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ギリー Girī
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Aarune.png
Art from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Age 25
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn (originally Unova)
Trainer class Secret Base Expert
Generation VI
Games Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Aarune (Japanese: ギリー Girī) is an expert on Secret Bases.

In the games

Aarune is a world traveler who owns a Flygon. He will teach the player about Secret Bases and will battle the player at some point in the game.




Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Version

"Yup... I can smell it... I smell it all over this island! The scent of adventure! There's gotta be one around here. Yeah, a real super one... A real secret one... A real super-secret space... There's no mistakin' it!"

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Route 111
"Mmm-mm. I can smell it. I can smell it right here... The scent of adventure! This is definitely one. It's gotta be a Secret Spot. There'll be enough space here to build a crazy super place, or my name's not Aarune!"
(Notices the player) "Yo, my young Pokémon Trainer! What can I do you for, hmm? Huh? What d'you mean, you didn't ask for anything? Bet your heart you did! Now, now, no need to be shy! After all, we managed to meet! The name's Aarune. Put'er there. Unova-born and twenty-five years old. Spent the last 11 years trying to find myself. Just a vagabond in search of dreams. I'm wandering 'round Hoenn, trying to find a place where I really belong. That's right! A Super-Secret Base!"
"You don't know about Secret Bases? What kinda life is that? Too sad, little bro/sis. Time for a lecture from Uncle Aarune! Let's start with what a Secret Base is... Which is adventure! Romance! Awesome! For real, it's the best place ever to chill-you, your pals that you let hang out... Since you've got this chance, you oughta learn how to make one. Take this."
"Secret Power can help you find the entrances to hidden places. These entrances... They're full of adventure, all right! That's why I like to throw some spice in there and call them Secret Spots!"
(Facing the tree behind him) "Like this! This right here is a Secret Spot. Doesn't it look like you could just climb right up in this tree? This is exactly the kinda place to bust out with Secret Power!"
(After using Secret Power) "Awww yeah! I never get tired of that! And that's all there is to finding Secret Spots and creating the enterance to a Secret Base. This move is crucial to having a Secret Base. Don't forget now!"
(Aarune and the player enter the new Secret Base)
Route 111 Secret Base
"Mm-hmm! Not a bad layout... Seem behind each Secret Spot, you'll find a space like this. They come in all kindsa shapes and sizes. So basically, whenever you find a Secret Spot, you oughta at least check it out with Secret Power!"
"Just think... Someday this place could be somebody's Secret Base, all decorated with good and friends... I'd really love to see it like that."
"Wait a sec... But who in the world are you? ... Ahhh! Right! <player>! Sorry about that. I just got on such a roll... So then, <player>! How about I give you one more tip? When you feel happy about something, you oughta express that feeling. Put it into words! It'll cheer everybody up. So how 'bout you tell me, huh? C'mon. Tell Uncle Aarune what you say when you're totally thrilled!"
"Whistle... <prhase>? That's good! Know why I asked you that? Isn't it obvious? It's 'cause I can see already that there's plenty in your future to feel happy about!"
"That's just how we roll in the Secret Base life. Every day is full of happy adventures! Aw yeah!"
"Hmm. Now I could go ahead and make a Secret Base right here, but... I get the feeling this layout could be even better for you, little bro/sis! Guess I'm gonna leave this spot for you!"
(after setting up the Secret PC) "This will be your Secret Base from now on, little pal! It's yours now, so decorate it, destroy it, do whatever you want! Whatever floats your boat, right? Oh, right. Decorating! See, any Decorations you get will be sent to the PC in your Secret Base automatically. Place 'em around and liven up your base a bit."
That there's a PC! That's where you'll find your Decorations. Not that you probably have much, right? Here, I'll give you these to get ya started!"
Oh, RIGHT! One last thing! You can do more than make your own Secret Base. You can visit other people's bases for a bit of fun. If you find a base that belongs to someone else, check it out. And here's the real point. When you check out someone's base, collect the flag you find next to the PC. Heh heh... Something good might come of it! Looks like it's about time for me to hit the road in search of my perfect base! Good-bye for now, but hopefully I'll see you again, <player>. If you need me for anything, try dropping in at the Secret Base Guild in Fortree!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese ギリー Girī From 弟切草 otogirisō (Hypericum).
English Aarune From Aaron's beard and possibly rún (Old Norse for secret)
French Millepertuis From millepertuis, Hypericum
German Johnson From Johanniskraut, Hypericum
Italian Iperio From iperico, Hypericum
Spanish Perico From hipérico, Hypericum
Korean 성한 Seonghan From 성요한풀 Seong Yohan Pul (St. John's wort)

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