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ユリーカ Eureka
XY Prerelease Bonnie and Clemont.png
Bonnie in X and Y
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Lumiose City
Region Kalos
Relatives Clemont (brother)
Anime counterpart Bonnie
Counterpart debut Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!

Bonnie (Japanese: ユリーカ Eureka) is a young girl introduced in Pokémon X and Y. She is the younger sister of Clemont.

In the games

Bonnie is present as an unwavering companion and supporter for her brother during his Gym battle with the player character. During the player's challenge of the Gym, she runs the quiz that the player must solve in order to challenge Clemont.

After defeating the Champion, Bonnie can be found on the first floor of Prism Tower. If talked to with a Pokémon with max Affection in front of the party, she will award the player with a Best Friends Ribbon.


Pokémon X and Y

Lumiose City

"Aren't you done yet?"
"Oh, Shauna! And you are...a challenger? Sorry, but could you wait a moment? C'mon, Clemont!"
"Yeah. Right. Whatever. There are challengers waiting for you, you know. Prism Tower itself is Lumiose City's Pokémon Gym!"

Lumiose Gym

  • Before defeating Clemont
"This is the Gym Leader of Lumiose City, Clemont! You'd better watch out! My brother's strong! As strong as you'd expect a Lumiose City Gym Leader to be, got it?"
"I know, I know! Anyway, I hope you two have an awesome battle!"
  • After defeating Clemont
"M-my brother... You lost?"
"Oh, I know! I know this one! It's TM24! That's Thunderbolt! It has a power of 90 and its accuracy is 100 percent! It'll never miss! It's a really popular Electric move because of that!"
  • If talked to afterwards
"You sure are an amazing Pokémon Trainer, mister/miss. I hope you'll help my geeky bro learn a bit!"
"Oh, you and <Pokémon> are..."
(Pokémon with no or one Affection heart)
"Sort of friends, perhaps? Am I right?"
(Pokémon with two hearts)
"Becoming good friends! I can tell!"
(Pokémon with three hearts)
"Pretty good friends! Can I pet it?"
(Pokémon with four hearts)
"Really good friends! I want to play with it!"
(Pokémon with max Affection)
"Really, really good friends! I want to give it Poké Puffs and play with it! (receive Ribbon) Please cherish your friendship forever and ever!"
(Pokémon with max Affection after receiving Ribbon)
"Really, really good friends! I can tell you've poured your love into it so much! How wonderful!"

In the anime

Bonnie in the anime
Main article: Bonnie (anime)

Bonnie appears in the XY series as a companion for Ash alongside Serena and her brother Clemont. She and Clemont first met Ash in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! and began traveling with him in A Battle of Aerial Mobility!.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ユリーカ Eureka From Eureka lemon and the interjection Eureka
English Bonnie From Bonnie Brae, a variety of lemon
French, Italian,
Clem Similar to her brother's name
German Heureka From her Japanese name
Korean 유리카 Yurika From her Japanese name

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