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Welcome to my Bulbapedia's Userpage!

This is a Bulbapedia Userpage.
Editing my page is strictly prohibited. For more information, see the Userspace policy. Thanks!

About Me

Ruixiang95 is an editor on Bulbapedia.
My nickname is Allen.
I have been an user of Bulbapedia since 30 August 2008.
My western zodiac is Aquarius Water-attack.png. My chinese zodiac is pig.

For more information about me, be sure to read my usertags.

Personal Infomation

I'm born in Singapore
I'm a Chinese and I speak English and Chinese.
My hobbies are playing video games—mostly Pokémon games, listening to music, and sleeping.

I love watching the Pokémon anime (well, see here).
D.Gray-man have also been my favourite in the anime and the manga.
My favourite singers are Jay Chou and Show Luo.

History with Pokémon


I do not remember when I first started watching the Pokémon (dubbed) anime. I watched the original series (dubbed) on television. I bought the Master Quest VCD full-sets, as a result, I can remember every single thing that happened in that season. I did not watch the Advanced season, but I watched the encore telecast, which happened 4 years later. I watched every episodes on TV, starting from the Advanced Battle season, to the Sinnoh League Victors season. Starting from the Black & White season, I do not get to watch every episodes as I have to work on weekends. I currently finished re-watching the episodes from EP052 to EP142. Sometimes, I also watched the Japanese episodes from Diamond & Pearl series onwards. I have watched the first to the eighteenth movies online. I watched the nineteenth movie in the cinema since Singapore aired them on the big screen for the first time.

Video Games

I started playing Pokémon video games when I found a CD rom which have a VisualBoyAdvance file in it, along with several Game Boy Advance games—which also included the games released before Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions. I started playing it and thus liking Pokémon video games. Several years later, I finally got my hand on a Game Boy Advance SP, and that is when I became a vivid Pokémon player. I bought a Nintendo 3DS in 2012. I currently also own a Nintendo DSi, and the Pokémon 20th Anniversary Red and Blue Edition New Nintendo 3DS.

Trading Card Game

I started collecting the Pokémon Trading Card Game when Next Destinies was released. I bought the English expansions. I bought several loose packs from the previous Black & White expansions. Then, I usually bought the newer expansions when they were released. This included booster boxes, collection boxes, collection tins and loose packs too. In the XY Era/Series, I switched to collecting the Japanese sets instead.

Games that I owned

Shiny Pokémon

Pokémon Red and Blue Versions (Glitch)

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