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ロカフラ Rokafera
ORAS Guitarist.png
Soldier of Roxie
23 (as of Aug 6, 2018)
Gender Male
Hometown Stuttgart
Region Germany
Trainer class Trainer

Rockapheller (also known as Brandt) is a Pokémon Trainer who travels across all the regions in the Pokémon world (through Pokémon anime and Pokémon games) in order to train Pokémon and compete at the Pokémon League, or engage with the legends and myths, as well as trainers of every region in order to understand the nature of Pokémon, people, world and franchise as a whole.

About Me

  • I am half German by my father and half Turkish by my mother.
  • I speak English, German and Turkish fluently, and I am learning Italian.
    • I like British English more than American English.
  • I live in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany half of a year and in Bodrum, Turkey other half of a year.
  • I identify myself as a homosexual male.
  • I am a college student. I plan to graduate in mid 2019.
    • I am studying German teaching in the faculty of education.
  • As well as Pokémon, I am a huge fan of Eurovision Song Contest and Harry Potter novels.
  • I don't believe in any religion, although I have no certain opinion regarding existence of a God, even though I consider it "extremely unlikely".
  • I am sensitive about environmental cleanup. Even though it is almost impossible to ignore plastic entirely, I tend to use it the least.
  • My favourite;
    • Country is Italy, language is Italian, accent is British.
    • Music genres are ska, jazz, alternative and country.
    • Book is Of Mice and Men.
    • Film is Strangers on a Train.
    • Colour is black.

History with Pokémon

Introduction to the series

Charizard was my favourite Pokémon before older generations were introduced

I was introduced to the franchise likely in 1999 when I was about 5 and found the animé show on TV. Just as the novice trainer Ash and the world of Pokémon in which he lives took over the world's attention, it was popular in my nation as much as anywhere else. Due to lack of sources, little did I know was how engaging the show was and literally nothing regarding the games. Over several attempts of children who hurt themselves because they believed they were Pokémon, the animé was restricted on TVs before the franchise got forgotten and lost its popularity. Thus, I never knew more about Pokémon post Orange Islands and Generation I until some point.

Reunion with the Franchise

As a ten-year-old boy who is still obsessed with Pokémon despite of years and years of separation, I searched for Pokémon on Google. I found many platforms either national or international that tell more and many more about Pokémon that I never knew before - basically the following generations and the existence of Pokémon games. With the absolute poor English skills, I somehow managed to play some Generation III games on my PC.

The Milestone

My favourite Pokémon concept belongs to Paras and Parasect

The beginning of Unova region has been the milestone of my Pokémon fanaticism in a way, and I personally consider it even bigger step than discovering that Pokémon was still a thing back in 2005. Because for the first time after nearly 10 years, I decided to watch the anime show with the subtitles that I wouldn't even understand entirely. Ever since September 2010, it is already a tradition for me to watch the anime on a weekly basis.

However, my introduction to games for real was not to come until the release of Pokémon X and Y. Up until that point, I found the games rather "weak" to pay attention due to its graphics and lack of sense. However, watching a Youtuber's Pokémon Y gameplay, I was convinced to get in game business as well. I first bought a Nintendo 3DS and started off with a copy of HeartGold Version. Later followed by White 2, X, Omega Ruby and finally Generation VII games. It all brought a revolution of the franchise for me in 2015.

Restarting Everything I Knew

In mid-late 2015, I realised my knowledge of the franchise was all in pieces, yet wouldn't paint the full picture. I made a decision - watch the entire anime from EP001 to DP191 including all the movies and specials that can be found on the Internet that I've missed. I've completed the show within 2 years and slightly more. I finally knew the story of all the anime-exclusive events and was more into that world. This experience inspired me to complete a Living Pokédex.

Living Dex Completion

My first ever Pokémon Card was a Charmeleon

In early 2017, before getting started to each set of Pokémon games, I decided to complete a Living Dex using Pokémon X, Omega Ruby, and Sun copies. Completing the entire Pokédex with all released Pokémon until #801 took my three months in total. I have played each version twice in order to keep Version-exclusive legendaries for myself and trade another one with their counterparts. I received help from the Internet and sacrificed crazy amount of Legendary Pokémon to find Mythical Pokémon. The very last Pokémon I have put in my collection was a Celebi. After its placement, the Living Dex was completed.

One of the biggest things I discovered completing my Living Dex was to realise how amazing Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were. Chasing Mirage Spots every mid-night and hunting down all the Legendary Pokémon at a particular time of day/week was just such a magical experience to bring on. I never took advantage of DexNav until that point as I didn't know I needed.

Pokémon Replay Project

When I completed the Living Dex, it brought me a further inspiration to go through all the Pokémon games from scratch and engage with the stories and myths of Pokémon world, including the stories of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. After I recognised the in-game mechanics and the importance of Nature, stats and competitive play, I have begun my "Pokémon Replay Project" in the last quarter of 2017, in which I have played all the Core-series games and expand my common sense with the culture of Pokémon world even more. My Pokémon Teams section consists of my teams that are built after this project.

The project has been completed in December, 2018.


Regarding Bulbapedia

Regarding franchise

My current signature on the forums, uncropped
My former signature on the forums, uncropped

Regarding anime

Regarding games

Gameplay tendencies

  • I never leave my starter Pokémon.
  • I catch the "national bird" Pokémon and keep them on my team until the end (Pidgey for Kanto, Starly for Sinnoh, etc) unless I have already played in that region with another version before.
  • I always have a Fire and Flying-type on my team with the exception of Pokémon Ultra Moon.
    • Sun is my only team in which the same type repeats more than twice: Fairy-type, three times.
    • Platinum and White are only teams of mine that no type repeats itself.
  • I only play with Pokémon that debut in the generation of its game with the exception of Blastoise in Pokémon X due to Mega Evolution.
  • Until Generation VI games, I would have my Pokémon either with a beneficial or ineffective nature. This rule is broken from Pokémon X and onwards due to easiness of the games.
  • I train an Eevee if it is a Generation I remake, or the game of a generation that introduces a new Eeveelution.
  • I keep the level of my Pokémon on my team as close as possible.


This list consists of my teams that I created after I started my individual "Pokémon Replay Project" in late 2017. Those games are all re-plays that I have competed before with the exception of Pokémon Ultra Moon. Also, I lack my team of Pokémon Omega Ruby due to cartridge being broken during my replay. I have completed the project in December, 2018, making it last slightly more than a year.











White 2





Ultra Moon