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Storm Aurora
Tumblr: @mala-sadas
Twitter: @rstorm_aurora
Discord: storm.aurora (formerly Stórm#2249)
Ao3: storm_aurora
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this tcg art sparks joy
Favorite Pokémon Magnemite, Victini, Joltik
Favorite Trainers Hop, Hugh, Hau, Leon, Iris
Favorite Dexholders Moon, Sun, Diamond
Favorite regions Unova, Galar, Alola
Favorite types Ghost, Electric
Favorite categories
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Pokémon Masters EX
Quote pages

Hi! I'm Storm. Long-time Bulbapedia user, relatively new editor, and recently promoted to Junior Admin! I'm something of an expert on Pokémon Masters EX, so feel free to ask me anything related to that. I also have plenty of programming experience, so I'm good at creating and using templates. If you're having a problem with a template, or you want a template created, feel free to bring it up on my talk page or in the Bulbagarden Discord!

Userspace pages

  • User:Storm Aurora/Event (Masters) - a page about events in Pokémon Masters EX. Very rough draft. Currently on the back burner while I work on other Masters-related projects.
  • User:Storm Aurora/Sandbox - a disorganized place for me to work on things for the mainspace. Stuff in here is either something I plan to add to a mainspace page that isn't ready yet, something I plan to add across several mainspace pages so I want to start with it all in one place to ensure it's consistent, or something I plan to make a page for but don't know what to call the page yet.
  • User:Storm Aurora/Template:6EX - Was going to use this as a way to conveniently write "6★ EX" that looks nice and has a link to the increasing potential section on the sync pair page, but I didn't like the way it looked. Dunno if I want to try to make it look better or just scrap it entirely.
  • User:Storm Aurora/Template:ExpeditionSkillTable - Helper template I used when making the expedition skill page. Don't really need it anymore.
  • User:Storm Aurora/Template:Spindata/Sleep - a template to display Pokémon data from Pokémon Sleep. A work in progress as we figure out what data is relevant and how to display it.
  • User:Storm Aurora/Test - basically the same as the sandbox, but smaller.

Ongoing projects

If you'd like to help out with any of these, let me know!

  • Splitting story event into separate pages (DONE)
    • Add plot, script, event missions, and prize boxes to story event pages that need them
  • Splitting solo event into separate pages (DONE)
    • Add plot, script, and event missions to solo event pages that need them
  • Adding theme skill and expedition skill icons to Masters character pages + fixing gallery formatting
  • Adding a story appearances section to Masters character pages
  • Updating Masters quote pages
    • Add missing Trainer Lodge quotes
    • Add missing sync pair stories
    • Add missing Pokémon Center quotes
    • Add missing Uh-oh! lines
    • Double-check recruitment, log-in, sync pair story, sync background preview, and random conversation quotes for all characters
  • Pokémon Sleep coverage

Upcoming projects

  • Give Tina a proper character bio
  • Update Paulo's character bio
  • Update Lear's character bio
  • Split legendary event into separate pages
    • Add plot, event missions, and prize boxes/shop exchanges as needed
  • Revamp training event page
    • Put shop listing for each training event next to the event
    • Add event missions for each training event
  • Add event missions for time trial events
  • Add event missions for special events
  • Double-check event missions for Blissful Bonanza!
  • Add event missions for Daily Battle events
  • Add event missions for Neo Champions events
  • Add event missions for costume events
  • Add event missions for egg events
  • Give Neo Champions and costume events individual pages?
  • Make sure heights for all the characters with scale world figures are on their character pages

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