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This article is about the fifth series of the anime. For its eponymous first season, see S17. For the series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, see Pokémon Trading Card Game → XY Series. For other uses, see XY.

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Pokémon the Series: XY (Japanese: ポケットモンスターXY Pocket Monsters XY) is the fifth series of the Pokémon anime and is based on the events of the Generation VI core series Pokémon games. It follows Pokémon the Series: Black & White and was succeeded by Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. It ran from October 17, 2013 to November 10, 2016 in Japan and from January 18, 2014 to January 28, 2017 in the United States, although the first two episodes aired as a sneak peek in the United States on October 19, 2013.

As with the previous three series, Pokémon the Series: XY began with only Ash Ketchum, headed off to Kalos region with his Pikachu while wearing a new set of clothes, intending to challenge the Kalos League. Joining him this time are Serena, a new Trainer who previously met Ash in her childhood; Clemont, an aspiring inventor and scientist, who is also the Gym Leader of the Lumiose Gym; and Bonnie, Clemont's younger sister. Jessie, James and Meowth continue to follow Ash and his friends through the Kalos region, and have gone back to their more traditional methods of capturing Ash's Pikachu and other Pokémon, although their appearances are less frequent, just like in Pokémon the Series: Black & White. Jessie's Wobbuffet, absent for practically the entirety of Black & White, returns to her roster.

This series also features the Mega Evolution Specials, a series of special episodes following the adventures of a Trainer named Alain, who is working to find Mega Stones and defeat all Mega-Evolved Pokémon using his Mega Charizard X. In the XY&Z season, Ash and his friends' journey continues as their story merges with the plot of the Mega Evolution Specials, with the group becoming involved with the Legendary Pokémon Zygarde and the villainous organization Team Flare.

A new art style was instituted at the beginning of the series. A notable difference is that the stock "effect" backgrounds have been almost entirely removed (only appearing when a main character catches a Pokémon, whenever Ash or Serena earn a Gym Badge or Princess Key, respectively, and when Team Rocket recites their motto). Also, the character models (as seen in the artworks) are slightly taller and leaner in comparison to the previous four series. In addition, much like the core series Pokémon games from Generation III onwards, a VS. player overview screen appears before starting some battles and Showcase rounds. Similar to In The Shadow of Zekrom!, Ash receives a physical redesign, now having softer and slightly smaller birthmarks on his cheeks, his hair covers the top of his ears and is spikier, and he has more locks on his forehead.

Episodes in Pokémon the Series: XY are numbered with the prefix XY on Bulbapedia. For a complete episode listing, see the list of Pokémon the Series: XY episodes.


It’s time for Ash and Pikachu to set off on their adventures in the Kalos region! Along the way, they’re joined by some new friends—a genius inventor named Clemont, his little sister Bonnie, and Serena, a Trainer on her first journey. Ash immediately tries to challenge the Gym in Lumiose City, but doesn’t get very far before a robot throws him out! In between Gym battles, Ash and friends will be exploring this unique region, meeting all kinds of new Pokémon, and looking into a fascinating new Pokémon mystery!

Japanese seasons

Pokémon the Series: XY has been divided into multiple arcs in the Japanese release, similar to the "chapters" of the original series and Pokémon the Series: Black & White.

  • Pocket Monsters XY (ポケットモンスターXY) (XY001 - XY093)
    • Pocket Monsters XY Special Episode: The Strongest Mega Evolution (ポケットモンスターXY特別編 最強メガシンカ) (XYS01 - XYS04)
  • Pocket Monsters XY&Z (ポケットモンスターXY&Z) (XY094 - XY140, XYS05 - XYS06)

Dub seasons

Unlike what was previously done, when Pokémon the Series: XY came to be dubbed into English and other languages, it was localized as a whole. While it is still divided into three seasons, they share a common title:


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Home video releases

North American DVD releases

Australian DVD releases

Japanese DVD releases


For more images, please see artwork from Pokémon the Series: XY on the Bulbagarden Archives.




Main characters

Secondary characters



Aito's art for the conclusion of XY
  • Aito Ohashi, one of the animators for Pokémon the Series: XY, drew art to commemorate the series' conclusion.
  • This is the only series featuring Ash as the protagonist in which:
  • This is the first series in which:
    • James does not use any Grass-type Pokémon.
    • Ash's party does not include the combination of a Grass-type, a Fire-type, and a Water-type.
    • Ash does not leave any of the Pokémon in his party at Professor Oak's Laboratory at any point, even temporarily.
    • Ash fully evolves all of the Pokémon he caught.
    • Ash does not cross-dress. Instead, Serena cross-dresses once.
    • Ash's female long-term traveling companion from the previous series does not appear (among series that have a previous one).
    • Gary or Tracey do not appear in any form, including flashbacks.
    • The characters are consistently drawn with fingernails.
    • The Magikarp salesman does not appear.
    • Ash reaches the finals of a Pokémon League Conference.
    • Professor Oak does not meet the concurrent generation's Pokémon Professor.
    • One of Ash's traveling companions temporarily leaves the group in the middle of a regional journey.
    • The final episode did not end with the message "Next Time... A New Beginning!"
  • This is the first series since the original in which:
    • Ash has lost against two different Gym battles in the same region.
    • Ash has released Pokémon.
  • Pokémon the Series: XY shares a number of similarities with Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire:
    • Ash does not own the region's Fire-type first partner Pokémon.
    • Ash is traveling with three companions instead of two.
    • Two of the traveling companions are siblings, with one of them being too young to have Pokémon of their own.
      • Both sets of siblings are related to the fifth Gym Leader of their respective region, and both older siblings tried to hide this fact at first.
        • This Gym is also the first one that Ash attempts to challenge in the region.
      • One of said siblings is a brother wearing glasses.
    • Ash receives only one first partner Pokémon in the region and fully evolves it.
    • The main heroine of Pokémon the Series: XY, Serena, shares some similarities to the main heroine of Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, May. Both of them:
      • Do not have a specific goal in mind in the beginning of their journey, but later become inspired to pursue a career that focuses more on displaying a Pokémon's style rather than its power: May aims to become a Top Coordinator, and Serena aims to become Kalos Queen.
      • Were expected to pursue the same career as one of their parents: May was expected to become a Gym Leader like her father, and Serena was expected to become a Rhyhorn racer like her mother.
      • Begin their journeys for unorthodox reasons: May to travel, and Serena to reunite with Ash.
      • Start with the region's Fire-type first partner Pokémon: May starts with Torchic and Serena starts with Fennekin. Both of their first partner Pokémon eventually fully evolve.
      • Obtain an Eevee, which later evolves into an Eeveelution native to the region they are currently in at the time of the evolution.
      • Had one last battle against Ash before departing.
      • Travel to a region that Ash has previously traveled through at the end of the series, in order to participate in Pokémon Contests alone.
      • Did not own any disobedient Pokémon, unlike Misty, Dawn, and Iris.
      • Did not own any walking Pokémon, unlike any of the other female main characters that can own Pokémon.
    • The three older main characters have one first partner Pokémon each.
    • At least one Gym features Double Battles.
      • Both these Gyms specialized in Psychic-type Pokémon, as well as being the seventh Gym Ash challenged in the respective regions.
    • Both League Conferences started on the 125th episode and ended on the 131st episode of their respective series.
      • Ash uses only his current party Pokémon in the tournament instead of using any of his Pokémon from Professor Oak's Laboratory. In addition, he uses exactly six Pokémon.
    • Jessie's Pokémon evolves but James's Pokémon, which is also capable of evolution, does not.
    • Ash's main outfit debuts in the previous series.
  • This is the shortest completed series of the anime, with 140 episodes.
  • The English dub of episodes from A PokéVision of Things to Come! to Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike! were first aired in the United Kingdom before the United States (except the postponed episode An Undersea Place to Call Home!).
  • The English dub of episodes from A Relay in the Sky! to All Eyes on the Future! were first aired in Canada before the United States.
  • The English dub of the episodes Bonnie for the Defense! and Facing the Needs of the Many! were first aired in Australia before the United States.
  • In the Japanese version, the focus character in the title card segment changes depending on the episode, and usually that character also reads the title card. In the English dub, all episodes feature Ash as the focus character, except Mega-Mega Meowth Madness! and One for the Goomy! (both U.S. airings only), which instead feature Bonnie as the focus character.
    • In the Japanese version, starting from An Oasis of Hope!, the title card was updated to use Serena's new design. In the English dub, the title card continued to use Serena's old design.
  • This is the last series thus far in which:
    • Episodes have a frame rate of 30 frames per second.
    • All of its movies are set in the main anime continuity. An alternate continuity would be established with I Choose You! and continued in future movies outside of Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution.
    • Ash's goal is to collect Gym Badges.
  • This is the anime series that introduces the fewest Pokémon from an upcoming generation, with only one.
  • This series has Ash have the least Pokémon by the conclusion, only having three Pokémon caught in Kalos remaining in his ownership.

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