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Favorite Pokemon: Clobbopus, Inkay/Malamar, Octillery, the entire Rowlet line, Copperajah, Basculegion, Toucannon, Bombirdier, Tatsugiri; basically if the Pokemon is based on a bird or a water creature, chances are i'm gonna LOVE it.

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Pokémon character names in Indonesian

This section attempts to document all Pokémon character name localizations in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). Only human characters are included in this table. Names which are pretty much exactly the same as in English (eg. "Profesor Willow"; with "Profesor" being the Indonesian word for "Professor") are not included, except to denote reverts of localized names back to their English versions.


  • Anime:
    • Early episodes of the Pokémon anime gave new names to some characters; eg. "Ali" for Ash Ketchum, "Letnan Surya" for Lt. Surge, etc. Unfortunately, finding clips of these old anime episodes to write down the names prove to be difficult.
    • Later episodes of the anime (apparently past the Kanto saga) simply used the characters' Japanese names, transliterated (eg. Satoshi, Takeshi, Kasumi, Musashi, Kojiro, etc.)
    • Even later episodes (XY or Sun & Moon onward) simply used the characters' English names (so Ash Ketchum, Jessie, James etc. are also called as such in Indonesian).
    • Note that I am not an avid watcher of the anime, so some of the info I present here may be inaccurate (for example, perhaps some of these names are only ever used in promo material).
  • TCG:
    • When the TCG is first localized into Indonesian (First Impact GX Starter Deck onward), some characters receive new names that are simple transcriptions of their English or Japanese names, most often their English names. Some of these names are also used in the anime (or maybe just their promos). Perhaps due to dissatisfaction from fans or from the localizers themselves, some of these TCG names would eventually be reverted back to their original English names (eg. "Lens" and "Sairus" being changed back to "Lance" and "Cyrus" respectively).
      • A weird case is Lt. Surge being named "Letnan Serj" in the TCG, despite already having a perfectly usable Indonesian name from the old anime episodes ("Letnan Surya"). Perhaps due to those episodes being decades old and not easily accessible? Either way, "Letnan Serj" has only been used in one card, which is banned (thus no reprints), so I have no idea if the name is kept or not.
    • Starting in the Scarlet ex/Violet ex expansions of the TCG, Scarlet & Violet characters receive new names in the Indonesian localization.
      • Some of these names are simple transliterations or spelling changes (eg. "Arvin", "Nemola", "Brassio").
      • Other characters receive loc. names that seem to be taken from other locs/languages (eg. "Pania" is Penny's name in both Indonesian and French).
      • While other characters are given completely new names that are way different from their Japanese or English names (eg. "Sera" for Katy).
  • Manga:
    • Early Indonesian localizations of Pokémon Pocket Monsters transliterate the English names of Pokémon and characters. That's it. These names have never been used again since.

List of Pokémon character names in Indonesian

This table is ordered alphabetically by the English names, discounting titles. (Originally I had ordered it by the Indonesian names back when this table only contained Scarlet & Violet characters, but given that some characters have multiple Indonesian names, I decided to not do that anymore).

  • A dagger () above the name indicates it is no longer used in current Indonesian language Pokémon material.
  • A question mark (?) above the name indicates that I have no idea if the name is currently in use or not.
Japanese Romaji English Indonesian Notes
アセロラ Acerola
Acerola Aserola From her Japanese/English name
ペパー Pepper
Arven Arvin Similar to his English name
サトシ Satoshi Ash Ketchum Ali
Ash Ketchum
Similar to his English name
From his Japanese name
Same as English name
カツラ Katsura Blaine Blain Similar to his English name
コルサ Colza
Brassius Brassio Similar to his English name
タケシ Takeshi Brock Brok
Similar to his English name
From his Japanese name
Same as English name
モミ Momi Cheryl Cheril Similar to her English name
マキシマム仮面 Maximum Mask
(Makishimamu Kamen)
Crasher Wake Weik? Similar to his English name
アカギ Akagi Cyrus Sairus
Similar to his English name
Same as English name
ジニア Zinnia
Jacq Jim Same as German name
コジロウ Kojirō James Kojiro
From his Japanese name
Same as English name
ムサシ Musashi Jessie Musashi
From her Japanese name
Same as English name
カエデ Kaede Katy Sera
ワタル Wataru Lance Lens
Similar to his English name
Same as English name
リーリエ Lilie
Lillie Lilie From her Japanese name
フラダリ Fuladari
Lysandre Lysandra
Similar to his English name
Same as English name
マオ Mao Mallow Malo Similar to her English name
ミモザ Mimosa
Miriam Mimi Same as German name
カスミ Kasumi Misty Kasumi
From her Japanese name
Same as English name
マーレイン Mullein
Molayne Molein From his Japanese/English names
マツバ Matsuba Morty Morti
Similar to his English name
Same as English name
ネモ Nemo Nemona Nemola From her Japanese/English names
ボタン Botan Penny Pania Same as French name
メイ Mei Rosa Mei From her Japanese name
ホミカ Homika Roxie Roksi Similar to her English name
オーリム博士 Olim-hakase
Professor Sada Profesor Olim From her Japanese name
マーマネ Māmane Sophocles Sofokles Similar to his English name
マチス Matis
Lt. Surge Letnan Surya
Letnan Serj?
Similar to his English name
フウとラン Fu & Lan
(Fū to Ran)
Tate & Liza Teit & Lisa Similar to their English names
GO ロケット団 GO Rocket-dan
(Go Roketto-dan)
Team GO Rocket Tim Roket GO Literal translation of Japanese/English names
ロケット団 Rocket-dan
Team Rocket Tim Roket Literal translation of Japanese/English names
スカル団 Skull-dan
Team Skull Tim Tengkorak
Tim Skull?
Literal translation of Japanese/English names
Same as English name
スター団 Star-dan
Team Star Tim Bintang Literal translation of Japanese/English names
フトゥー博士 Futu-hakase
Professor Turo Profesor Futu From his Japanese name
ビッケ Wicke
Wicke Wikke From her Japanese/English name
イツキ Itsuki Will William Similar to his English name
ヒガナ Higana Zinnia Zinia
Similar to her English name
Same as English name


Jacq and Prof. Willow GO dialogue

  • November 5, 2022 (after the first time a golden PokéStop is spun)
Professor Willow: "What’s that you’ve got, <Player>? Ah! Yes, I see—this appears to be a very old coin. I picked one up myself, actually. There’s something mysterious about them..."
Jacq: "Professor Willow? Can you hear me?"
Professor Willow: "Oh—hello, Jacq! It was great hearing you speak at the World Pokémon Ecological Society conference the other day!"
Jacq: "Thank you. Your lecture, "Strolling through the World of Pokémon," was fantastic, too!"
Professor Willow: "<Player>, this is Jacq. He teaches biology at an academy in the Paldea region."
Jacq: "It's very nice to meet you! Hm? Oh! That coin...!"
Professor Willow: "Hm? Do you know something about this, Jacq?"
Jacq: "I think I might... I know we were supposed to discuss Diglett, but can I get a rain check? This is something that I want to look into!"
Professor Willow: "Of course! I’ll get right on researching this with <Player>. And I’ll be sure to take a video of the coin and share it with you soon."
Jacq: "Thank you! I’ll see you later, then. Happy exploring!"
Professor Willow: "All right, <Player>—let’s get cracking! I’d like to find a few more coins, so why don’t we start looking around?"
Professor Willow: "These coins are a little suspicious, but I can’t help feeling excited all the same! I believe a thorough investigation is in order."
Professor Willow: "We’ve got a lot of ground to cover—so I’ll start my search over there! Are you ready? Then let’s GO!"

Gimmighoul PV transcript

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Sandbox stuff

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