in doing the ceremony, Korrina gets angry and leaves in a huff without telling them more about Mega Evolution.

After arriving in Route 4, X decides to test Mega Evolution with Trevor. They have Chespin hold Kanga's Mega Stone, but their attempts end in failure. They soon meet a Charmander sleeping in the flowerbeds. Its tail causes the flowers to catch fire, but Froakie puts it out and reveals that it and Chespin are acquainted with the Charmander, meaning it belongs to Professor Sycamore. They decide to take Charmander back to its proper owner, only for it to be taken away by two masked people who believe X and his friends to have stolen Charmander. Tierno quickly takes Charmander back and clears up the misunderstanding.

Once they arrive at Lumiose City, they are greeted by Professor Sycamore, who thanks them for returning Charmander. The Professor is shocked to find that X has yet to accept Chespin on to his team. X states that he refuses to because he does not want Chespin to get caught up in the repeated attacks from Team Flare. Professor Sycamore decides to change X's mind by challenging him to a battle, but forces X to only use Chespin against his Charmander. Although reluctant, X accepts, but expresses little interest in commanding Chespin to attack. Despite this, Chespin refuses to back down, which impresses X enough to take it on his team despite them losing the battle. X also expresses interest in training Professor Sycamore's Charmander, much to the Professor's surprise. Before they can continue, X begins to worry about his friends and travels with the Professor to meet up with them again.


With the exception of Kanga and Li'l Kanga's nicknames, which are based off the name of Kangaskhan, X gives his Pokémon nicknames based of the Pokémon's French name.

On hand


Li'l Kanga
Kanga and Li'l Kanga
Main article: Kanga and Li'l Kanga

Kanga (Japanese: ガル Garu), the mother Kangaskhan, and Li'l Kanga (Japanese: コガル Kogaru), the child Kangaskhan, are X's Pokémon. X has had the two of them since childhood, where he used them to win a Junior Tournament, getting him the eye of the paparazzi. After becoming a shut-in, X began neglecting the two, which forced Tierno to feed them in his stead. X's refusal to leave his house had a negative effect on Li'l Kanga, causing her to imitate her Trainer and refuse to leave her mother's pouch despite being well over three years old. With X's Mega Ring, Li'l Kanga can Mega Evolve into a Mega Kangaskhan.

Debut An X-cuse to Come Out and Play
Marisso (Japanese: マリソ Marisso) was given to Trevor from Professor Sycamore alongside Froakie and Fennekin in the hopes that they would break X out of his depression. Although Tierno stated that one of the starters should go to X and Y, X refused to let Chespin go on his team despite using it to battle against Team Flare. After using it to battle Professor Sycamore, X decided to let Chespin join his team after seeing it do its best in the battle despite his own lack of interest in it.

Marisso's known moves are Pin Missile and Rollout.

Debut An X-cuse to Come Out and Play
Salamè (Japanese: サラメ Salamè) originally belonged to Professor Sycamore. X and his friends first encountered it sleeping on Route 4 and soon took the runaway Charmander back to its owner. After losing to it in a battle, X decided to take Charmander and named it Salamè.

Salamè's only known move is Ember.

Debut PAXY04

Élec (Japanese: エレク Élec) was originally an Electrike used alongside other Electric-type Pokémon to power the Prism Tower during a blackout. Upon seeing X defeat the Lumiose Press editor-in-chief, it became impressed with X and followed the group when they left Lumiose City. It soon approached and attacked the group to lead them to a Manectite hidden in a tree. During the commotion, it evolved into a Manectric. When a Team Flare Grunt stole the Manectite, X let the Manectric join his team and named it Élec.

Élec's only known move is Wild Charge.

Debut PAXY11


X's Gogoat
X was seen riding this Gogoat from the Gogoat Shuttle service when he and Professor Sycamore went to meet up with Y, Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno.

None of Gogoat's moves are known.

Debut PAXY09


  • He is nicknamed (Japanese: エッP Eh-P) by Shauna.


Language Name Origin
Japanese エックスX From Pokémon X
English X From Pokémon X
French Xavier Starts with the letter X
Chinese (Mandarin) 艾克斯 Àikèsī Transliteration of his Japanese name

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