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ジーナ Sina
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos
Generation VI, VII
Games X and Y, Sun and Moon

Sina (Japanese: ジーナ Sina) is one of Professor Sycamore's assistants who often appears with another assistant, Dexio.

In the games

In X and Y

Sina and Dexio are first met by the player in Route 4 and they talk about Flabébé and the Fairy type. Sina talks about testing Fairy-type Pokémon against other types of Pokémon at Professor Sycamore's request and promptly introduces herself. Sina later guides the player across Lumiose City to Professor Sycamore's lab. Further on, she and Dexio give the player the Coastal Kalos Pokédex at Route 8 and the Mountain Kalos Pokédex at Route 13.

The duo are soon met again at the Kalos Power Plant, disguised as the defenders of Kalos. They arrive to stop Team Flare, but by the time they get there, the player has already driven the villains away. They thank the player for their help and offers their assistance before taking off. Sina is met alone at Anistar City to tell the player about a person there who knows about XerneasX/YveltalY. The player meets them again in their disguises in Lysandre Labs, where they ask if the player has seen a man as tall as a stretched-out Seviper that Team Flare has been searching for. There, they pretend that they have never met the player and warns them to be safe when fighting against Team Flare.

After Lysandre is defeated in the Team Flare Secret HQ, the masked Sina and Dexio thanks the player for their victory. Tierno reveals that he and Trevor teamed up with Sina and Dexio to free the Pokémon Team Flare tied to the stones on Route 10 to power their ultimate weapon. When Tierno states their names, Sina denies their true identities. Dexio also reveals that he and Sina destroyed the machine Lysandre used to spy on peoples' Holo Casters.

After the player has become Champion, Sina is seen with Dexio in the parade Professor Sycamore made for the player and their friends.


Route 4
"Flabébé is--now brace yourself--a Fairy-type Pokémon!"
"This turned the entire type-matchup system on its head!"
"And we've been battling Fairy-type Pokémon against other types of Pokémon at Professor Sycamore's request. My name's Sina! It's a beautiful name for a beautiful lady!"
"If you'd like, I'll show you the way to the lab. So, come along now!"
No: "Oh? Well, don't be shy, OK? Come talk to us when you want to go to the lab."
Yes: "OK! Let's get this show on the road!"
Lumiose City - Route 4 Gate
"Right through this gate, and you'll be in Lumiose City! Go on already!"
Lumiose City
"I'll go ahead and wait in front of the lab for you!"
"This building is the Sycamore Pokémon Lab! Let's go inside!"
  • Inside the lab
"You've traveled a long way from Vaniville Town, but you're finally here! The professor can't wait to meet you. You can find him on the third floor, so hop in the elevator!"
  • Speaking to Lysandre, after the player meets Sycamore
"And here's one of them now...That's <player>. <Player>, come here a sec!"
"Still...I wonder what kind of beautiful world Lysandre desires...In this great big Kalos region, there are many different Pokémon. I hope getting a Pokédex gives you a chance to learn about them."
Route 8
"Haven't you wondered how a single Pokédex could possibly cover a region as big as Kalos?"
"New encounters help people and Pokémon grow and mature! We'll be taking our leave now! Bon voyage!"
Route 13 - Coumarine City Gate
"How dare you keep us waiting!"
"Hey! So there's Central Kalos and Coastal Kalos, right? Can you tell me what comes next?"
"You know...You look different somehow. Your face seems more...mature? Ha ha! Just joshing with you! I'll be taking my leave now! Bon voyage!"
Power Plant
"Oh my! You chased off that mysterious bunch before we could even get here? Well, I guess there's always room for more defenders of Kalos! Let me heal your Pokémon as thanks!"
"Well, I think us mysterious people will be off now! I leave before being left. I decide. Au revoir!"
Anistar City
"You there!"
"I came in place of Dexio to tell you something. There's a person here in Anistar City who knows about the Legendary Pokémon."
"Oh, I almost forgot! I brought you some gifts! Put them to good use!"
"Repeat Balls make it easier to catch kinds of Pokémon that you've caught before! Even though they're the same species, the strengths and Natures of individual Pokémon can be really different."
Lysandre Labs
"No sign of him here either...You! Have you seen anything?"
"His relationship to Team Flare is a mystery, but...Oh, by the way, I've got something for you. Take these with you, <player>."
"Oh, wait! We met some time ago, but I didn't get your name then! I've never heard your name before! Not once!"
  • If talked to afterwards
"What is that Lysandre guy thinking?! I thought he wanted a beautiful world..."
Geosenge Town
"Phew...I'm so glad you're all safe! I really respect the courage and kindness all of you showed."
"Who are these Sina and Dexio you speak of? We're the masked heroes!"

In Sun and Moon

Sina appears alongside Dexio in the Alola region, tasking Trainers with collecting Zygarde Cells in a Zygarde Cube.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Sina (right) in Pokémon Adventures

Sina debuts in the X & Y chapter. She, along with Dexio, is first seen when Professor Sycamore asked them to make a copy of the footage of Vaniville Town's destruction so that Lysandre may study it.

Later, they are tasked with finding Professor Sycamore's missing Charmander, which had escaped from his lab. They find Charmander in the custody of X's friends, who they mistake for having stolen it. Wearing disguises, Sina and Dexio reveal themselves and immediately take Charmander away from X's group. Angered, Tierno uses his Roller Skates in conjunction with his dancing skills to quickly take Charmander back. After Tierno explains that they were returning Charmander to its owner, Sina and Dexio excuse themselves and leave.

After Sycamore learns that Lysandre is the leader of Team Flare, he has Sina and Dexio spy on Lysandre Café. Later, Sina and Dexio manage to defeat a disguised Team Flare Grunt and interrogate him for information. They report to Professor Sycamore that Team Flare went into hiding at the Pokémon Village.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ジーナ Sina From sinister, Latin for left
English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish
Sina Same as Japanese name
Korean 지나 Jina Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 吉娜 Jínà Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 吉娜 Gātnàh Mandarin-based transliteration of Japanese name
Russian Сина Sina Transcription of English name

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